12 Ways to Make Money in Stocks: Learn Stock Market

Investing in stocks is one of the best methods you can take to accumulate wealth. In order to make money in the stock market, you need to give time to your investment to compound interest and increase in value, and ensure that you diversify your holdings and invest regularly.

This article covers what you need to know about how to make money by buying stocks held in the stock market, 12 ways to make money with stocks, and what you can do to maximize your returns.

The temptation to make big money always makes stock investors fall into the trap of stock market trading. Although many people have achieved great success in stock trading, stock trading is not easy. One needs to have discipline and patience, as well as a thorough understanding of the market.

In addition, the stock market has been volatile in the past few years, which really puzzles many traders whether they need to hold or sell the stocks they hold. In this case, no such formula can be found to be successful in the stock market, but some methods and rules for making money in stocks can be followed to increase the chances of profit.

How can you make money in stocks? how to buy stocks or how to invest in stocks?

The way the stock market works-is as simple as a high school economics class. It’s all about supply and demand, and the way some factors affect value. Investors buy market assets such as stocks (company shares), and when the company performs well, these assets will increase in value. 

As related companies make financial progress, more and more investors want a slice of the pie, and they are willing to pay more for a single stock.

This means that due to increased demand, the share you paid has now increased in price-which in turn means that you can make some gains when you sell. (Of course, stocks and assets held in other markets may also depreciate, which is why there is no such thing as risk-free investment.)

Historically, the average interest rate or return on the stock market has been hovering around 10%.

In addition to the profits gained from selling stocks, you can also receive shareholder dividends, or part of the company’s earnings. Cash dividends are usually paid annually, but you may also receive dividends in the form of additional shares.

12 best ways to make money from investing in stock market


If you do not pay attention to some basic market principles and methods, you may not see significant growth. Here is how to ensure the growth of your investment portfolio.

1. Use time

Although you can make money in the stock market in a short period of time, the real profit potential comes from the yand gick(compound) interest you have kept for a long time. As the value of your assets increases, the total amount in your account also increases, thereby making room for more capital gains. This is how the stock market returns exponentially increase over time.

But to make the most of this exponential growth, you need to start building your portfolio as early as possible. Ideally, you would want to start investing as soon as you earn income.

To understand exactly how much time will affect your return on investment, let’s look at an example.

Suppose you deposited 10,000 yuan in your retirement account at the age of 20 and plan to retire at the age of 70. Even if you don’t store anything in your account, after 50 years of growth, you can get more than 180,000 yuan, assuming a relatively modest 6% return. 

However, if you wait until you are 60 to make your initial deposit, then through compound interest, your income will be less than $8,000-which is why it becomes so difficult if you don’t start saving for retirement early.

2. Continue to invest regularly

Time is an important part of your overall portfolio growth. However, if you do not continue to save, even decades of compound returns can only play so much.

Let’s go back to the retirement example above, suppose you make a fixed deposit of 10,000 yuan a year and forget it (that is, less than 200 yuan a week).

If you start your annual investment deposit at the age of 20, you will have approximately 3,250,000 yuan by the time you celebrate your 70th birthday. If you wait until you are 60 to start saving, you will end up with only about 150,000 yuan-a far cry from the insignificant 18,000 yuan you took out when you only deposited your initial deposit.

It does not require much effort to make investment deposits regularly; you can easily automate the process in your brokerage account and deposit a certain amount every week or during payment periods.

3. Set it up and forget it

If you want to see a healthy return on investment in the stock market, remember – you are playing a long-term game.

Although in some cases it is indeed necessary to check your holdings, in most cases, even a severe market decline will be reversed in time. In fact, according to financial planners, these bearish signals are regular, expected events. 

The so-called market adjustment is healthy, not “it shows that the market is alive and well.” Even taking into account the major recession, the market’s performance has been on an overall upward trend in the past 100 years.

4. Maintain a diversified investment portfolio

All investments are risky-some companies you invest in may under-perform or even go bankrupt completely. However, if you diversify your investment portfolio, you will not lose all your assets when the investment does not proceed as planned.

By ensuring that you invest in many different types of securities, you will be able to better respond to stock market adjustments. It is unlikely that all industries and companies will suffer the same difficulties or achieve the same level of success, so you can hedge your investment by buying something.

5. Consider hiring professional help

Although the Internet has made it relatively easy to create a well-researched DIY stock portfolio, if you are still hesitant to put your money in the market, hiring an investment consultant can help. Although hiring professionals does not reduce all risk of loss, you may feel more comfortable knowing that you have experts around you.

If you are looking for an expert to help with your investment, then it may be worthwhile to consider a financial advisor. Financial advisors focus on providing personalized advice to your investment portfolio, usually charging based on a percentage of the assets under management.

Another low-cost way to obtain investment guidance is to use an AI robo-advisor. This can help you build a diversified investment portfolio and rebalance it when needed, and the cost is usually lower than traditional financial advisors-of course, this service is based on numbers, not provided through people.

6. Know what kind of trader you are

There are two main types of traders in the stock market; One is the ones who follow the imagination and the other is the imaginary. The main difference between the two types is the way they look at stock prices. 

Compared with speculators, investors who follow fundamental investment pay less attention to stock prices. Such traders are more concerned about the basic advantages of any company. To make good money in the stock market, you should practice basic investment methods.

7. Try to avoid herd mentality

For many traders, the decision to buy or sell stocks Mainly affected by market sentiment. Therefore, if everyone around them invests in any particular stock, then potential traders also tend to invest in the same stock. 

Avoid this approach because these strategies will not work well in the long run. Warren Buffet, the world’s greatest investor, said that when others are greedy, one needs fear, and when others are fearful, one needs to be greedy. This is not wrong at all.

8. Never try to time the stock market

By trying to set a time for the market, you may soon lose your hard-earned money. Many expert investors do advise against timing the stock market, because no one has successfully done this. It is really impossible to accurately capture the highest and lowest prices of any stock. If you plan to invest, do not follow this type of time-valued investment.

9. Disciplined investment methods

By studying the history of the stock market, people can know that the best stock market in the stock market has also created a lot of panic for investors. Due to the high volatility of the stock market, even if the market has a bullish trend, many investors lose money. 

At the same time, all investors who invested funds in a rigorous manner have generated considerable returns. If you consider long-term benefits, be sure to adopt a data system investment method.

10. Never let your emotions affect your judgment

Many investors lose money in the stock market because they cannot control their emotions. When trading in a bull market, traders have the temptation to earn more, so they end up investing in the wrong stocks. Fear and greed are two factors that must be controlled when trading stocks.

11. Always have realistic goals

Traders can hope that the investment they make will bring the best results, but if their financial goals are unrealistic, they may encounter some real troubles. Never expect the same return from the stock market and always have realistic and achievable goals.

12. Always invest your excess funds

People may have heard stories of people getting into debt by investing in stocks. If you are a beginner in trading, please always use your excess funds to invest. Once you start to make a profit, use the same amount for reinvestment instead of choosing a loan or debt.

3 common investment mistakes to avoid


1.Try to grasp market opportunities

One of the most common mistakes investors make is buying and selling stocks based on market trends, allowing emotions to undermine long-term plans. However, as we mentioned before, investing in the stock market is a marathon, not a sprint. Although it may be difficult to hold steady when the market crashes, remember that the stock market always recovers from a downturn.

Taking actions based on emotions and buying and selling stocks based on market trends, or trying to seize market opportunities, is not a reliable investment strategy. Instead, try the cost averaging method, where you invest evenly and regularly over a longer period of time.

2.Pick new and hot stocks

Snapping up the hottest new IPO may be attractive, and it will definitely make investment exciting. However, experts generally advise against choosing and selecting new personal stocks to invest in – you should generally not try to exclude your own feelings.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, you should maintain a diversified portfolio, and this includes not only the latest and greatest new stocks. To do this, a better option might be to consider an index fund, which consists of a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds that replicates the composition of the underlying index.

This can be a simple and low-cost way to invest in a diversified portfolio, rather than just picking individual stocks. This will ensure that you do not overexpose yourself to any one area and thus take too much risk.

3.Disrespect your risk tolerance

Another major mistake new investors can make is to respect their risk tolerance. Your risk tolerance is based on a series of factors, such as your time frame and personal comfort. It should be the basis of your portfolio’s asset allocation.

If you take too much risk, you may face huge losses or be forced to exit the market prematurely. On the other hand, if it is too safe, you may miss compounding returns. One key to making money from the stock market is to figure out your risk tolerance and then comply with it.

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