7 Ways To Do a Backflip For Beginners: 7 Easy Steps

In this blog, if you want to be able to do backflip(how to do a backflip) but don’t know how to practice,

I’m doing acrobatics on his own can not be, as I think is backflip toward the people,

With a wealth of information such as sample acting, slow playback, and video commentary, we will teach you the correct way and tips for success.

This page is a must-see for those who have no choice but to fly by themselves because there is no backflip classroom nearby.

The method also changes on a mat and in an environment where you fly backflip on hard ground such as a park.

What is Backflip?

Backflip is a basic and inevitable technique even in acrobatics.

how to do a backflip

No matter how many times you look at the model, the details are too early to see.

Then, let’s learn how to practice and how to do it while playing slowly.

On this page, we will use videos to teach you how to do backflip and tips in an easy-to-understand manner.

It also introduces advice and things that should be prepared for those who are in trouble because they cannot backflip or who are scared and unable to do so.

Even if you inflate the image of flying backflip, it still does not fly in reality.

Unless you reduce the chances of failure, you probably feel the risk just before you can fly.

It’s proof of acrobatic talent.

Analytical ability to detect danger immediately before is the ability that is required even after a successful backflip.

You have the talent to take on difficult tricks without serious injury.

I feel scared because I can understand my current ability instinctively.

Isn’t it just a matter of preparing enough to fly a backflip?

What kind of technique is backflip?

Backflip is a technique used in gymnastics.

It is also called “backflip“, but the official name is “backflip rotation jump“.

It jumps backward with the force of swinging the arm and kicking the ground, and rotates from the posture of the bridge with the force of bending the body and pushing the hand on the ground.

To briefly explain the backflip, from a normal standing state, you jump to the back side as if you lean down, and your feet also land on the ground with the force of your hands on the ground.

7 Ways to practice backflip?

Here, we will introduce four types of practice methods for successful backflip.

Mastering backflip is not an easy task, so don’t overdo it.

We recommend a practice method that gradually raises the stage while practicing repeatedly.

  1. First stretch
  2. Use a balance ball
  3. Shortcut to backflip “Makako”
  4. Challenge with assistance
  5. Physical activity
  6. Practice Tips
  7. Find the right point of force


Be sure to stretch your body before practicing backflip.

how to do a backflip

In addition, backflip is mainly a movement that bends backwards, so physical flexibility is also an important point.

Stretch your neck, shoulders, back, knees, hips, and ankles, as sudden movements can hurt your muscles.

The point when stretching is to be aware of breathing.

When you inhale, raise your body and exhale while leaning down and stretching your joints and muscles.

If your body is stiff and you cannot breathe, use normal breathing.

Hold your breath and try not to stretch your joints or muscles.

2.Matt balance ball

When practicing backflip, I would like you to prepare a mat and a balance ball .

matt ball balance

The advantage of practicing with a balance ball is that you can do it without an assistant and you can practice to get rid of your fears.

To use a balance ball, first sit on a large balance ball shallowly.

Next, from the sitting position, fall back and make it feel like you are riding a balance ball on your back.

From that state, put your hand behind and turn to the back as it is.

This movement is a backflip movement, so let’s use a balance ball to rotate backwards while having the image of backflip in your head.

Practicing with a balance ball is less frightening than practicing with an assistant from a standing position because it is less tall.


Macaco is an acrobatics technique like backflip.

The point is that it is “like a backflip”, and Macaco moves very similar to a backflip.

What kind of movement Makako is is that from a crouching state, one hand touches the floor behind, jumps with both feet, rotates with the other hand, and lands with both feet.

Backflip jumps directly behind and rotates, while Macaco jumps from the side (diagonal) to the back and rotates.

The advantage of practicing Makako before a backflip is that the risk of failure is lower than that of a backflip.

In the case of Macaco, it is not as tall as a backflip because it rotates from a crouching state.

The lack of height means less impact when you fail, and less fear.

Macaco’s practice starts with crouching.

Next, decide which hand will be your axis, but the hand that will be your axis will be the first hand to touch the floor.

Once you have decided on the axis, let’s remember Macaco’s movements.

At first, it’s a small movement, so let’s turn around with the image of moving backward from a crouched state.

Macaco’s trick is to support and push the ground with your hands.

As you get used to it, gradually increase the rotation.

Macaco is complete when it can turn large enough to pass an inverted handstand in the middle of rotation.

If you master Macaco, you should be able to grasp the image of backflip movement.

4.Back-to-back assistance

Back-to-back assistance

Two people stand back to back.

Stretch your hands up and get ready to touch the ground, and your assistant should lift them slightly above your wrists.

When you’re ready, take a breath and let the assistant bow your body forward, put your hand on the ground, and roll it back on your back.

The assistant should open his legs wider than his shoulders and be careful not to sway.

By practicing this, you will be able to physically learn the flow of backflip movements.

Assistance to grab the waist

Once you understand the flow of backflip movements, try practicing with the assistance of grasping your hips.

Compared to back-to-back, the time to support the body is about half.

It assists by grasping the waist to give the image of rotating with the waist as the fulcrum.

The assistant wants to get rid of the fear and grab the hips and rotate them so that they can roll in the correct form.

5.Physical activity

Before a backflip, you need to move your body first. This is very similar to a warm-up before the game. After your body is stretched out, it is often easier for you to do a backflip.

If you are a newcomer, even if you do it. Move your body, but you can’t do too much empty-handed flips at once. In the best case, you need someone with a strict understanding to help you.

Generally speaking, this kind of practice should last for more than two weeks.

6.Practice tips

how to do a backflip

If someone assists in the practice, it is best to use two people. Then you have mastered a quick advanced technique of somersault. This method is very simple. First, you need two people to assist. The other person holds a long rope or a long towel.

When you start an somersault, use a tool like a long rope to lift it at your back or in front of you, depending on the direction of the somersault.

As long as your basic conditions are good and you can master the empty-handed flip, you will have the opportunity to flip. Past.But you can’t always rely on friends.

Once you find your feelings, you don’t need to rely on this method, principles, and practice cycling.

The two additional anti-rollover wheels at the rear tire are the same, but when you find the feeling, these two wheels are no longer needed. Even if you may fall badly, but without failure, how can you grow?

7.Find the right point of force

Practicing side somersaults is quite special. It is often a small technique for raising your head, vertical shoulders, and waist . During somersaults, you also need to activate your legs to exert force, like springs, and then bend your knees to achieve the effect of somersaults.

Finally, let’s talk about whether a hand flip like a back flip is dangerous. There is definitely a danger. The biggest danger is that when the hand flips, the head hits the ground, causing the neck to be misaligned.

If it is not done, it may also lead to paraplegia below the head. If it is on hard concrete ground, it may cause concussion or death.

How to counteract fear

I started practicing to master backflip, but it didn’t go well …

Many people run into the wall of “fear.”

The main reason for fear is lack of visibility.

Since the backflip turns backward, the direction of jumping is not visible.

When I can’t see it, my fear grows stronger, such as “What if I hit my head on the ground …”.

If you are afraid, you will not be able to take the railroad crossing, so you will not be able to roll back.

It can be said that it is essential to eliminate fear in order to master backflip.

But don’t worry, many people are initially scared.

It is important to eliminate your fear as you can do it little by little by practicing.

Backflip Tips

The trick to jumping backflip is to “jump back without jumping up”.

Backflip will fail if you jump up.

The reason why it fails is that if you jump up, you will not be able to rotate your body well.

Since it will not rotate enough, it will not be able to rotate and will fall from the back or head to the ground.

The correct way to jump is to jump back as if you were leaning back.

It is an image of bending your knees and jumping when you take a step, and with that momentum, you put your hand behind and rotate.

First of all, practice the bridge!

To put it simply, the flow of backflip is to bend backwards from an upright position, catch the ground, bridge, and land your feet with momentum.

The trick to backflip is to get your hands on the ground.

If your hand shakes, it will lead to body shake and you will not be able to succeed in backflip.

First of all, practice bridging and let your body remember the position of your hands and the warp of your body.

Backflip is an image of jumping backwards and finally pushing up the ground with your hands.

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