Ratiranjan Singha
Ratiranjan Singha

Hi ! My name is Ratiranjan singha, The Founder/Owner of “Myworldstuffs.com“. I have been Experienced in blogging since 2 years.

I am resident of Odisha state. I have completed my graduation in 2020. My field was in computer science, so I am very interested in coding, web page design, programming and technology.

After graduation, I thought about making my own website. Where I can share some good knowledge to people.

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That’s why I started working on it by making my own website in 2020.

Myworldstuffs.com is a Digital Blog in which you will find How to Make Money Online Tips, Celebrity News and Education Related Blog Posts.

Health and Fitness

I was especially interested in health and fitness from the beginning. I take the opinion of medical experts. That’s why we make the basic knowledge about health and fitness on this website for your knowledge after studying and studying the advice of medical experts and doctors.

Note: Do not use any of the medicines or creams listed here without your doctor’s advice. It is necessary to ask the doctor once before using it. Because your safety is our priority.

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Also You can Watch and read our web stories, which is more interesting with motion pictures and quick & easy to understand.

I used to spend time on freelancing, video editing and quora before working on the website, you yourself can also see my quora account by clicking on the side bar.

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Then I started working on this website and now I am doing it as full time. It is our endeavor to give you all the information first.


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