Afghanistan VS Namibia Highlights: FIFA World Cup Afg, Nam, T20 WC Match 2021 Live

The match between Afghanistan and Namibia will continue the showdown in group 2 of the Super 12 stage of the Cricket World Cup. The beginning of the meeting is scheduled for October 31.


Afghanistan, at the stage of preparation for the Super 12 stage, had two training matches, in one of which it lost to South Africa with an advantage of 41 wounds (145/5 – 104/8), and in the second they won a major victory over the Caribbean national team with an advantage 56 runs (189/5 – 133/5).

In the first round, they overpowered the Scottish national team with an advantage of 130 runs (190/4 – 60/10), while spinners Rashid Khan and Majib Rahman took 9 Wickets for two. In general, the Afghans are in good shape, but all the key matches are still ahead of them.

They are clearly not considered for the role of semi-finalists of the World Cup, but what a sensation you can not create with the best tandem of spinners in the tournament.


Namibia continues its enchanting performance at this championship. Yes, while this is an extravaganza only for themselves, but they have already completed their task.

Not being considered a favorite even at the preliminary stage, they left the group with Sri Lanka, Ireland and the Netherlands, and in the first match they beat the Scottish national team by a margin of 4 Wickets (115/6 – 109/8).

Let’s be honest, there will be no more sensations from Namibia in the tournament, the level of opponents will already be indecently higher, but they can play for their pleasure.

Forecast and rates

Namibia is already jumping over its head. Afghanistan is a much higher class. Opposing their formidable spinners will not be easy for anyone at this tournament, and even more so for the rather weak line of Namibia’s sluggers. Namibia’s successful World Cup streak will end and Afghanistan will win.

Abu Dhabi: Namibia has set target 161 to win over Afghanistan in the Twenty20 World Cup. Afghanistan won the toss and chose the bat with 160 out of 5 of 20 overs.

Mohammad Shehzad (45 out of 33 goals with 3 fours and 2 sixes), Hazratullah Sasi (33 out of 27 goals with 4 fours and 2 sixes) and former skipper Asghar Afgan (31 out of 23 goals with 3 fours and 1 six) were open. (32 scored and 17 goals, including 5 fours and 1 six) were the best bombers in Afghanistan.

Namibia kept Afghanistan at bay in the middle of the game, but missed more streaks in the death game. Shehzad and Sasi added 51 runs to the first wicket for Afghanistan.

In Namibia, Nicole Lofty Eaton made 2 of 21 of 4 overs. Left pacer Ruben Trempelman, who is conceded 34 runs in 4 overs, also took 2 wickets. Jonathan Smith took one gate.

Asghar Honor Guard of Afghanistan

Namibian footballers greeted Asghar Afghan, who blinked in the last international match, with a guard of honor. The 33-year-old Afghan previously announced his retirement from international cricket after today’s match.

He played 6 Tests, 114 ODI and 75 Twenty20 International for Afghanistan. He led Afghanistan to 115 matches in all cricket formats.

When Afghanistan made its test debut in 2018 against India, Afghanistan was still the captain. in 2009 Asghar made his international cricket debut in Afghanistan.

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