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The third part of the story did not have time to die off, as the creators announced their future plans. It seems that the audience highly appreciated the melodrama – it was not for nothing that the premiere of the 4th chapter of the film “After” was recently appointed and the first details of the plot appeared.

And although at the moment it is too early to talk about the exact date of the release of chapter 4 of the film "After", we will name the estimated day of the premiere, namely September 15, 2022 .

Excellent student and rebel

After” is an American melodrama about the love between the positive girl Tessa and the bad guy Hardin. The first part of the tape was released in 2019 and since then every year the public has been enjoying a fresh portion of the romantic adventures of the main characters.

Tessa is a diligent student, her chosen one is a rebel with a bunch of internal problems. At first it seems to them that they are completely different and cannot be together , but opposites attract. Their unexpected romance becomes the starting point of a love story full of both pleasant moments and difficulties.

Part 3 of the tape was released in the fall of 2021. The chapter was full of difficult decisions and unexpected turns. Tessa was offered the job of her dreams, and she was faced with a choice – to agree or follow her beloved. The characters had to go through a lot of strength tests.

after chapter 4

We will not share spoilers – the novelty has just been released, but we can safely say that the love story did not end in 3 parts, so after it we are waiting for Chapter 4, the release date of which will take place in 2022. 

Information about this did not shock the fans – the organizers announced back in 2020 that they intend to film the 3rd and 4th parts of the story . Whether the upcoming chapter will be final is not yet clear.

Chapter 4 will again be generous with events. Lovers this time will face mysteries that can change their lives. They have changed, matured and influenced each other – they are no longer the same. The only thing that remains unchanged is an unquenchable craving for each other. 

As we said, the release date is likely to take place in 2022 – the pace was taken by the creators. The exact day has not yet been named, but it is known that the tape is now in post-production

after chapter 4


And although we do not know exactly when the film “After. Chapter 4 ”, already at this stage it is possible to voice the performers of key roles. The main male role continues to be played by Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin. 

After the embodiment of the image of Hardin, real popularity came to Hiro, although this is far from his first appearance on the screens. Previously, the guy starred in Harry Potter as Tom Redl. Josephine Langford became his serial love,formerly a little-known actress, but now a sought-after performer

In the upcoming part of the tape, they will return to their roles and again show sensual, passionate, sometimes difficult love. 

We cannot say for sure yet, but judging by the development of the history and popularity of the film, after chapter 4, we will wait for the release date of the 5th part of the film about the romantic adventures of the main characters. Whether they will stay together or will not be able to survive the trials of fate – we will find out in 2022 .

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