After Life Season 3 Release Date and Trailer

We continue to observe the fate of Tony, who is trying to live after the death of his wife. His story will continue when After Life Season 3 is released. We found out what day the premiere will take place, so welcome to the fans of the tape!

And you will be the first to know when the release date of After Life Season 3, namely January 14, 2022, will take place , do not miss it! All episodes will air on the same day on Netflix .

Bad guy Tony

The events take place in the town of Tambury, where the main character lives. Tony is a journalist for a local newspaper, but he is pulled out of his comfort zone by the death of his wife. 

The grief-stricken man is thinking about suicide, but he decides to take this step. His main argument against leaving life is the dog – there is no one to take care of it.

After much deliberation, he decides to live, and to do it so that the whole world understands that the death of his wife was a fatal mistake. 

Now Tony is a straightforward person who speaks, everything that comes to mind and acts as his heart tells. The good guy, as his family and friends thought he was, suddenly turns into a bad guy. But there are still people who are able to save him – from death , and himself.

After Life Season 3

The premiere of the first chapter took place in March 2019, and the second was shown in April 2020. The bosses have not yet finished the narrative and have long extended the movie “Life After Death” for season 3, but the release date was announced only recently and it will take place on January 14, 2022. 

The information that the show will receive a sequel did not surprise anyone. – after the premiere, the picture began to acquire positive reviews.

This is not to say that this is the best project from Netflix, but it cannot be called the worst. Along with the release date, critics rushed to give their assessments and noted that the creators managed to balance between melodrama and black comedy, and the performer of the title role deserves special praise .

Production and actors

The streaming service announced the start of work on the first part of the episodes in May 2018. In January 2019, the movie bosses set a release date . Charlie Hanson was executive produced and accompanied by Duncan Hayes.

The film was written and directed by Ricky Gervais and he is also the performer of the title role. 

By the way, it is interesting that Ricky has already taken part in the production of multi-part films, but this one was the first, which includes more than 2 chapters. Together with him, Tony Way, Diane Morgan, David Bradley and others played on the show.

If you also want to know what life after death is like, then wait for the release date of season 3, and for those who are not familiar with the show, we advise you to watch all the previous episodes and wait for the premiere together with everyone.

Release schedule for all episodes

Batch numberSeries namerelease date
3 × 01-0614 January 2022 the year


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