Anna Nikolaevna Season 2 Release date and Trailer

Here we are discussing a cool new product that recently launched on TV. The public liked the first chapter, so the creators quickly announced when the premiere of the second season of the project “Anna Nikolaevna” will take place. 

We share the details of the comedy tape, and also tell you when to expect the continuation of the adventure.

So, first, let’s find out when the release date of the project “Anna Nikolaevna” 2 seasons will take place, because according to our sources, the premiere of the new series will take place on September 16, 2021 .

Android woman

Still, the topic of robotization has taken root in the ranks of the creators. Perhaps they were so inspired by the success of Better Than People that they also decided to cover the topic of androids. 

Unlike the previous attempt, the new project became comedic rather than dramatic.
So, the Anna project is a high-tech android-based robot. 

Scientists send their latest development to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where she will be humanized. Colleagues do not know about the origin of their new partner and are sincerely surprised at how professionalism and naivety are combined in a woman.

By the way, have you already heard that the Anna Nikolaevna project has been extended for 2 seasons, and the release date for new episodes will appear in 2021? The decision is quite logical. 

In March-April, when the tape was shown on a paid subscription from Kinopoisk, it entered the TOP-3. Such a success could not be missed.

Anna Nikolaevna

Let’s get back to the plot. In addition to a successful professional career, Anna will have to build her personal life. It’s even wondering if the robot can become human enough to have feelings. What do you think?

The creators have high hopes for their new project and believe that it meets all the standards of classic comedy. The developers do not forget to mention the key actress – Zoya Berber. According to the film crew, the woman did an excellent job with the image and in many waysit was she who became the reason for the success of the picture..

Curious facts

What can I say – whatever one may say, the project was liked by many viewers who are looking forward to the release date of season 2 of the comedy about Anna Nikolaevna. But the work is still in full swing, and we can talk and find out what interesting happened during the development of the first part.

  • The picture was prepared together with the online service KinoPoisk HD. The story of the robot policeman was the portal’s first own product;
  • In addition to KinoPoisk, the Sreda film company, the brainchild of Alexander Tsekalo, took part in the creation.
  • Zoya Berber, before the release date of the picture, admitted that she had become friends with all her colleagues in the workshop.

Let’s summarize: the story turned out to be kind and funny . If you haven’t watched the first season yet, it’s time to do it. 

Moreover, the series called “Project Anna Nikolaevna” will receive a release date for season 2, you can be sure of that. On what specific day the premiere will take place, the creators will announce additionally.

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere dates
2 × 01September 16 , 2021
2 × 02September 23 , 2021
2 × 03September 30 , 2021
2 × 04october 2021
2 × 05october 2021
2 × 06october 2021
2 × 07october 2021
2 × 08october 2021

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