Arcane Season 2 Confirmed Release Date and Trailer

Nobody even imagined that the adaptation of League of Legends would become so popular. After the premiere of the project, many people want to know when the 2 seasons of the animated series “Arcane” will be released and we are ready to share our reasonable considerations in this regard.

The game developers plan worked, people started downloading the game “League of Legends” and at the same time waiting for the release date of season 2 about Arcane, which will take place no earlier than November 2022 !

Adventure Sisters

Arcane is an animated series released in early November 2021. Arcane is based on the story of the League of Legends universe. In the center of events were Wai and Powder – sisters, as well as their friends. 

Together they rob a science lab, but the crime gets out of hand. As a result of the crime, the relationship between Piltover and Zaun is complicated.

The guardian of the girls from Arcane tries to rectify the situation, but the attempts are useless, in addition, they further complicate the situation – the man is captured. Wai and her team try to free him while Powder develops the bomb. 

The explosion turns out to be so crushing that the girls’ friends die , and soon Vander, the same guardian, also dies. As a result of a series of events, the sisters are separated, but they desperately believe that one day they will find each other again.


After the premiere, the ratings of the new animated series are off the charts, which means that Netflix is ​​simply obliged to extend Arcane for a 2 season, the release date of which will be waiting for the crowds of fans. 

Interestingly, Arcane overtook the previously launched Squid Game, which Netflix claims has become one of the streaming service’s most successful films ever. Just imagine the scale of the popularity!

In addition, the network has already managed to be filled with positive reviews and reviews, and also received almost the maximum rating score on Russian rating services. 

With such results, there is no doubt that Arkane will soon receive a sequel – you just need to wait for the bosses to digest their deafening success and can say at least a couple of words. 

Are you waiting for the release date for Season 2 of the anime “Arcane“? If not, it’s time to watch the new product and join the growing army of fans.


It is curious that the creators at the preliminary stage said that everyone can watch the series, regardless of their knowledge of the game, and indeed – it is an independent product. But after watching the presented episodes of Arcane, viewers around the world rushed to get to know the original .

Hayley Steinfield, Ella Pernell, Kevin Alejandro, Veti Ljung and others were invited to voice the key characters of Arcane. The show was directed by Pascal Charru and Arnaud Delors and written by Christina Linke, Alex E, Connor Sheehy and Ash Brannon.

Well, what will be told in the second season of the film “Arcane” we will find out after the release date of the new series on Netflix. We hold our fists so that the organizers quickly get out of the stupor and talk about their future plans .

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
2 × 01November 2022 the year
2 × 02November 2022
2 × 03November 2022
2 × 042022
2 × 052022
2 × 062022
2 × 072022
2 × 082022
2 × 092022


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