Artificial Sun and Unknown Facts

Artificial Sun Unknown Facts


South Korea has had great success in terms of energy.  South Korea claims to have built an artificial device with a load capacity of up to 20 seconds at a temperature of 100 million Degree Celsius.

SEOUL : Research on Artificial solar is underway as the renewable energy of the sun. the source of all energy cannot be used at all times and everywhere. South Korea has set new records by taking the lead in generating huge amounts of high-energy energy in a man-made way on Earth.  

 It uses nuclear or carrier energy as a weapon.  The researchers said that the temperature could be as high as 20 degrees Celsius in the artificial sun for about 20 seconds

Artificial Sun and Unknown Facts

South Korea’s success has given rise to a new hope, with no artificial intelligence capable of handling worship for up to 10 seconds.

A joint effort by Seoul National University and the University of Kalmykia in the United States has announced the launch of the Korea Superintendent of Research (KESTAR). a Korean supekondexitekama.

which has been successful in catching prams at temperatures above 10 million degrees Celsius.  Last year Puma was; able to hold the conductor; for just 4 seconds; while the study was underway.

Artificial Sun and Unknown Facts


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In 2014, for the first time in just 1.5 seconds, artificial high-temperature plasma was able to detect fusion reactions with the help of hydrogen isotopes.  

Plasma was created when it was; placed in the respective connector or artificial sun.  The ions and electrons were; later separated.  Even after increasing its temperature, the conductor was able to hold it for 20 seconds within the gene.

Artificial Sun Unknown Facts

The scientists interrupted the process of Nuclear fusion to create a clean and renewable energy source.  Researchers have been working to improve the appearance of sunlight, which can last up to 300 seconds.

The temperature of the ion; will be kept at more than; 100 million degree Celsius.They plan to be successful by 2025.

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