ATM Full Form: What is the Full Form of ATM?

Let know all about ATM and its full form, so first what is the full form of ATM? The full form of ATM is “Automated Teller Machine”. When you need to get cash, few people will go to the counter to go through the formalities and get cash directly!

ATM - Automated Teller Machine

When most people do not have cash in hand, they should ask for money directly from ATM machines outside the bank or convenience store. ATM full form “automated teller machines” are already good friends in our lives.

whether it is to receive money or transfer money. You who use ATM often, do you know what the abbreviation ATM is?

English abbreviation of ATM

  • Automated Teller Machine
  • Automatic Teller Machine

What is ATM?

ATM is a small machine installed by the bank. After using the ATM card (chip card) and entering the password (or other verification methods).

The customer can use the machine to handle withdrawals, transfers, deposits, payment and other things that originally needed to be handled at the bank counter.

What is ATM card ?

atm card
ATM card

An automatic teller machine (ATM) card is a card issued by a bank, credit union or other financial institution for currency transactions. These cards are usually only used on ATM machines, but sometimes even when a real person provides services to the cardholder. Similar in appearance to credit cards, ATM cards are common in many countries in the world.

When opening a new account, ATM cards are usually provided to customers of banks or other similar businesses. Regardless of the account type, it is usually done for free.

In case of theft or damage, replacement cards are usually provided free of charge. In many cases, the new card will be automatically sent to the client to replace the old card that may have been used up.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

One of the main functions of the ATM card is the personal identification number (PIN) created by the user. A PIN is a series of four to seven digits selected by the customer. For almost all transactions, these numbers are required to use the card.

The owner of the card knows the sequence of numbers entered, while others do not, so the PIN can greatly prevent unauthorized use of the card.

ATM Card Advantages

ATM cards have many advantages. Their main asset is to provide customers with convenient banking services. Simple transactions, such as deposits, cash withdrawals and fund transfers, can all be done easily and quickly by using them.

These cards can also be used as a convenient form of identification when conducting business with the issuing company. Compared with automated teller machines(ATM), ATM cards can also achieve faster transactions, which saves banking-related business time and saves a lot of money every year.

ATM Card Uses

One of the most popular ways to use ATM cards is to purchase goods and services. Many stores allow their customers to use their ATM cards as a payment method, deducting funds directly from their bank accounts at the time of purchase. This feature has led to these cards being sometimes referred to as debit cards.

In a similar way, a credit card logo can be affixed to an ATM card, but it depends on the bank, the laws of the country/region where the card is issued, and the customer’s credit history. However, ATM cards with these logos can be used wherever credit cards are accepted.

Easy pay online ATM

An Internet ATM is an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) on the Internet. As long as there is a bank chip card and a card reader, customers of any bank can transfer money, pay fees, and check the balance through the Internet ATM.


Yahoo EasyPay provides buyers with 8 common and convenient payment methods. “Online ATM” is one of the easy “cash payment” methods. “Cash payment” also has physical ATM, account balance and FamiPort.

Choose the online ATM and physical ATM of easy payment “cash payment“, the system will generate a set of 16 code bank account number (bank virtual account number) limited to this transaction, this account is linked to the seller easy payment account.

If you use the financial cards of the six major banks that Yahoo EasyPay cooperates with, you can enjoy transfer fee discount for peer transfer.

If you choose the online ATM payment to the seller’s easy payment account. When you set up the order payment, please select the online ATM transfer of which bank you want to use and then follow the steps to insert the financial card into the card reader and make the transfer payment.

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