Baymax! Big Hero 6 Series On Disney+ (2022)

An expansion is planned in the city of heroes – the animated series will continue in the form of a serial version. Recently it became known when the premiere of a new animated series called Baymax! will take place, and what the creators will talk about in a fresh project.

Unfortunately, the exact release date of the animated series about Baymax has not yet been announced to us, but we know that the premiere of the first episodes should be expected in the summer of 2022 !

One for all Robot Assistant

Recall that Baymax is one of the characters in the original tape called “City of Heroes”. 

Baymax is an inflatable robot that, using a scanner built into it, can determine body temperature, pressure, find the source of pain and cure almost any sore. He joined the heroes after a modification that gave him the ability to fly.

And so Baymax decided to single out a solo project that would tell his story in even more detail and allow viewers to get closer to the character. Even before the release date of the novelty, the bosses shared a small synopsis, and also showed a trailer for the upcoming adventure . 

And so it became known that Baymax in his own show will help the people of San Francisco free of charge. His “patients” are literally everyone – from old women to schoolchildren – the main character does not refuse any tasks. 

For more on the robot and its activities in Hiro’s absence, see the Baymax animated series, which is already scheduled for release in the summer of 2022.

The public accepted the news with optimism. Many have commented that Baymax is their favorite, so seeing him in a solo series is one of the best gifts. 

In addition, fans of this already universe noted that it’s cool that the bosses decided to unleash Baymax’s potential in helping people , and not leave him part of the Hero team. 

Don Hall was invited to direct the picture, who also worked on the original cartoon. This means that there is no reason to worry about the Baymax atmosphere.

Baymax Curious facts

As long as the bosses aren’t very open about their intentions and don’t give exciting details – get acquainted with the universe of Heroes and Baymax himself.

  • “City of Heroes” has already left the big screens for the small ones – from 2018 to 2021, an animated series based on a full-length cartoon was released;
  • The original tape had difficulty getting an age rating. In Russia, the tape received a 6+ badge, but abroad it was decided to assign the category PG – watch with parents. The reason is rude humor and cruelty. What qualification the series about the Baymax robot will have is not yet known;
  • The fact that they plan to release a spin-off of Baymax to the original was announced back in December 2020.

The premiere day has been confirmed and now Baymax fans are looking forward to the release date of new series about their favorite character. Well, how successful the launch will be, and whether the organizers will be able to keep the interest of the audience – new episodes will be shown .

Release schedule for all episodes

Series numberSeries nameRelease date
01summer 2022 _
02summer 2022
03summer 2022
04summer 2022

Baymax Trailer

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