Beard Dandruff: How to Stop Beard Dandruff Forever?

How to stop beard dandruff forever? If you have experienced the trouble of growing a beard and keeping it shiny. The last thing you want to see is that your beautiful facial hair is covered by white, flaky and beard dandruff is itchy, ugly or it feels very bad for.

But don’t worry, there are many ways to Stop Beard Dandruff Forever and make sure your beard is always in the top shape.

How to Prevent Beard Dandruff

When our skin get dry and start falling after dry that thinks called dandruff. people who have beard dandruff feel very ashamed. Dandruff often begins in teenage and can last up-to 30 to 40 years of age.

Beard dandruff causes

what are the causes of being dandruff ? first of all people who have a lot of oily skin or if you not keeping your beard clean or do not clean your head repeatedly then it is the cause of dandruff.

Now-days we use different kind of things in our hair like Mehndi, Hair dye and some kind of Hair treatment are also done.

sometimes due to that our skin gets sensitive and irritate starts to produce dandruff or There are two main reasons for beard dandruff: dry skin and fungal infections. When you wash your face with harsh cleansers or ordinary soap, dry skin usually appears under the beard.

These products can keep your face and beard clean, but they can also remove oil from your skin or beard and prevent them from drying out. Dry skin can also occur when it is cold outside.

Fungal infections occur because the yeast living on your skin can hide from the sun, and sunlight usually kills the yeast and slows its growth under your beard.

The longer your beard, the more places Malassezia can hide. If you are going to shave your face completely, this problem is likely to resolve on its own.

How to Treat Beard Dandruff?

If you have little dandruff problem then if you wash your beard daily with a Shampoo and keep your beard skin clean then it will help to remove dandruff from your beard.

If it happens after that then take any anti dandruff shampoo from the market and use it 1 day except 1 day. wash your beard it keeps good control on dandruff.

Treatment of Thick Dandruff

If your dandruff does not heal and as soon as you stop using anti-dandruff shampoo. if your problem arise back then there are 2 reasons for this.

The first reason could be that…

  1. Fungal Infection – It has Fungal infection Along with your dandruff.
  2. Seborrhea Dermatitis – You are suffering from a condition Called ” Seborrhea Dermatitis “.

Beard dandruff solution

1.Fungal Infection: fungal infection that be cured but for that we need to get proper treatment. there are mainly 4 reason of frequent infections.

  1. Poor Personal Hygiene
  2. Environmental Factors
  3. Inappropriate Treatment
  4. Inadequate Treatment

(1) Poor Personal Hygiene

Poor personal hygiene means that if your skin is more sweaty, if you have more oil in your skin, fungal will grow more in that condition. this hygiene does not come from outside, this hygiene only comes in your skin.

If it gets a good environment then it will grow more. that is why you have to keep good hygiene and do skin care.

(2) Environmental Factors

If you live in hot and humid climate then your chance of having fungus in your skin are more in that condition. Neck, Armpits, Inner thigh, private area it happens at these places.

(3) Inappropriate Treatment

This is a common condition, it is not simple .if it is more common then mostly people do that they goes any medicine store and bring medicine from there and they thinks that maybe it healed.

What doctor do is they give you treatment according to the severity of fungal infection. it may be that if you have less infection then you be cured with just a few medicines.

if you have more infections then you be cured with special medicine by doctor. so it is better to visit to the doctor once before use any medicine or cream.

if we take treatment from any medicine store without knowing then it may be that it gives you the wrong treatment and there are mostly cream which is humanization treatment like – ( Cream Contain Anti-fungal, Anti-bacteria and Steroids).

This is a combination cream, it may not make such a good effect and it may be spoil your skin instead of cure your skin. therefore, it is not a good idea to take a treatment like this.

(4) Inadequate Treatment

Sometimes you go to the doctor and the doctors gives you medicine. if the doctor tells you that you have to come back after 1 month ,then there is a reason behind that.

What people do ? examples- we took treatment and saw that if we get cured in 10 days then they think ,why we i go back to the i have take medicine now?

So what happens that the symptoms that occur will heal you but there is still a hidden infection in your skin .it is necessary to fix it completely.

So if you want to stop the infection .if you want to heal completely then it is very important to take proper treatment.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

It is very irritating process , sometimes it gets cured and some times it comes back. seborrheic Dermatitis means dermatitis as the name suggests inflammation inside the skin and seborrheic means more seborrheic production.

Talking about its location in the case of face on the side of the nose or in the case of Beard area and head, this is a common location.

Apart from this it can be on the arm, on the chest on the back. there also slight itching and redness.

Beard Dandruff Shampoo

If dandruff is complicated by fungal infection you can take shampoo from the market in which Ketoconazole is %1 or %2.This shampoo is available in 2 concentration %1 and %2.

Firstly you should try %1 concentration which contains ketoconazole. if you have dandruff control in it then that is a good thing if not, you can use %2 Ketoconazole Shampoo.

The way to use it to wash your head with shampoo properly everyday for the first 2 weeks.

After that when dandruff comes under control then you should use it 2 times a week for at least 3 months.

Dense Rash Of Seborrheic Dermatitis

The second cause of severe dandruff is seborrheic Dermatitis it contains lots of oil filled dandruff. itching also occurs inside the head. apart from this dandruff is visible around both the folds of the nose ,behind the ears, inside the eyebrows and inside the eyelashes.

seborrheic Dermatitis is hereditary in many people. This means that if 2 people in your house have seborrheic Dermatitis then maybe you also have it.

Apart from this people who drink too much alcohol or who have severe acne or have aids also often have seborrheic dermatitis.

People who take depression medicine also have seborrheic Dermatitis. some people also have it during the winter season.

Beard Dandruff Solution

Treatment of seborrheic dermatitis requires shampoo or soap containing ” coaltar, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione , salicylic acid or Ketoconazole.

Everyday you have to wash your head and take a bath for 2 weeks.after that when you are in condition control then this thing will have to be

used except alternate day 1 day. from my experience the best combination is “coaltar” and Zinc pyrithione.if it suits you, you can use it.

Otherwise you should go to your doctor and you should use whichever combination is more suitable for you.

Foods and Exercises

If you eat fresh vegetable and keep your diet healthy then they will help controlling your seborrheic dermatitis with this out door exercise is very important. if you exercise out door for a while then it will help a lot to control seborrheic dermatitis.

Healthy foods

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff ?

If you have dandruff in your beard it means the skin under your hair is not properly nourished and moisturize so what you need to do is to cure your dandruff is you can use beard oil.

A lot of beard Bam comes ,you know that these will help you to cure dandruff Keep your beard nicely moisturize and nourished. must do one thing it is important to moisturize the skin of your face.

you can use Almonds oil or coconut oil also If you follows these steps then you will never gets into this problem.

Defeat Beard Dandruff, Forever

The quick beard dandruff treatment is to shave your beard. it is the only easier way to clean all the dandruff. you can buy best trimmer on So how to remove dandruff and how to choose shampoo? three common shampoos on the market:

  1. Alcohol-based shampoo containing alcohol: the best detergency, cheap, easy to foam, very strong detergency, can remove sebum.
  2. Soap-based shampoo: The washing power is medium, weaker than alcohol-based, but it can still remove sebum.
  3. Amino acid shampoo: The washing power is slightly weaker, the cost is higher, and it is not easy to foam, but it has the least damage to the scalp.
  4. Everyone’s scalp condition is different. There is no universal shampoo. It is very important to choose a shampoo that suits your scalp or beard. It should be adjusted according to the condition of the scalp after use. you can use it on your beard on regular basis to clean beard dandruff.

For example: using alcohol-based shampoo will cause dandruff and itching, so you may need to replace it with an amino acid shampoo with a milder cleaning power. If the amino acid cannot clean then use soap.

You must pay attention to the ingredients when purchasing, and you can find the shampoo that really suits you after many attempts. In addition to choosing the correct shampoo, how to wash your hair is also very important.

Before shampooing, comb your hair first to let the dirt fall off, which can make washing more effective. When washing off the shampoo, use warm water of 36-40 degrees Celsius, and do not overheat it. If the skin is oily or dirty, just wash it again. It doesn’t hurt to wash it every day. 🙂

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