Best and Easy Way To “Send Money From India To USA”

How to transfer money from India to USA?

People often migrate to developed countries in order to make more money. Due to exchange rate differences, it is very important to have a better income overseas and send a part of it back to repay debts or help parents/siblings.

However, sometimes the process is reversed, that is, you need to transfer funds from India to overseas. For example, you may need funds to fund a new business or purchase a piece of land or build a house.

Unfortunately, when you want to send money from India to a foreign country, these rules are not that simple.

so,lets learn “how to transfer money from India to USA“?

Send money to India from USA

First, as a non-resident Indian, you may need to open many different bank accounts. Second, due to changes in taxation and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) restrictions on black money, the process of sending money abroad has become more complicated. 

Frequent changes to banking regulations by the Reserve Bank of India will only exacerbate chaos. No wonder people who want to send money from India to the United States have so many questions.

Therefore, the most popular and reliable way to use Indian rupees for remittance is to use a third-party transfer to transfer money from India to USA?

4 best way to send money from India To USA

  1. Epay
  2. RemitOut
  3. Post Office
  4. SWIFT transfer

1.Epay (send money to India from USA)

send money from india to usa | send money to india from usa

Epay ( focuses on international remittance services, and its service scope covers the world. 

It supports the use of Indian rupee to send money into many other currencies, such as US dollar, Australian dollar , Indonesian rupiah, Singapore dollar, Thai baht, South Korean won, Japanese yen, Brazilian real, Euro and so on. 

Therefore, it has become easier and cheaper to transfer money from India to the United States.

Unlike banks, Epay provides you with online remittance services. Epay provides real-time exchange rates in the market, and transfer fees are much cheaper than banks and other similar platforms.

To use Epay to send money from India to the U.S., you can

  1. Get the best exchange rate and transfer fees
  2. Avoid hidden fees
  3. Can receive payment on the same day

Since its establishment, Epay has been adhering to the concept of safe, fast and cheap payment and remittance. 

It is committed to helping more workers working overseas send their wages home quickly and safely. Have an Epay account now and experience the speedy remittance method!

2.SWIFT transfer (send money to India from USA)

SWIFT (Global Interbank Financial Telecommunications Association) is the fastest way to make offline transfers through Indian banks. 

To make this transfer, you need to go to the bank in person and fill in the transfer form, which includes the payee’s name, account number, bank address and SWIFT code, etc. 

After submitting this form, the money will be deducted from your account and then transferred to the recipient within 72 hours. Many banks such as ICICI, SBI and Axis provide this service.

Of course, there are many commonly used platforms, such as Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram and so on. But honestly, Epay stands out in terms of exchange rate, cost and speed. Choose the one that suits you best according to your needs!

3.Post Office (send money to India from USA)

The Post Office of India has cooperated with remittance agencies such as Western Union and MoneyGram to provide foreign remittance services. 

But it has some limitations, such as the maximum amount of each transaction is 2500 USD, and you can only make 12 transactions per year. 

You can go to the nearest local post office for more detailed information about sending money to the United States.

4.RemitOut (send money to India from USA)

RemitOut is India’s first online remittance service platform, currently it can only be used to pay tuition fees for college students. 

To send money, you need to register and fill in the detailed information on the website, such as bank details in India, which university or research institute in the United States to send money to, etc. 

The remittance fee is $5, and the money will reach the recipient within 2 working days. Supports demand drafts and bank account collections, and can track payments online.

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