Best Hair Growth & Long Hair Tips | 2 Signs of Hair Loss,Is Ginger and Other Hair Growth Remedies Effective?

The hair follicle is not only out of the situation, but also with healthy organs. Wipe ginger , rice wine and other remedies , or use hair lotion , hair shampoo, make hair growth back ?

Hair loss has 2 signs of itchy scalp, slight hair quality change

Why is the hair thinning day by day? Xu Tenghong, the attending physician of Huaiyuan Chinese Medicine Clinic, pointed out that hair loss in Chinese medicine is mainly related to the liver, kidney, spleen and stomach, which affect the production and operation of qi and blood.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is related to people’s emotions and pressure. People who are under pressure at work, often stay up at night, and often think about things, are prone to liver-yin deficiency and fire, and blood loss is particularly rapid. In addition, the liver is responsible for storing blood. In addition to the blood, the liver has a condition that causes the blood to be sealed, and it is easy to lose hair due to abnormalities in lifting and lowering, such as baldness caused by high pressure.

Spleen and stomach

A healthy spleen and stomach can effectively turn the food eaten into nutrients to nourish hair follicles and strengthen hair roots. If the body has long-term indigestion or diarrhea, it is difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, which will result in insufficient Qi and blood and unstable hair roots. Although from a nutritional point of view, iron, zinc and other minerals are helpful to the hair, but the poor absorption of the spleen and stomach can not get good results.


The kidney is the congenital foundation, and most of the hair loss caused by the kidney has genetic causes, such as male baldness. In addition, some people have very little hair volume at birth, and even as they grow, their hair volume does not increase much. This situation is related to the lack of congenital kidney essence.

Chinese medicine also says that the kidneys store essence, and its blooms are developing. When excessive consumption of physical strength and energy exceeds the level of physical load, causing chronic fatigue, it will affect the operation of the internal organs. This not only causes hair loss, but also deteriorates nail quality, sleep quality, memory, and gastrointestinal function.(hair growth)

If the body is in a condition, hair loss will not usually occur immediately, and there will be 2 signs first:

1. Hair color and hair quality change

Before the development of hair loss, the hair color and hair quality will change first. Xu Tenghong reminded that if you have not dyed and permed your hair, but your hair color gradually fades, or your hair becomes frizzy and dry, you should pay attention to whether your body has a problem.

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2. Oily scalp and itchy scalp

The scalp begins to produce excessive oil and is prone to itching. This is because the scalp is in a state of inflammation and becomes sensitive. Hair loss will begin to occur for a long time. Especially people who often sleep late, pay attention when the scalp becomes oily.

scalp itachy
Scalp begins to produce excessive oil and feels itchy, which means that the scalp is inflamed, and it will start to lose hair after a long time.

What should you do if you lose your hair ? Is it effective to apply ginger , rice wine, and hair tonic ?

There are a lot of experience sharing on the Internet with anti-hair loss remedies or hair growth lotion, but these may not be effective for everyone.

Xu Tenghong pointed out that the folk remedies for preventing hair loss traditionally used ginger and rice wine as the mainstay. Hair loss is sometimes caused by the thick stratum corneum of the skin. Applying ginger can rub off some of the stratum corneum and improve the air permeability of the skin and the blood circulation of the hair follicles. Alcohol has the effect of invigorating blood. From the point of view of taste, rice wine and distilled wine have better effects.

If you want to try these home remedies, there are 2 prerequisites:

1. Use at the beginning of hair loss.

If the hair follicles are not too severely keratinized or necrotic, and have basic blood circulation, this way can give the scalp moderate massage stimulation to promote the maintenance of hair roots and hair growth.

2. If the scalp becomes sensitive, stop immediately.

Xu Tenghong emphasized that everyone’s body is different, and some people are allergic to these remedies. “If you feel irritation or discomfort, you must stop as soon as possible, otherwise it will accelerate skin and hair follicle lesions.”

Commercially available hair tonic and shampoo will have a certain effect, but the efficiency is not high. Because this type of product is mainly for mild and early male baldness, when the hair follicles are not as healthy as normal hair follicles in the later stage, the effect is not great.

Applying ginger, rice wine and other anti-hair loss remedies, there are two major prerequisites when using it, and any discomfort should be stopped immediately.

3 Recruits to help hair growth: scalp massage, hot compress, diet conditioning 

As long as it is not a genetic problem such as male baldness, Chinese medicine can use symptomatic medicine to improve hair loss. The treatment of hair loss is mainly based on drugs. For example, stress hair loss uses traditional Chinese medicine that can regulate liver blood, calm the liver, and nourish the kidney. For patients with gastrointestinal weakness, the spleen and stomach should be treated first.

Xu Tenghong gave an example. After giving birth, a female patient suffered from deficiency of qi and blood to a certain extent, and the spleen and stomach were also deficient, resulting in insufficient supply of nutrients to the hair follicles and a lot of hair loss. You can take medicine to adjust qi and blood. In addition, if you have postpartum depression and other emotional problems, you must also deal with it. After a period of time, you can see that the hair color and quality change first, and then the hair grows slowly.

There are also 3 methods for daily maintenance:

1. Massage the scalp

comb your hair frequently. For example, use a round horn comb to massage the scalp in the same direction, from front to back or from back to front, from left to right or from right to left, as long as the direction is the same.

The key is to massage gently, without having to massage it to heat, so as to avoid injury to the scalp. Continue to massage every day when you have free time, you can see the effect.

hair comb
Continue to massage the scalp with a comb every day to improve hair loss after a long time.

2. Apply heat to the head

Apply heat to the cap or use a towel and warm water, then clean and blow dry the hair afterwards. Hot compresses can stimulate the activation of hair follicles, accelerate sebaceous glands to expel dirt, and avoid blockages. But pay attention to the temperature and time to avoid scalding. The temperature should fall between 37 and 38°C.

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Xu Tenghong reminded that when shampooing or blowing hair, the temperature is too high will cause inflammation of the hair follicles, it is recommended to control the temperature at 36 to 37°C close to body temperature.

3. Diet conditioning

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that medicine and food are homologous, and blood-nourishing medicines such as wolfberry, multiflorum, angelica, Moutan bark, arborvitae leaves, raw rehmannia, rehmannia glutinosa or Siwu decoction, are all helpful to hair. However, it depends on everyone’s situation, and you need to consult a doctor before taking it. It is not recommended to eat it randomly.(hair growth)

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Eat less high-oil, roasted, fried, and spicy foods, sugary drinks, and iced drinks. Regular eating of these foods will not only affect the function of the spleen and stomach, but also cause a burden on the body, which may indirectly affect the health of the skin and hair follicles.

Modern people like to drink ice-cold hand shake drinks, but the human body is at a constant temperature. Drinking iced drinks requires the body to consume extra energy to maintain body temperature. In the long term, it will not only make physical strength worse, but also easily cause indigestion.

In addition, it is necessary to appropriately relieve stress and stay up late. Modern hair loss factors are mostly related to the liver, spleen and stomach. Hair loss caused by these conditions will take a while to be discovered, so you should pay more attention to the health of your hair.

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