What is the Best Water to Drink? Types and Benefits

What is the Best Water to Drink? what are the Types and Benefits? All you need to know: Even children today know that water is essential for body function. But not everyone is aware of which is the best water to drink. Every person is different, but each individual needs to drink a certain amount of water daily.

This helps maintain good health and the functioning of all organs. so, what is the best water to drink?

What is the best water to drink?

Some people prefer to purchase bottled water. The States like: Americas, Japan and Western Europe are some of the most popular countries for bottled water. This has been a long-standing practice.

You can rest assured that bottled water will not cause any harm to your health. It meets the GOST bottled water quality standards (provided it is not counterfeit). It is important to be careful when purchasing bottled water.

What is the healthiest drinking water?

Polluted water is found in most natural sources. This problem is made worse by the deplorable state of water pipes, filtration, and water treatment systems in large urban areas, which often fail to meet modern standards.

Tap water is purified by reverse osmosis to make it almost distilled. Enterprising entrepreneurs do this for their own benefit. This water is then artificially mineralized, and it is bottled. Although it is safe, this water can’t be considered useful. Its mineral composition is not balanced, and the unique structure has been lost during its production.

The body can use physiologically high-grade water that meets all its needs. It is derived from artesian springs. It is rich in minerals, trace elements and salts. Artesian water does not have any contaminants because it is located at 100-500m below the surface. This depth protects it from sewage and waste from industrial plants, as well as other external influences.

Mineral water

Nature has given us mineral water. It is rich in trace elements and minerals from the soil. The amount of minerals in the water determines which type of water it is. It can be used for dining, medical, or medical purposes. The table “mineral water”, which can be consumed daily without causing any harm to the body, should only be used.

Warm water

It is thought that water should be drank at room temperature, or heated. This water is more easily absorbed and cleans the body. Hot water can be used in the morning with an empty stomach. It is capable of “wakeing up” the body, removing toxins, and increasing metabolism.

Cold water

Cold water is then absorbed even more. It stays in the stomach and does not moisturize properly. Drinking cold water with an empty stomach can also cause weakness and reduced immunity.

Which type of water should you choose?

Are you still unsure about which is the best water to drink? This is the place to start:

Raw water:

Drinking raw water is better for your body, since it contains essential trace elements such as magnesium, calcium and sodium. These components settle on heating elements and cause water to lose its beneficial properties after boiling. Heat treatment also pushes out an important element of water, oxygen. Water loses its property as a transport liquid, and can develop edema.

Benefits of raw water
  • It all depends upon the source. It is obvious that tap water containing harmful impurities and chlorinated is not safe to drink. The same can be said for liquids from open natural sources.
  • Artesian is the purest, most nutritious and drinkable raw material. It is extracted from the most deep artesian wells located in environmentally clean protected areas.
  • Rock layers protect the source from pollution on both sides, similar to a sandwich.
  • The Earth provided water with microelements that were useful to the Earth, where artesian water has been resting for many millions of years.
  • The liquid is subject to a multi-stage purification and adaptation process. It is then hermetically sealed in bottles under sterile conditions.Raw water from artesian wells can be much healthier and safer today than boiled water.

Boiled Water:

A mix of bottled water, spring water and tap water is called “raw”. Bottled water is the best option, since it comes with safety guarantees. You should ensure that water you drink from the tap is safe. Conduct a chemical analysis to determine if any dangerous bacteria or impurities are present in the water. A special filter is also a good option.

Boiling water benefits
  • Protect the body against the most basic pathogenic bacteria.
  • One heat treatment of water can improve the taste and normalize digestion.
  • Stabilizes water hardness, makes it softer.
  • Normalizes metabolism.
  • It improves creativity and physical fitness.
  • You can stay hydrated with a cup of coffee or tea throughout the day.
  • Boiling water disadvantage
  • Most viruses die only after prolonged boiling.
  • The water intake systems can be contaminated by pesticides, hormone drugs, and other products from livestock.
  • Boil water should not be kept for more than a day as it will become unusable the next day.


Distilled water is water vapor condensate. Although distillation is the best way to purify water, it is not recommended for drinking. It is completely devoid of any trace elements that are necessary for the body.

It is dangerous to drink as it is a solvent. Water does not saturate your body with minerals and salts.

However, it slowly flushes out vital elements from the body. Drinking distilled water for prolonged periods can lead to impaired immunity, metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases.

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