Beyond Yourself (TV series 2021): Release Date, Trailer, Episodes, Cast, Plot & More

Beyond Yourself Release Date: While foreign creators are betting on fantastic projects, Russian bosses continue to develop detective and crime dramas. This time we are discussing when the television series “Beyond Yourself” will be released, who will star in the main roles and what kind of events will form the basis of the plot.

We’ll talk about this a little later, but for now, let’s find out the exact release date of “Beyond Yourself”, which is already scheduled for November 18, 2021 !

With ghosts on you

Beyond Yourself is a comedy thriller with elements of a detective story. At the center of events is financial analyst Dmitry, who, in addition to a successful career, also owns a rare form of mental disorder. 

The protagonist does not remember fragments of his life, and also constantly encounters the ghosts of those people for whose death he blames himself.

I must say that Dima has already got used to coexisting with friends from the other world, therefore he communicates with them as with real people, but phantoms prevent him from arranging his personal life and taking his son . 

Beside himself with anger, he turns to a psychotherapist. Now he has a difficult path to unravel the events of past years and revive the memories blocked by the brain.

Beyond Yourself release date

For more details on what lurks in a man’s memory, check out Beyond Yourself, which has a release date already scheduled for November 18, 2021. 

The performer of the key role in his interview said that the script for the future premiere had been written for more than a year and had put a lot of effort into it . 

Already at the stage of acquaintance with the text, it became clear that the audience would expect the release of new episodes.

The creators are confident that the picture will compete with the rest of the Russian shows and prove that in Russia they also know how to make a movie that worries hearts and amazes with its intrigue.

Cast and creators

You will also find out the names of the actors and organizers of the project today, and you will undoubtedly find the release date of the new episodes in our schedule. The directors of the new film were Alexander Duleirin and Klim Kozinsky.

According to their colleagues, the duo turned out to be very original., combining experience and a fresh look.

The key role was played by yevgeny Stychkin, who played Vlad in “Major” and starred in almost a hundred films and TV series. His colleagues on the site were Evgeny Tsyganov, Elena Lyadova, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Aglaya Tarasova, Ruslan Bankovsky and others.

How the performers will cope with the new roles and how the difficult path of the characters will end, we will find out after the release date of the film “Out of Oneself”, which will take place in the second half of November. The bosses’ statements are promising – do not miss the premiere of the new product .

New episodes release schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
0118 November 2021 the year
02November 18 , 2021
03November 23 , 2021
04November 25 , 2021
05November 30 , 2021
06December 2 , 2021
07December 7 , 2021
08December 9 , 2021


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