Bird Flu-What are The symptoms of The Bird Flu ?

Bird Flu Pandemic

As you read this article, millions of chickens have pass away of Bird Flu.Some have pass away naturally, while others have been stabbed or strangled.


In fact,very few of the chickens are burned or buried in the ground.However,most of these chickens are sold by poultry farm owners at low prices, which you buy and eat.



Many of you argue that the fact that bird flu does not make a difference in chicken meat and that eating it does not harm the body.


This argument has no value.”Two parties are interested in providing meat to the people.” A new form of bird flu.


Bird Flu Outbreak 2021


At first, the poultry industry sells chickens with the aim of not going bankrupt,and you buy those expired chickens.The second party is the government’s Ministry of Animal Husbandry.


This means that there are more chickens and cans in India.  The more people eat chicken, the more successful the ministry is.It is not their right to know the facts of how many people are eating it and getting sick.  



  • Whether or not chickens get sick, it is the job of the Ministry of Health to treat people with the right to know how much people are buying it.That’s why the two parties never play a role.



Every article published at this time will show that no one has ever been exposed to bird flu or that it can be transmitted from bird to human.  But this is not true at all.


bird flu new form 2
  • If humans do not contract bird flu from birds, why are birds being wipe out under the Infectious and Contagious Disease Prevention Act 2009?



Do you think that if a bird is infect, the government will eat it? To take Never. Their sleep will be disturbed when people are infected by birds. It was first seen in 18 people in 1997.




They were working in a giant bird market in Hong Kong. 18 of the 6 infected pass away.The H5N1 strain, which was spotted at the time, is now similar to the virus seen in India, causing the demise of most chickens.



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 Bird Flu Year


Bird Flu is spreading across the country, from Himachal Pradesh To Kerala, wipe out millions of chickens.  It is also known as bird flu, which is an infectious disease


bird flu virus 1

Influenza Type A virus has many types of strains.  When it first came to India, it was H1N1.


  • 14 years later, it has been renamed H5N1 and H8N1.Just as Safil is called a disease of foreigners, the governments of all countries believe that Bird Flu is coming from abroad to their country by birds.



  • They believe that the disease is spreading by defecating on poultry farms.



  • There may never be bird flu in all those countries, but when the birds come to India from there, they are exposed to the virus! I think the virus is more likely to be transmitted to birds outside Poultry Farms.



  •  The chickens on the farm are pass away because they have no immunity.


 Bird Flu In India 


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), India is at the top of the list of four countries that are known to be the source of the H5N1 virus in chickens, followed by China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and Egypt.



the condition of chickens in all these countries is deplorable.Why are they being kept this way and why are they so often affect by bird flu?  This is not understood.


  • India’s poultry farms are like hell in the world. Here the chickens are kept in unhealthy small cage, where they do not move well. Their mouths and fingers are slit, causing damage to the entire body.



  •  Many people have ephemeral myelitis, chicken anemia virus infection, clamidiosis, infectious bronchitis, infectious bursal disease, infectious coriasis, infectious cervical cancer, and laryngotracheitis.



Bird Flu New Form | Virus


They always have thin stools. Many people are infected with the parasite, which can cause Blood Clots. Most chickens walk with great difficulty and many have weak bones.



Their bodies can be seen all over the body, and there is a kind of thick liquid from the sugarcane and pus on the acne on the neck and legs.


Bird Flu Symptoms 


Many suffer from diabetes or tuberculosis, take in toxic toxins from the farm, and exhale the stench of dry stools.Due to the lack of vitamin A and manganese in the chicken, the sugarcane swells and shrinks.


bird flu new form 3


They cough and sneeze.  They have roundworms and tapeworms, and their hair is full of lice and worms.  These chickens feed only on antibiotics and eat dry food with sawdust.



They often pass away of heart diesese.  Occasionally there is a full-fledged chicken pox in the spring and a full day in the Heja or Raniket desease.  As you can imagine, these chickens do not have Bird Flu.



  • Employees of poultry farms suffer from bird flu. It is transmitted in the same way like covid that it is transmit and transmit.



  • Those who eat the meat and eggs of infect chicken are more likely to be infect with bird flu. But the World Health Organization (WHO) says there is no evidence that the meat can be infected with fever if cooked and eaten at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.



  •  But I forgot to mention how the meat is brought to the kitchen.



  • You buy raw chicken meat from a roadside shop and hold it in your hand.  These are stored in various containers and washed in tap water without washing them at boiling water at the WHO temperature.  It is cooked after piece.



  • At that point the virus stays in many places and you can be the carrier.



  • Birds have warned that even the new WHO, which has been weakening its previous tone, could cause another pandemic.



  • Evidence has been found that the H5N1 virus is highly lethal to humans.  When bird flu is transmit to humans, it affects the respiratory tract and cause related disease.




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The Covid-19 virus is similar to the one in acute respiratory distress syndrome symptoms, as is the case with the H5N1 virus. You will have tax, cough and sore throat problems as a result of this virus. Thin diarrhea will begin with abdominal pain. 



All of these symptoms are exactly the same as Covid-19 symptoms. It has not been test in India. Government laboratories are now launching tests to determine if you have cough or bird flu.New Form Of Bird Flu.





pexels artem beliaikin 1467711

 A new form of bird flu


There is no vaccine or treatment for the H5N1 virus.  So protect yourself.  Do not eat chicken or eggs.  Let the meat shop that have been open illegally on the side of the road be close.

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