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WordPress is currently a fairly mainstream CMS platform. It is no longer the blog system that everyone remembers. At the same time, it is quite simple to set up, and even the control is simple, and it has rich resources and plug-ins. But when it is about to start, It is indispensable to set up a test environment on the local computer first. When everything is done, the website will be launched.(Bitnami wordpress)

bitnami wordpress 1

Since WordPress itself is composed of PHP language and MySQL database, it cannot be executed directly on a normal computer and needs to be installed first. The virtual machine simulates the computer as a server to run WordPress.

Therefore, the most commonly used server virtual machine for Meigan at this time is either usbwebserver or MAMP. The main reason is that it needs to be used and turned on again, which is different from the past. Install Apache and MySQL. When the computer is turned on, it starts to run.

It eliminates computer resources and causes the computer to become very slow. However, whether you use usbwebserver or MAMP, you need to install it manually. Download WordPress first, and then set the database. Installation, so this will be a bit difficult for many novices.

So Meigan only recently discovered that the one-click installation of WordPress on Google Cloud Host was actually through Bitnami, but I didn’t expect that Bitnami also has a stand-alone version.

At the same time, the installation process is as easy as on the cloud host, and it can be done immediately with one click. It can be fully automated, and the WordPress installation is complete.

There is no need to download WordPress and build a database. Even the environment built by Bitnami is more excellent in terms of execution and performance. Therefore, friends who want to learn to set up WordPress, may wish to try Bitnami.

Software name: Bitnami
Support platform: Windows, MAC, Linx
Software download:


After entering Bitnami’s WordPress download page, select the desired platform.

ok 1


Then you need to register as a member or log in as a community before you can download.

ok 2


After logging in, you can download it.

bitnami wordpress 4


After downloading, Shuangxiang starts the installation.

ok 3


Press the “Next” button again.

ok 4


You can see that Bitnami will install WordPress and PhpMyAdmin at the same time, and then click the “Next” button.

ok 5


Choose the path to install.

ok 6


Here is the account password for WordPress back-end login, and also the password for PhpMyAdmin login.

ok 7


Set the WordPress site name.

ok 8


Since it is this machine, there is no need to set up this service.

ok 9


This function also does not need to be turned on.

ok 10


Press the “Next” button again, and the installation will begin.

ok 11


After a while, the installation is complete!

ok 12


After installation, when you want to enable it, go to the newly installed directory and double ring the “” icon.

ok 13


When activated, click the “Go to Application” button in the lower right corner .

ok 14


This will open the default website screen, and then click the WordPress link in the screen.

ok 15


So you can see the WordPress screen, isn’t it super simple? There is no need to manually download the WordPress main program and set database permissions.

ok 16


Of course, Bitnami also includes PhpMyAdmin, and the login account password is root, and the password is set in step 8.

ok 17


After logging in, the database is placed in bitnami_wordpress.

ok 18


The root directory of the website is under app/wordpress/htdocs .

ok 19


In the management panel of bitnami, go to the “Manage Servers” tab at the top, and the green light will be on when the service is enabled.

ok 20


When you click the service and click the “Configure” button on the right , you can make settings.

ok 21


Then go to WordPress and enter the account password you just set.

ok 22


After entering, go to “Settings” and set the language to “English or your language” .

ok 23

In this way, the Chinese version becomes more complicated, and then you can practice as you go, don’t be afraid to play it badly, and in the whole process, you don’t have to touch any database or download WordPress at all. Isn’t it quite simple! It is quite suitable for all novices or veterans.

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How to set up a second WordPress on the same server (Multiple WordPress, using Bitnami version as an example)

If you want to set up two or more WordPress sites, there are two options: Multiple WordPress and WordPress Multisite . This article recommends using Multiple WordPress to set up multiple WP websites . The following will first compare the differences between the two versions, and then teach the installation method of Multiple WordPress, taking Bitnami’s version deployed on GCP as an example.

The difference between Multiple WordPress and WordPress Multisite

multiple wp

Although Multiple WordPress and WordPress Multisite are very similar in word length, it should be clear from the above figure that the two websites have completely different structures.

WordPress, one of the native WP versions

First of all, let me mention WordPress Multisite (on the right). If you search the Internet for multiple WordPress installations , you will definitely find a lot of information about Multisite WordPress. That’s because the native WordPress is divided into general (Single) WordPress and WordPress Multisite versions. . Single WordPres should be very easy to understand. It is an independent single WordPress website. If you have read the previous setup tutorial, the site we built before is a Single WordPress. 

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Most users use one WordPress is enough, so what is WordPress Multisite? You can probably guess by referring to the above picture. Building a WordPress Multisite is like building a blog platform. A main website controls other sub-sites, and all sub-sites are subordinate to the main website. Just like , it itself is a blogging platform, and users can create accounts and build their own websites under it. But of course, WordPress Multisite is not as complicated as those large blog platforms.

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WordPress Multisite only allows you to create many sub-sites, and many parameter settings such as themes cannot be customized for each sub-page. Plug-in is also required Installed by the main website uniformly, all sub-sites are forced to install the same package. So the advantage of Multisite is that we can uniformly manage all sub-sites through a backend, and reduce the performance and space utilization of multiple sites on the server, but the disadvantage is that the degree of freedom is greatly reduced.

So what is Multiple WordPress? Why should you choose it?

Multiple WordPress refers to multiple WordPress websites. It can also be said that multiple Single WordPress forms Multiple WordPress. The websites are independent and not affiliated with each other, so we have to make settings for each website separately, or let each website have its own style, each with different users, different data structures, and different packages installed . 

Because we do not need to manage a large number of sub-sites, instead of using Multisite, it is better to make the sites independent! On why you should choose Multiple WordPress This article gives more detailed reasons: Why You Should Not Use WordPress Multisite .

Set up a second WordPress on the server

Server environment

Before installation, first explain the server environment in this example:

  • Use Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Have set up a WP website using WordPress Bitnami
  • The operating system of the server is Linux Debian 9

Install and set up WordPress on the server

The method of installing WordPress is very simple, just download the installation file to install, and then set the server parameters.

Download the installation file

First go to Bitnami’s website ( ), download the latest WordPress installation file, and upload the installation file to the server using FTP.

Download the installation file

The version I downloaded here is 5.2.3-0, I put it under the /opt directory, you can choose where you want to put it.

multiple wp installer upload

Execute installation

sudo chmod a+x sudo ./ –wordpress_instance_name NEW_BLOG_NAME

Given the executable permissions of the installation file, remember to replace the red-letter version and the name of the new website with your own. The name here will be your instance name in the system, and it will also be the root directory name of the website. I don’t recommend adding too many fancy words to the name, or even lowercase English words. When you want to change the name displayed on the website, you can go to the website backend to modify it.

Then follow the prompts to complete the installation:

1.Choose the language of the installation steps

multiple wp installation language

2.The default path for a given Bitnami is located in /opt/bitnami

multiple wp installation setp 2 bitnami

3.Login account (login), user name (real name) and E-mail
login account will be the new WordPress login account by default, and the name and e-mail are the personal data of this account.

4.Enter the MySQL database root password.
If you haven’t changed it, the default database password is the same password that was displayed on GCP when WordPress Bitnami was deployed. For security reasons, it is recommended to modify this set of root passwords. For detailed modification methods.

wp tutorial image

5.Website initialization
-Blog name: Give the name of the website for the first time
-Do you want to configure mail support? This is about the website’s support for sending emails. It is temporarily disabled.

1 2

6.Then wait for the installation process to complete, directly start Bitnami WordPress Module.

2 3

The default URL will be , which is the original URL of the first website followed by a subdirectory is the parameter given when executing the installation file command.--wordpress_instance_name NEW_BLOG_NAME。

Try the link to see if the site is successfully deployed!

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