Body Butter Benefits: What is Body Butter used for?

Body Butter Benefits

Body butter is a popular product among body care products( Best online products). The products of the body shop of natural cosmetic brands are famous. Various scents and prices are also sold by each brand.

This time, I will explain the effects of body butter, how to use it, and how to choose it, which is most suitable for dry skin.

Body butter is a skin care item that can be used on the body, face and hair. Generally, it is about 50ml to 200ml, and not only 100% shea butter but also vegetable oils such as cacao butter are popular. 

The difference from body cream is that it is melted at body temperature before use. Also, pay attention to the fact that it is more moisturized. You can choose the fruity scent or the scent of vanilla or coconut to suit your taste. 

what is body butter?

body butter benefits
Body Butter

Body butter is a skin care item made mainly from “shea butter” from shea trees. Shea butter is a typical ingredient, but some use cocoa butter and avocado butter.

Body butter has a harder texture than body cream and body milk, and when it is placed on the skin, it melts smoothly and smoothly like butter due to the heat of the skin .

It is different from body cream and body milk in that it contains abundant naturally derived oils that keep the skin beautiful and boasts high moisturizing power.

Many body butter products are organic and are often used for skin care for adults as well as small children.

Effects & Benefits body butter

Body butter contains a lot of oil, so you can get a high moisturizing effect. In Africa, the country of origin of shea butter, it has long been used for UV protection, burns, and muscle aches. 

You can keep your skin smooth by using it for prevention as well as repairing and moisturizing areas where you are concerned about dryness.

The effect of body butter is high moisturizing power.

Even people who usually use other body care products can take measures against dry skin by switching to body butter only in winter or applying body butter only after taking a bath.

Even if you don’t use it on your whole body, you can use it only on your elbows, knees, heels, and other areas of concern.

If shea butter is the main ingredient, it can be expected to soften the hardened skin and prevent rough skin.

Body butter has a richer texture than body cream or body milk, and is characterized by its high moisturizing effect.

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In terms of moisturizing effect, the order is body butter> body cream> body milk.

The typical advantages of using body butter are as follows.

  • High moisturizing power, easy to last effect
  • Many products can be used not only on the body but also on the whole body such as hair, face, lips and nails.
  • Products with a long-lasting scent can also be used as a substitute for fragrance

In addition to regular skin care, body butter with a high moisturizing effect is also recommended for dry heel and elbow care, hair care, nail care, and stretch marks prevention . 

High-quality body butter from popular brands such as Body Shop, L’Occitane, and Fennell are also popular as gifts.

How to use body butter?

body butter benefits
Body Butter Benefits

Body butter is effective when used correctly.

Take a cherry-sized body butter, wrap it in both hands and melt the butter.

It is also recommended to cut a single dose of solids in advance.

When it melts to a certain extent, apply it to the place you want to care for.

If you are concerned about stickiness after applying, it is recommended to wear socks or protect them.

A more effective way to use it is to use a hot towel.

Body butter does not easily penetrate into areas where keratin is formed or the skin is hard, such as the knees and heels.

In such a case, squeeze a towel soaked in water and heat it in a 500 watt microwave for about 1 minute.

Take care of the heat and cover the area you care about when your skin does not feel hot.

Soften your skin with a hot towel and then take care with body butter.

After taking a bath, moisturize the skin with lotion first, and then cover with the oil of body butter to further moisturize.

The moisturizing effect will last for a long time if you apply the body butter firmly, but you can use it several times a day, especially when it is extremely dry.

Body butter can be used not only on the body but also on hair and nails.

It has high moisturizing power, so it is recommended to use it on hands and nails that are worried about dryness.

Please note that it contains a lot of oil, so avoid applying it to the sebaceous glands.

The sebaceous glands are areas with a lot of oil on the back and chest, and adding more oil to them can cause skin problems such as acne.

People with oily skin should adjust the amount used or use a refreshing type of body butter with less oil.

You can easily pack your lips by applying a generous amount of body butter to your lips and wrapping them for a few minutes.

Body butter with high moisturizing power moisturizes lips that tend to dry.
It can also be used in place of lip balm.

Can i use body butter on my face & hair?

body butter benefits
Body Butter on face & Hair

Body butter can be used on the whole body, including the face, body and hair. Apply a small amount to the area where you are concerned about dryness. 

Avoiding the nose, where sebum is actively secreted, will prevent it from becoming more sticky than necessary. 

When using it on hair, wash it, dry it with a towel, apply an appropriate amount, and dry it with a hair dryer. It’s a good idea to apply it to the center of the hair.

Difference between body butter and body cream

Body butter is made from vegetable oils and fats. Shea butter is a typical example, and some also use avocado, mango, and cacao butter.

Since it has a high oil content, it is characterized by its high moisturizing power.

Body cream, on the other hand, spreads well and is easy to use. It has high moisturizing power, but is slightly inferior to body butter.(Body Butter Benefits)

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