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BTS Net Worth

What does BTS mean?  what BTS really means ?

Hashtag BTS originally meant “behind the scenes“, but until a K-POP boy group debuted and succeeded through their own efforts, BTS is now more connected with the award-winning super popular group “BangTanSonyeondan” . So what does all this mean?

What is the full form of BTS ?

The full form of BTS is “Bangtan Boys

The origin of this name in Korean:

“Bang-Tan ()” translates to “bulletproof”, and “So-Nyeon-Dan ()” translates to “a group of boys”.Putting it together,”Bangtansonyeondan ()” translates to “a group of bulletproof boys”,/ or the more widely known the version: “BTS”.

Big Hit Entertainment stated that the name represents the group’s concept of “opposing social norms and pressure.” As the “BTS“, members oppose stereotypes in order to protect their values ​​and music. The idea of ​​”protecting” against social pressure actually extends to all young people, that is, the target audience of the group. The BTS, or Bangtansonyeondan, is to protect dreams and ideals in their teens and twenties.

As the BTS successfully entered the world, the abbreviated version of “BTS” was widely used. This has several meanings, the first is the simple acronym for “Bang Tan S couts“. It can also be understood as coming from “Bang Tan Sonyeondan” or “Bulle T proof boy S“, all of which are accepted by fans as the origin of the three letters.

In July 2016, Big Hit Entertainment released an improved brand identity for BTS and fan club ARMY. With the release of the new combination logo, BTS began to stand for “beyond the scene.” The new identity maintains the original group ideal of “protecting youth and their values“, and at the same time adds a new meaning of “young generation“, that is, “the young generation is not fixed, but keeps moving forward and surpassing it. Right reality.”

bts net worth

In the beginning, BTS or Bangtansonyeondan did not intend to become an idol group. At the beginning, BTS planned to become a hip-hop group centered on member RM. Focus on singing and rap instead of dancing and acting based on rap. Until later, more than 30 trainees were added for selection, the development direction of the combination has undergone a huge change, and finally the current seven boys form their debut.

When Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga, Jin and RM finally made their debut under the name “Bangtansonyeondan“, they were not confident or proud of the name at first. The members themselves do not know how to feel it. Although the name had been set two years before the group’s debut, members like Suga and J-Hope did not accept the name until the end.

Min Suga:”J-Hope & I were changing clothes in locker room, when someone approached us and he asked if we were about to debut. When we answered yes, he wanted to know what our group was called. I didn’t hesitate to tell him the name not sure yet.”

As expected, the name for its debut was severely criticized. However, the members did not give up because of these prejudices, and worked hard for their goals. Now, the name “BTS” is known all over the world and is synonymous with success. As the largest K-Pop boy group, BTS continues to move forward.

Total Net worth of The BTS Rapper?(BTS net worth)

bts net worth

BTS’s RAP LINE has a total net asset value of 386 million.(BTS net worth)

Today’s BTS, everyone knows that they are one of the top combinations in the world. Of course, many friends may say that there is no one, but relatively speaking, it is better to add them.(BTS net worth) As they become bigger and stronger, their Assets, or wealth, began to expand rapidly, especially with the listing of their brokerage company BIGHIT Entertainment last year, that value has directly risen to the level of the rich.(BTS net worth)

Of course this is what they deserve. After all, the company relies on them to develop to where it is today, and they have also put in a lot of hard work. Just as the fans said, seven years of blood, sweat and tears have achieved today’s results. It is not easy.(BTS net worth) . Now that we have talked about their wealth, let’s take a look at them and see how much their worth is!

(Look at Rap Line first)

Rap Line’s total net asset value

The rappers in this boy group are not only performing in BTS, they may also perform alone or compose songs, and some even create the top Solo music on the charts, while others collaborate with celebrity singers, such as Artists such as Halsey and Lil Nas X.

Rap Line's total net asset value

Since they emerged in K-pop, they have not only achieved great success in music, but also attracted many brands to cooperate with them, such as the brand agreements of companies such as Samsung, Fila and even Starbucks. This kind of brand cooperation also allowed them to gain a reputation and at the same time increased their net assets.

There are 3 members in the official BTS “Rap Line”

There are 3 members in the official BTS "Rap Line"

BTS has 7 members, but only 3 members are considered part of the official “Rap Line” of the group. They are award-winning artists and activists, RM (real name Kim Namjoon/Kim Namjoon), J-Hope (real name Jung Hoseok/Jung Hoseok) and Suga (real name Min Yoongi)

10 things you must know about BTS

1. The average age is 23 years old, but he has debuted for five years

Many people may think that they are a group that has just debuted, but their average age is only 23 years old, they have already debuted in June 2013. In the early days, he took the hip-hop style of “Black Cannon Boys“, painted thick eyeliners and sang rap.

10 things you must know about BTS

The idols who debuted a year earlier than BTS, including EXO, BAP, VIXX, BTOB, and AOA, all survived the rookie period in 2013 and began to slowly become popular. Since there were too many successful examples in the previous year, the year of their debut in 2013 was called “the worst year for idol groups. ” The 33 idol groups that debuted that year were almost wiped out, and the only one that became popular was BTS.

2. “ARMY” is the name of a BTS fan, which is called “ARMY” every time he wins a prize.

bts net worth

No matter at home or abroad, whenever BTS wins an award, the first word it shouts is “ARMY”, which is the name of their fans. The KPOP circle has the habit of nicknames for fans. “ARMY” comes from the abbreviation of “Adorable Representative MC for Youth” in English, which means ” a representative of rappers worthy of admiration .”

This also echoes the meaning of the team name of the BTS when it first debuted as “to block a music group that criticizes and prejudices of the times like bullets.” In addition, ARMY also means “army“. The body armor and the army are always together, so it also means that fans and BTS have always been together .

3. Born in a small and medium-sized brokerage company, it is the only idol group under its umbrella(BTS)

Born in a small and medium-sized brokerage company, it is the only idol group under its umbrella bts

It’s not the so-called “Three Big Brokerage Companies in South Korea” by SM, YG, and JYP that everyone is familiar with. With resources and funds inferior to large-scale brokerage companies, BTS is actually a combination launched by BIG HIT entertainment company in debt .

Fortunately, they are very competitive. Last year alone brought 355 to the company. An amazing turnover of 100 million won.

4. Already stood in the stadium with 50,000 people, but they used to have only 100 fans in the audience

bts net worth

The agency originally wanted to launch a pure rap combination, so BTS began to participate in the production of music when it debuted. However, although the early songs are classic and small, they did not create a shocking momentum at the debut, and even experienced the stage. Under the dilemma of less than 100 fans.

However, they continue to work hard step by step to conquer Citi Arena in New York, Kyocera Dome Osaka, Jamsil Arena in Seoul, THE O2 Arena in London, and Tokyo Dome that are about to be challenged. It’s no wonder the members are watching. When the audience is full of fans, tears are often in the eyes.

5. Sing your own story: the sadness and depression of youth are all in the lyrics

Sing your own story: the sadness and depression of youth are all in the lyrics

Fang Shi-hyuk, the mentor and producer of the BTS, said in an interview that at the beginning, members were asked to write lyrics and music, but all they handed in were “something to show off,” but in the end they were all rejected.

Fang Shihe said: “You must write your own stories.” The “In the Mood for Love” series launched in 2015 talked about the sorrows, joys and pains of youth and growth, and it gave them the first taste of popularity.

They also began to include social issues of concern in their songs. For example, the song “Spring Day” is generally considered to be a mourning for the victims of the Shiyue voyage.

The “Three Throwing Generations” and “Five Throwing Generations” in “DOPE” are satires and accusations of North Korea’s hell. And the member SUGA is in his personal work, revealing his melancholic past, and bringing salvation to many people who share the same pain.

6. Move the comeback stage to the American Billboard Music Awards, also known as “Recording Youth League”

bts net worth

Leaving aside the big and small awards won in South Korea, the factor that made the BTS soar like a rocket in 2017, I have to mention that I attended the Billboard Music Awards that year and defeated it for 6 consecutive years. Little Justin, won the “Best Community Artist Award”.

A group of young men from South Korea stood on the highest hall of American pop music, and the world began to ask: “Who is BTS?“Since then,they have also been invited to perform at National Music Awards, ranked in the top 10 of the Billboard HOT 100, and the next year.

Returned to the billboard music award, and even moved the “return to the stage”. All kinds of breakthroughs in the dimensional wall have also earned them the reputation of “Recording Youth League.”

7. The first group of “Global Youth Representatives” appeared on the UN General Assembly to give a speech.

The first group of "Global Youth Representatives" appeared on the UN General Assembly to give a speech.

The BTS attended the 73rd UN General Assembly event “Generation Unlimited” this year and discussed youth issues with leaders of various countries, outstanding youth representatives and the President of the World Bank. The BTS was introduced as the “Representative of Young People in the World.” The captain RM’s 6-and-a-half minutes full English speech also attracted worldwide attention.

8. “Leaders of the next generation” The first Korean idol group to appear on the cover of Time Magazine(BTS)

"Leaders of the next generation" The first Korean idol group to appear on the cover of Time Magazine BTS

The BTS’s strong influence on young people around the world has also attracted the attention of the authoritative American media Time Magazine (TIME), becoming the first South Korean idol group to appear on the cover and calling them “the leaders of the next generation.” And use a complete article to discuss KPOP and “How did BTS capture the world?”

Reported in the BTS compared to the 60’s very representative of the legendary band The Beatles (at The Beatles) , also praised: “do not rely on the market to cater to Western preferences to achieve these records, almost all of their songs by the Korean singing” This It also exemplifies what Steve Aoki, a well-known DJ who has worked with BTS, said: “You don’t need to use English to interact with the world.”

9. None of the team members are from Seoul, they are all “children from the place”

Compared to the brilliant record of the group, their origins are much more ordinary. There are 7 members of the BTS, all of them are “children from the place.” None of them are from Seoul. Such a situation is quite rare, and it makes them more simple, local and grassroots.

In South Korea, where resources are unevenly distributed between urban and rural areas, there are also many “beijing youths” who, in order not to be underestimated, have changed their accents and dialects and spoke the standard Seoul dialect to hide their “local origin.”

However, the BTS did not forget its roots, and even included the cities where it was born, Ilsan, Gwacheon, Daegu, Gechang, Busan, and Gwangju in the song. Perhaps foreigners did not feel it deeply, but it was a big impact on South Korean society.

10. Even “handsome” is world-class, more “sexy mind”

There is no doubt about the achievements in music. As an “idol group”, the BTS also has a prerequisite-good looks. Member V has a mixed-race appearance, allowing him to win the”2017 World’s Most Handsome Face” champion, and is also the first champion from Asia on the list . In addition, members Jung Kook and JIMIN also won 13 Good results for the first and 64th place.

Member JIN is also the “appearance genius” in the team. When attending the Billboard Music Awards, European and American netizens who were not familiar with them also asked wildly: “Who is the third handsome guy on the left?” He laughed and called himself “Worldwide Handsome”.

Captain RM has repeatedly become the focus of discussion because of his 181 tall figure ratio. With his 148 IQ, he is also known as a “brain man” (a man with a sexy head). In addition, J-Hope, who looks like “Little Beautiful Gwangju”, and SUGA, who has a cold and white complexion but shows manliness everywhere, also have their supporters bowing down to the pomegranate pants.

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