Business Analyst | Jobs & Salary

What is Business Analyst ?

A ( BA ) mean a Business Analyst is someone who analysis an organization or business domain and documents its business or process or

system, assessing the business model or its integration with technology.

They help in several decisions.

Business Analyst is also known as; Machine learning Artificial intelligence, Big data analytics.

Thomas H Davenport Said : ” BA Can be defined as the broad use of data and quantitative analysis for decision making with in organization”.

What Does a Business Analyst Do ?

They co-ordinate with stock holders , They analyze market and consumer for further enhancement.

The BA like the pillar between business department and IT department.

Their work is whenever a company launches a product ; they survey and analyzes in the market that what exactly people need and what they like.

BA after survey , they collect those data and in its base the company prepares and launches the product.

What Happens In an Every Internet Minute ?

Business Analyst | Jobs & Salary

♦Within 60 Second These are generated every minute.The Big Data has following Big Property.

Why They Survey  Before Launch ? Reasons

BA collect data;what happens is that whenever someone launches;they know what is the need of the user and that

product never fails; so this is the case of a BA.

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A BA analyze the core of business; and then; they improve the system as well.

BA works to find the loop holes in the system and add new features to the system.

They help to organization to implement new things in the right way.

Types of BA

(1) Business Analyst

(2) Business Process Analyst

(3) IT Business Analyst

(4) Business System Analyst

(5) System Analyst

(6) Data Analyst

(7) Function Architect

(8) UX Analyst

It judge By in 4 Basis

Analyze Skill

♦Leadership Skill

♦Business Process and Planning

♦Technical Skill


diagram analyst

(Volume , Variety , Velocity , Veracity , Value)


If we talk about a BA certification it is

(1) Entry certification in business analysis.

(2) Certification in Business Analysis.

(3) Certified Business Analysis Professional

(4) Certified Business Analysis Thought Leads


It depends on different types and different industries.Best time for BA.

Industries For BA ( Business Analyst )

(01) Business

(02) Banking

(03) Insurance

(04) Telecom

(05) Utilities

(06) Software

(07) Service

(08) Government

and many more…

Does Business Analyst Have Future ?

Now-days the requirement of a BA is very high; definitely it is increase in future also because; there are many

companies and many industries ahead, they need a business analyst to pursue their business properly.

BA Salary

For entry level professional ( 25k 30k )

For some experienced professional →  ( 50k 30k )

Having experienced in industry can expect a salary of ( 80k 1 Lakh )

All these numbers depends upon time,industries,demography,region and company.

Business Analyst Eligibility



Business Certification

Technical Skill

You should know a little knowledge of Technical Skill.

Benefits of professional Certification

(1) Better Recognition √

(2) Good Alternative Option √

(3) Better Knowledge √

(4) Better Productivity √

Skills and Capabilities

(1) Strong Problem Solving / Analytical Skill

(2) Effective Communication Skills

(3) Ability to focus close detail.

(4) Practice Exp-Microsoft, viso ,Data Diagram

Business Analyst | Jobs & Salary

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