Business Card Size: Dimensions, Size and Specifications

With the development of the times,more and more people pursuing individuality and distinctiveness when designing business cards.there for the size of business card has become more and more irregular.

Different business card sizes: What is the normal business card size?

The commonly used business card sizes on the market are generally:business card standard size (referring to the finished size): Chinese: 90×54mm; American: 90×50mm;

European: 85×54mm; narrow: 90×45mm; ultra-narrow: 90×40mm folded Standard size of the card (referring to the size of the finished product): Chinese: 90×95mm; Western: 90×110mm.

Standard size of the finished product: 90 x 54mm, but the design and production need to add 2mm each of the upper and lower sides, so your production size must be set as: 94 x 58mm.

You can customize the size of the finished product according to your actual needs. If it exceeds the size of a business card, please indicate the correct size of the finished product you want. The bleeding is also 2mm each.

Note: Bleeding refers to the left and right trim.

What Size Should Business Card Be ?

The size of a standard business card should  be 3.5 inches in width and 2.0 inches in height.

Here you can also see and visualize what i am trying to say.this is the actual size of a business can create it on “power point” and “Photoshop” easily and take a print out of it.

What is The “Bleed size” of a Business card ?

Before we know about the size of a Bleed size  business card lets know what is bleed size and what are the importance  of bleed.

Bleed- A bleed is the part of  your design that runs over the trim edge or past the intended cut line to ensure a nice printing job.In this area we do not write any information because this area  is cut.after being cut we come to actual size.

What is Bleed Size?

The Bleed Size is the area we offer outside the safe zone.

business card size

The bleed size is 3.75 inches in width  and 2.25 inches in height which we keep outside our main information to save our main content from cutting.

  • Just like we put a bleed of 3.75 inches width and height 2.25 inches on the outside,similarly we will put a safe zone of 3.75 width and height 2.25  inches on the inside of the actual business card.
  • In this safe zone we keep our important information.such as “Name”,”Contact Number” , “Address”.

Why we write in the Safe Zone?

As i said , the bleed outside has to be cut. so if while cutting the machine card,cutting a few pixels inwards. That is why we write inside the safe zone.

How to design a business card print using “Photoshop”?

Now we are learn to create a business card with the help of Photoshop.Let’s Start This tutorial.

[Step 1]

                                                                                          1- Go To your Photoshop App

                                                                       2- Click left side-up File menu

                                                                       3- Then Select New

[Step 2]

                                                                                           1- Change the default “Pixels” option 

                                                                    2- Change and  Choose “inches

business card size

[Step 3]

1- Change the color mode also Because To design a print always use CMYK select CMYK color.

2- Change the width and height also, ( width =3.25 )  and  ( height = 1.75 ).

3- Then Simply Click on Create Button.

business card size

[ Step 4 ]

                                                                ♦ After click the create button this is the interface, how your PS looks like.

business card size

[ Step 5 ]

                                                                                        1- Click on ” view ” Option

                                                                            2- Then Select ” Rulers

business card size

[ Step 6 ]

                 1- Now your ruler’s is on, on the edges we will place the guide ( Drag rulers from “left← and UP ↑” site and 

place it on edges).

business card size

[ Step 7 ]

                                                                  ♦ This is how after place the rulers on edges your interface looks like.

business card size

[ Step 8 ]

                                                                                     1- Now click on “image option

                                                                                      2- Select “Canvas Size

business card size

[ step 9 ]

1- Then change the width and height.

2- Now Place the actual size of a business card size which is ( width = 3.5 inch ) and ( height = 2.0/2 inch )

3- Click “OK

business card size

[ Step 10 ]

After clicking OK ,see that it has come out a few inches.but remember that i have  given color on this side bar so that you have easy to understanding.

business card size

[ Step 11 ]

                                                ♦ Drag the ruler’s from ( Left←  and UP ↑ ) side again and place it on new edges.

business card size

[ Step 12 ]

                                                                       ♦ After place the ruler’s on edges the interface looks like this.

[ Step 13 ]

                                                                                  1- Click on “ image option

                                                                       2- Select ” Canvas Size

[ Step 14 ]

                                  1- Change the width and height size to actual bleed size ( width = 3.75 inch ) and 

                             ( height = 2.25 inches ).

                                  2- Click ” OK “.

business card size

[ Step 15 ]

  ♦  Now you are done your Business card print is ready√ with the bleed area which is protect your information from being cut.

♦  you can also send this file to any client.( Go to File and save it )

Visiting Card Size

♦If you want to Create visiting  Card in inches then i show you a demo image of it.

business card size
Business Card Size | Bleed Size-How To Create

♦ The visiting card height should be 2 inches and width 3.5 inches.

♦ If you want to create visiting card in CM ( centimeter ) then height should be ” 5.1 cm” and width ” 8.9 cm “.


♦ If you want to create a visiting card in MM ( Millimeter ) then height should be “55 mm ” and width ” 90 ” mm.

Hey guy’s if you want  a separate video on it then comment below ,i will make a video and attach that video to this can also create a well design business card with the help of ” Power point “.

What software is used to make business card design?

It is recommended that you use professional design software and typesetting software such as CORELDRAW or Montai. At present, more than 90% of professional business card shops use these software.

Remember, you must not use the POHOTSHOP software, because photoshop is a graphics image processing software, not a professional typesetting software, and all the pictures it generates are not vector, which is inconvenient to print and output film.

There are many versions of CORELDRAW software, you can ask your designers first, which version they are accustomed to using, and then you can download one online or buy a genuine one (but the price is too high.)

Is the effect of black and white photos good? The price is general?

You should have seen the effect of black and white photos in the newspaper. The effect is not bad. It’s just that the price is a little bit more expensive.

Generally, each box should be around RMB 25. A price that is too low will only correspond to lower quality.

What does the two-color commonly used mean?

The so-called two-color is black + another color. Because black is the most widely used basic color.

Why is the smallest unit generally said to be two boxes? What is the reason for this?

The profit margin of business cards is very small now, and the cost of PS version is higher. In order to reduce the cost as much as possible and obtain appropriate profits, two boxes are generally required.

Is there a price difference between more black and more white?

There is generally no difference in price. If there is too much black, it will be more troublesome when printing. Large black blocks are easy to get dirty. As long as it does not exceed 70%, there is no problem.

It is often said that each color is 5 yuan, the package does not include black?

Including, it is often said that 5 yuan per color refers to the color after adding black to black, such as red or green.

How to use single color to reflect personality in the design process?

Creative personality is in mind. Monochrome can also use drawing software to do some gradation, three-dimensional, shadow, light and other effects to make unique effects.

But the key to designing this kind of thing lies in one’s own imagination. Please refer to business card templates.

How are UV business cards made?

The UV production process is screen printing. The UV varnish is printed on the surface of the film-covered business card by screen printing, and then irradiated by the ultraviolet rays of the UV curing machine to instantly dry the varnish layer to form a bright surface bulge. To highlight the role of local graphics or patterns.

What does glued business card and film-coated business card mean?

Adhesive business cards are heated and coated with a protective layer of plastic material on the surface of the business cards.

The early laser printing of business cards was done through a laminator + plastic film. The cost is relatively high. The important thing is to increase the strength of the business card. degree.

The current four-color printed coated paper business cards are generally completed with the large laminating machine + BOPP film. BOPP film is divided into light film and dumb film.

Generally used on business cards, dumb film is used more, and the main function Is to improve the grade and feel of business cards.

Is it possible to achieve various shapes of business cards? Such as round ones?

The answer is yes, but the cost of such a business card is very high. The main reason is that this kind of business card needs to be die-cut, and there is also a link in the later die-cutting.

The cost of a box of business cards will increase by tens of yuan, and many people feel that the cost is too high and unwilling. In terms of cost and effectiveness, most people pay more attention to cost.

Are UV business cards and dumb-coated business cards the same business card?

It’s not the same. Business cards covered with matte film are usually coated paper printed by a large four-color printing machine, and then processed by a laminator, such as a light-covered film or a matte film.

The local UV business card business card is carried out on the basis of the dumb film. In other words, only business cards covered with a dumb film can produce the best UV effect. The UV production process is screen printing.

The UV varnish is printed on the surface of the business card covered with the film by screen printing, and then irradiated by the ultraviolet rays of the UV curing machine to instantly dry the varnish layer to form a bright surface protrusion. To highlight the role of local graphics or patterns.

What kinds of business cards are there for “composite film”?

Peritoneal business cards are divided into sub-film and light film, and now there are oiled business cards, sub-oil and varnish.

The above two processes are generally completed on coated paper. Business cards without film are mainly different in paper and printing.

Who invented the business card?

The first appearance of business cards began in feudal society. During the Warring States Period, China began to form a centralized country. With the use of ironware and other advanced production tools, the economy also developed, which led to cultural development.

Confucianism represented by Confucius and other schools formed a scene of contention between a hundred schools of thought.

All countries are committed to expanding their territories, supporting and spreading their own culture, and a large number of emerging nobles have appeared in the war.

In particular, Emperor Qin Shihuang unified China and initiated a great reform, unified the national writing system, and entrusted the princes and kings. Xianyang has become the center of China.

The princes and kings of all walks of life will go to Beijing to report on their duties at regular intervals.

In order to get closer to the court authorities, the princes and kings are inevitable to have frequent contact with the people in power.

The name “Ye“. The so-called “Ye” means that the visitor writes the name and other introduction text on bamboo or wood chips (paper was not invented at that time), which serves as a meeting and introduction document for the interviewee, which is now a business card.

Can two company names be printed on one business card?

I set up two companies this year, one for interior design and the other for cultural media. When I design business cards, I put both companies on the business cards.

The title is the boss of the two companies. What will happen in this way? Is
n’t it right? It’s not wrong. In fact, many people also print this way.

But it should be noted that when designing this kind of business card, because there are two companies and titles, it is necessary to distinguish the priority and do not let others assign the title. Confused.

In other words, the title should be placed after the company name, not after the person’s name. However, the most ideal design is to design the business card to be double-sided, one side is the detailed information of company A, and the other side is the detailed information of company B.

What is overprinting? How does the business card overprint work? Ask how the different names work? What kind of craft is this?

Register printing is developed on the basis of monochrome engraving, and it is also a major contribution of the Chinese people to the history of printing in the world. Printing text or images in different colors on a plate is called multi-color overprinting.

There are two types of this type of overprinting in ancient times. One is to engrave each color separately, and then overprint each color.

The other is to print different colors on one plate at a time. Multi-color overprinting originated in the Song Dynasty and was used for overprinting banknotes.

In the Yuan Dynasty, the Zhumo overprint of books appeared. In the Ming Dynasty, there were books with two-color or even four-color overprinting. The color printing, which can print gradation levels, started around the middle of the Ming Dynasty.

The principle is to engrave the colors in the original manuscript into printing plates with different shades, and then overprint the colors one by one, and finally complete the color prints that are similar to the original.

With the development of multi-color overprinting technology and the budding of color printing, multi-color overprinting originated from multi-color printing in fabric printing and dyeing in the Western Han Dynasty.

The multi-color overprinting of books is related to hand-copied multi-color books

How much is a box of color business cards?

The price of color business cards varies from place to place, ranging from 10-30 yuan. It depends mainly on your business card process requirements.

What elements should be paid attention to in business card design?

Business card making software choice: The current business card design mainly uses CORELDRAW. You can also draw the business card design by hand first, but after all, you have to use a computer to typeset, fix the color, fix the font, and fix the size.

There are special business card typesetting software on the market for making business cards. At the same time, you can also use other popular office software to design.

Content selection: To design a business card, you must first determine the content of the business card: the content of the business card is mainly divided into text and graphics.

The text content mainly includes: the name, title, job title, work unit, contact address and contact information of the business card printer; sometimes you You also need to list your products or services, your receiving account and the bank that opened the account;

if necessary, you must also print a detailed map of your company’s location, and the company’s motto; the graphics content mainly includes pictures, trademarks, lines, and bottoms. Pattern.

Business card layout: After all the content is selected, you have to arrange them to form a business card frame. You can use the horizontal format to rank the films, and you can also use the vertical format and the folding card format.

You use your own understanding of the content of the business card to organically arrange and combine text, pictures, logos, color blocks, and graphics, and finally form a business card in the computer.

Modification of business cards: Font selection and color selection are the main modifiers for business cards.Changing fonts the main way design business cards.

There are many texts on the business card, and the content is not necessarily related, so it can be arranged in a scattered manner.

The font of each content can use different fonts, different font sizes, special treatment of fonts, and different font colors; for business cards You can use photos or color blocks to match the colors of text and trademarks to make business cards more beautiful.

But the color choice of the business card determines the price of the business card. If you only choose two-color printing, you can only choose two of the three primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and black for matching regardless of whether you are printing photos or color blocks; you choose three colors For printing, you should choose a larger range to print color pictures; if you want your printed colors to be fuller, you’d better choose four-color printing.

Choosing four-color printing does not mean that you can choose pictures as you want. Due to the small size and poor accuracy of business card offset presses, the printing quality cannot be compared with large offset presses.

When designing, you can only choose pictures with larger areas and low accuracy requirements.

Proofreading and revision: After the business card is designed, you have to print it out for proofreading and revision. The layout and text in the computer are best output first, if you are not satisfied, you can modify it.

If you are satisfied with the designed business card, you can complete the design and output the film or sulfuric acid paper for printing.

What details should be paid attention to when making business cards with coreldraw?

The size of the business card is generally 90X54MM, some according to customer requirements. The font of the contact information is generally easy for people to see clearly.

When I used to do it, I usually used boldface and square boldface in Chinese, and English started with Ai…and Times. The business card is not too complicated, don’t put all hopes on the business card, the whole looks good, just coordinate!

Do business cards that are designed according to the business card size need to be cut?

If you use an offset printing business card machine, it is specially sold with 90*55 business card paper, so there is no need to cut it.

What file format is generally used for business cards?

Vector files are generally used for business cards, coreldraw and illustrator are the best. After printing, the vector files do not need to set pixels, just send the finished files to the business card maker or printing factory.

I don’t know if there is a triangular business card.

Can it be printed if it is designed?

After so many years of designing, I haven’t seen a triangle-shaped business card. I have seen other shapes. If it is designed, it can of course be printed!

In this society, as long as it has money, it can print anything, but it will be more expensive, and not everyone is willing to take this troublesome job.

Can the name on the business card be written by hand?

I’m still working in the company during the trial period, but I need business cards in various manners.

The company stipulates that non-registrants are not allowed to print business cards, so they can only write their own names on the printed business cards. Is this appropriate?

Do you not understand? Yes, a large company only prints the company’s introduction, and whoever uses the phone number and contact person to write it down. If this person quits, it will not cause a waste of business cards.

Does the business card printing have to have vector graphics for film production?

I designed a business card with a gradation effect on the LOGO. I took it to the store and said that I want to produce a film.

I need a vector illustration of the LOGO, but the color of the vector I made is a bit biased, so I asked the boss if it can produce the same with bitmap The effect, as long as the error is not too big, the boss said yes.

So he gave him the bitmap. After the film was out, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the film. But the day the finished product came out, I was dumbfounded. The color of the LOGO was completely wrong.

The gradual distortion is extremely serious… depressed… Is it necessary to have a vector image for the film to produce the gradual effect…

Color distortion is a common problem, because the color principle RGB used by the monitor is different from the CYMK of the printer.

The CMYK system is only close to the largest extent possible on large offset printing and coated paper, and business cards are rarely printed on large offset printing machines and coated paper is rarely used. And the paper, imaging principle, ink properties, precision, etc. are completely different from the sample image, and the color will of course be different.

In addition, the business card printing is manual toning, each time there will be a small amount of color difference.

Generally speaking, the color part of the business card will be biased to the color of the paper for which color paper is selected, especially when the color close to the color of the paper is printed on colored paper, the effect will become inconspicuous.

In addition, the color of the inkjet printer itself is distorted. It has nothing to do with vector graphics. It is recommended to provide the existing business card print colors as color samples in the store, or to supervise on-site printing.

What is a spot color business card? What is a monochrome business card?

For the non-standard spot color set in the design, the printing factory may not accurately allocate it, and the accurate color cannot be seen on the screen, so if it is not for special needs, do not lightly use the spot color defined by yourself. The characteristic accuracy of spot colors.

Each color register has its own fixed hue, so it can ensure the accuracy of the color in printing, thereby largely solving the problem of color transfer accuracy; spot colors generally use solid colors to define colors, regardless of this How light is this color. Of course, the spot color can also be screened (Tint) to present any shades of the spot color; opacity.

Spot color ink is a kind of covering ink, it is opaque and can be covered on the spot; it shows wide color gamut.

The color gamut in the spot color library is very wide, exceeding the performance gamut of RGB, not to mention the CMYK color space.

Therefore, a large part of the colors cannot be presented with CMYK four-color printing inks. In color dot printing, the characteristics of spot color inks are often used to select and use them.

What is a four-color business card? What is a color business card?

Four colors are not necessarily called four colors. Four colors means that one color is composed of CMYK four-color overprinting.

What should I pay attention to when making business cards?

Front side: Character name, position, contact information, unit address and name, unit logo
Reverse side: Business scope or front English translation As for the layout, there are some designs in the business card shop, which is optional

How many business cards are in a box?

A box of business cards is one hundred.

What does it mean to leave a few millimeters in the size of the business card for bleeding?

If you make a 90*54mm business card, you need to leave 2mm. Should you enlarge each side of the business card to a blank size of 2mm or enlarge the image to the required size?

Professionally speaking, it is “leaving bleeding“. The standard printing is to leave 3 mm. After the bleeding is left, the printed matter will not appear blank due to the cutting edge of the cutter when it is cut.

So the 3mm left here means that the entire document is enlarged by 3mm, not a 3mm blank. It should be easy to understand this way.

It is best to enlarge the image of the file by 3 mm, and the file is still controlled within the standard size of 90*54, because the image cropping more and less does not affect the effect. And if it is text, this 3 mm may be cut off by half of the text.

What paper is the best for printing business cards?

There is no law, it depends on the requirements. Spot-color business cards generally use Dutch white paper, and special business card paper is sold. Color business cards generally use 250G coated paper or matte paper.

What are the English words for business cards?

Generally, card or business card is commonly used, and calling card or name card can also be used. The subtle difference between them is understood as follows: card means very general as long as cards and business cards can be used.

A bussiness card is a business card. To highlight a “call” in the calling card, the contact method must be emphasized. The name card highlights a “name” to emphasize the name.

What is the price of recycled paper business cards?

Including the processing fee, in china it’s about 30 yuan. The price of ordinary coated paper and white cardboard is about 30-50 yuan. Recycled paper. The price of ordinary coated paper and white cardboard is about the same, depending on which store is black or not.

How long does it take to print a box of business cards?

Color business cards need to be printed in large plates, which takes about two days. Spot color business cards (special business card machine) have their own film printed in the past about 30 minutes, depending on which store is busy or not.

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