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Car insurance is a reliable way to avoid financial losses in the event of theft, damage to the car and damage to property and health of third parties. Car insurance renewal is a must for every vehicle owner.

Car insurance Renewal: According to the rules, OSAGO contract is concluded for 1 year, after which it must be renewed. In the extended contract, the insurance period is the same, twelve months.

The price for MTPL renewal in most cases is calculated taking into account the reduction factor if the driver did not have an accident in the previous year. From July 1, 2015, the prolongation of the OSAGO agreement can be issued via the Internet.

List of required documents

If you are applying for a car insurance policy for the first time, then you need to prepare the following set of documents and submit it to the insurance company:

  • passport of the person who is going to conclude an insurance contract (insured);
  • a driver’s license, or a temporary certificate for the right to drive the vehicle of persons admitted to drive;
  • for legal persons: certificate of registration of a legal entity issued by authorized bodies;
  • for physical persons – an individual entrepreneur: a relevant certificate of registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur;
  • vehicle passport, certificate of registration;
  • a vehicle lease agreement or other documents that make it possible to confirm the policyholder’s interest in keeping the vehicle in a situation where it is necessary to conclude an insurance agreement not in favor of the car owner;
  • a sales contract or a certificate-invoice, which confirms the cost of the vehicle, the fact of purchasing the vehicle and various additional items. equipment (if any), as well as documents confirming its installation;
  • if the vehicle was purchased on credit or is pledged, an appropriate agreement (credit, pledge) is needed;
  • documents that confirm the purchase and installation of various protective devices and systems (for example, alarms), and / or an agreement for the installation and maintenance of a radio search / satellite system (provided that they are installed on the car);
  • diagnostic card (if necessary).

If you need to extend the policy (prolongation), you need to prepare the following package of documents:

  • passport of the person who concluded the insurance contract (insured);
  • a driver’s license, or a temporary certificate for the right to drive the vehicle of persons admitted to drive;
  • vehicle passport, certificate of registration;
  • vehicle lease agreement or other documents that confirm the policyholder’s interest in keeping the vehicle in a situation where it is necessary to conclude an insurance agreement not in favor of the car owner.

If copies of the documents are already available in the insurance company, then they do not need to be resubmitted. Exceptions: the original passport of the person who entered into the contract (the insured), a certificate of registration of a legal entity. persons/individuals individuals as IP.

If the CASCO policy is extended under unchanged insurance conditions, then the cost is influenced by factors such as the presence of insured events under the previous policy and their number.

Can a used car be insured?

Can. Under the OSAGO program, a car of any age is insured. For insurance under the CASCO program, cars are accepted, the maximum possible age of which is 9 years. All details can be clarified directly at the office of the insurance company “Consent” or by phone 8 900 555-11-55 – the consultants of the Unified Contact Center will help you.

What should I do if I need to make any changes to my insurance policy?

It is necessary to submit an application for data change (at the company’s office).

How can I change the number of drivers indicated in the policy?

It is necessary to apply for a change in the list of persons who are allowed to drive the vehicle (at the company’s office).

Extending OSAGO insurance via the Internet (personal account)

In order to apply for an electronic renewal of the OSAGO policy, follow a few simple steps.

  1. Register on the site and indicate the OSAGO policy.
  2. Go to the “Policies” section: the current insurance policy will be displayed in the list, and next to it – the “Buy E-OSAGO” button. The renewal takes place under the terms of the previous contract; there is no possibility to change the terms of the contract online.
  3. Wait for the data verification in the PCA, after which you will receive a message on the e-mail specified during registration about the possibility of extending the electronic OSAGO policy online, and with it an application to fill out.
  4. Go to your personal account, where you will see the cost of the service. Next to the current policy, click on the “Pay E-OSAGO” button, select the payment method and complete the purchase.

After successful registration of payment, you will receive an electronic policy on your email specified during registration.

Why extend OSAGO?

According to RAMI Director Yevgeny Ufimtsev, Russian car owners have the opportunity to renew compulsory insurance policies online with 22 major insurance service providers operating in the country. 

Work with the new online service became available from July 1, 2015, after a number of amendments to the current law “On OSAGO” came into force, according to which domestic companies acquired the right to sell policies in electronic format.

Advance renewal of OSAGO will help the car owner save a lot of time and money. The main thing is not to forget about the current restriction. Renewal is possible no earlier than two calendar months before the expiration of the old policy. 

But the best part is that today the prolongation does not require a burdensome visit to the UK office. The procedure is implemented on the World Wide Web, so you can slowly forget about the queues.

To successfully complete the prolongation, it is enough to fill out an interactive application and pay for the new policy online in a convenient way for you. A minimum set of documents is required. It is enough to know the number of the current OSAGO, as well as the number and series of the insured’s passport.

When is it necessary to renew the policy?

You can renew the OSAGO insurance policy via the Internet no earlier than two months before the expiration of the previously issued policy . The standard validity of a new document is 1 year. It is allowed to issue a policy for a certain period of use of the vehicle, for example, 3 or 6 months.

In other words, all the same rules apply as when obtaining a new mandatory auto insurance. Driving a vehicle without a timely renewed policy turns into administrative liability.

How do I know that the OSAGO policy is expiring?

We will send you an e-mail and SMS with a reminder one month before the expiration of the OSAGO. They will contain a link to renew the policy – follow it. After authorization, all your data will be filled in automatically, and you will only have to confirm them and pay for the policy for a new period.

How many days before the end of the policy can it be renewed?

CMTPL extension is possible up to 60 days before the start of the insurance period. When applying for OSAGO, you yourself determine the specific day when the policy comes into force.So that you do not forget to issue a new policy, we will remind you a month before the end of the old one.

How to extend the OSAGO policy?

When your OSAGO expires, a button for renewing the policy will appear in the Tinkoff application and in your personal account on in the insurance section.

Under what conditions can the policy be renewed?

You can issue an OSAGO policy for a new term on the same terms as the Tinkoff Insurance policy that you bought a year earlier. You can always make a policy on other conditions – for example, include new drivers or choose other periods of use.

If you do not change the conditions, you can renew your car insurance via the Internet in just a couple of clicks.

How and when will I receive a new policy?

The new OSAGO policy will be sent to your email, will appear in the Tinkoff app and in your personal account immediately after payment, but it will only take effect on the date you specified.

Is it possible to set up automatic OSAGO renewal?

No, it will not be possible to make a fully automatic renewal of the policy: the legislation that controls OSAGO insurance does not provide for the possibility of renewal.

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