Cervical cancer Treatment & Symptoms

cervical cancer treatment


World Cancer Day is going to be celebrated in 4th February, so this is a special presentation on the causes of cervical cancer and its prevention.Avoiding cancer is one of the most common causes of anxiety. Many patients, fearing this abnormal change in their diseased body, do not say anything to anyone in fear, nor do they consult a doctor.


So the disease cannot be identified and treated at an early stage. As a result, in most cases, the patient pass away if treated in the final stages.


Which Cancer is Highest in India?

Breast cancer rates are more prevalent in developing countries, while in developing countries like India, the number of cervical cancers or cervical cancer is higher.


What you should know about cervical cancer?

In India, it is the fourth most common cause of cervical cancer in India. About 90 percent of women with cancer Sadly, in India, a woman pass away of cervical cancer every 7 minutes. 

One million new patients are admitted each year. More than 90 percent of these patients are diagnosed in the third and fourth stages of the disease, and most women are on the verge of end. 


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World Cancer Day


Therefore, early detection and treatment of the disease are essential.


What age group is most at risk for cervical cancer?

According to the annual report of 12 cancer centers across the world, the age range for cervical cancer is between 40 and 70 years. It is also found in some people under the age of 40, which is even more dangerous.With early diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, 92% of patients recover. Regular screening of the disease can diagnose, treat, and treat the disease from an early stage.


Who is most at risk ? Cervical Cancer

The disease is most common in early marriage and the birth of many children. In addition, if the woman has intercourse with many men, and if the man’s first wife pass away of cervical cancer. the woman has cervical cancer.


Women living with HIV, women who are on contraceptive pills, and those who smoke are more likely to be infected. The virus is caused by sexually transmitted infections, such as the human papillomavirus and the Hormones virus type II.




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How do you know if you have cancer in your body?

From the earliest stages, it attacks the body, one after the other, with sika and arteries.Gynecologists can diagnose and treat uterine cancer by examining it with a machine and examining the juice and flesh of the uterus.


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World Cancer Day


What are the Early signs of cancer?

White discharge for a long period of time, or white discharge with a foul odor, bleeding after the husband and wife have been together, bleeding between two menstrual periods, pain in the lower abdomen and hips, swelling of the legs, diarrhea, constipation, frequent diarrhea, constipation, and frequent urination. 


 It simply came to our notice then;If symptoms such as pain in the urethra are present, it is important to consult a gynecologist immediately to correct the.


Although every woman over the age of 35 has no symptoms, she needs to have her own sin at least once a year. In the presence of the above symptoms, many patients are usually treated in the village and treated with the drug.


However, between 15 and 20 percent of women who come in for timely diagnosis and treatment, and 80 percent of women who recover from surgery and treatment, recover.

cervical cancer treatment

When should i get checked for cancer?


Many people think that cervical cancer can be prevented by vaccination. However, any woman between the ages of 20 and 30 should do so at least once a year.


If a woman has this test normal, they should have it tested at least once every 3 to 4 years after 30 years, and the human papilloma virus is known as HPV. DNS testing is required.


Women who undergo organ transplants or take medication for cancer or are infected with HIV. If they are suffering from it, they should take this test every year.


People over the age of 70 who have had the test negative for the past 10 years or who do not have hereditary cervical cancer and if they are HIV positive They may not be able to take the test if they are not infected. Those who have had their uterus removed for cancer need to be tested.




What should you remember Before you go for checked for cancer?

Before the test you should remember this things.The test should be performed after menstruation. Also, do not have intercourse 2 days before the test. No tampons or creams should be used.


This test makes it possible to diagnose cervical cancer. If the papillary test is suspicious, it is 3 to 4 months. In the meantime, the test may be repeated.


The uterus should be removed if the results of the test are suspicious, or if there are any suspicious cells outside the test and the woman is over 40 years of age.


What are the prevention measures of cancer?


Proper literacy of women and screening of papules in urban and slum areas will help prevent this. Preventing girls from marrying at an early age and preventing pregnancy at an early age, using condoms during sexual intercourse, restricting families to insecurity, keeping oneself clean from unhealthy environments, and keeping STD clean. (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and other diseases need to be treated; as soon as possible In addition gynecologists ;need to remove the uterus while removing the uterus.


Prevention measures in the second stage


Down staging screening is a gynecological examination performed by a gynecologist and its diagnosis and treatment at an early stage. 


In addition, many high-risk patients coming to the urban, suburban, slum, and gynecology departments of the book will be able to live life-free for many years if they can be tested for papillomas and treated in the early stages of the disease.


This cancer can be completely prevented, so only awareness is needed. A vaccine has also been developed for this.


Can HPV vaccine prevent recurrence?


It should be given to teenage girls. It is given to women between the ages of 12 and 16 or 18-25 years. This vaccine is very beneficial. Where the bivalent vaccine (HPV type 16 type 18) and the  bivalent are broken which is the HPV vaccine. Works against types 16, 18 and 4, 11.It is 90 percent uterine Prevents cancer. So the vaccine is also H. P. V. protects 31, 33 and 45. This is for girls 9 to 13 years old. Can be given at school.

cervical cancer treatment

According to the World Health Organization’s guidelines, girls under the age of 15 should be vaccinated within 6 months and given in 3 doses (0, 1-2, 3 months) under the age of 15 years.


Most importantly, literacy and awareness can help a woman to become a doctor; if she wants to, and to protect the entire family; as well as an indestructible shield of health.  So let’s build a uterine cancer-free society and get rid of cancer and get rid of cancer.

This knowledge is by Gynecological Specialist

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