Change old cloths into new cloths,no need to lose your beloved clothes

The current epidemic is still going on. Although online shopping is very convenient, you can’t try on clothes. You have to buy your favorite cloths in the right style and size.

Clothes are not easy tasks, and more often it depends on luck. Therefore, even if your beloved clothing is slightly flawed or accidentally stained, you must find a way to repair it instead of getting rid of it easily. 

It’s not bad to take time and patience to maintain and repair old clothes, and save the money you save for shopping after the epidemic.

Change old Cloths into New Cloths

According to research and investigations, 300,000 tons of cloths are discarded every year in the UK, which is a huge resource.

Therefore, if old clothes can be repaired and the service life of beloved clothes can be prolonged, it will also save resources and contribute to environmental protection

Here are a few suggestions for clothing maintenance techniques and repair methods, from a yellowed white T-shirt to a stuck zipper, you might as well try it boldly to see if you can “save” our beloved clothing.

The hydrogen peroxide produced by adding sodium percarbonate powder to water can remove stains and stubborn dirt on     clothes.

Yellowed T-shirt

For the treatment of yellowing sympathetic shirts, sodium percarbonate (sodium percarbonate) commonly known as solid hydrogen peroxide is the first choice.

The hydrogen peroxide produced by adding water to sodium percarbonate powder can remove stains and stubborn dirt on clothes. 

The advantage is that it is not corrosive and harmless to the human body. It is not only suitable for pure white T-shirts, but also available in different designs.

Specifically, washable cotton, linen, and chemical fiber clothing can be used. It is suitable for bleaching the whole clothes, and can handle yellowing or blackening. It can also remove stains left by juice, red wine, coffee, cola and tea.

The amount of soaking clothes is about 2 liters of water with 10 grams. The length of soaking time depends on the condition of the cloths. Generally, it takes half an hour if it is not serious.

If you are not sure whether the cloths are suitable for use, you can dip the sodium percarbonate solution on the leftovers on the inside of the clothes. If the color does not change after 5-6 minutes, you can use it with confidence.

However, please note that cloths such as wool, silk and rayon are not suitable for use. Also, the soaking water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. If you feel hot, the water temperature is at least 45 degrees.

In addition, sodium percarbonate is an oxygen-based bleaching agent and cannot be mixed with cleaning agents such as chlorine-based bleach.

                                           After applying foundation and lipstick, wipe it off with a make-up remover first.

Put on foundation and lipstick

Don’t rinse everything with water first, the same goes for foundation and lipstick. Wipe with a cleansing towel first, wipe off the ones that can be wiped first, if not, find a cleansing liquid as soon as possible.

What kind of cleaning fluid is appropriate? If you have makeup remover, use makeup remover first. After applying it, gently press it with a cotton pad to absorb dirt.

If you use dish washing liquid, first wipe it on the contaminated clothing, wait patiently for 5-10 minutes before washing. .

If you have baking soda or puff sponge cleaner at home , you can use it. Pay attention to the material of the clothes when using it.

Don’t use a brush if it is easy to fluff the ball , otherwise the cleaning problem has not been solved, and the problem of fluffing should be considered. To avoid making mistakes, it is better to rub gently with your hands.

                                                   When the zipper does not move, apply petroleum jelly to the zipper.

Zipper stuck

If you feel that the zipper cannot be pulled, you must deal with it as soon as possible, rather than “pull it hard“, otherwise it will be really troublesome to pull the zipper or damage the fabric.

The zipper jam is actually very convenient to handle, and the materials used are definitely available at home, such as soap, olive oil, pencils, etc. 

The refill of the pencil is made of graphite. Graphite has a lubricating effect. Rub the tip of the pencil on the zipper, but be careful not to get it on the clothes.

Vaseline and candles also work well, and they are more recommended. Be careful when using it. Apply it to the zipper instead of clothes. You can use a cotton swab to apply it to the zipper. It is best to close the zipper when washing to avoid damage.

                                                   Use a suede raw rubber brush to clean dry dust and repair traces.

Maintain suede clothing

Suede short plush has a texture, but it is not easy to care for. If you can equip it with matching tools, you will get twice the result with half the effort. 

In short, use a suede special brush for stains, and a suede raw rubber brush for dry dust and repair marks.

It should be noted that only stubborn stains need to use a special brush for suede. After the suede is completely dry, brush in the same direction until the final color is even. 

Whether it is a suede special brush or a suede raw rubber brush, do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the leather.

If there are water stains on the suede, moisten it with a clean cloth and gently wipe and press the water stain. After the water stain disappears, dry it in the shade, and then use a special brush for suede to restore the texture.

hair removal machine
                                                    Use a hair removal ball machine to gently scrape off the hair balls.

Clothes fluff

Once the clothes have fluffy balls, they look like old clothes. I am embarrassed to wear them out, but it is a pity to throw them away. 

In the past, I would pluck the hair balls one by one by hand, or stick the hair balls with tape, but if it is a sweater, more fibers will be broken. It is best to flatten the sweater and use a special hair removal machine for sweaters (fabric shaver). gently shave off the hair balls.

If you don’t have a hair removal ball machine, you can gently cut the hair ball with small scissors.

When washing knitted clothes in a washing machine, use soft washing mode or delicate clothes washing mode to avoid continuous stirring and friction of clothes in the drum. 

Do not use softeners for clothes, otherwise it will soften the fibers, and the clothes will become looser and more prone to pilling.


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