Chucky Season 2 Waiting for the Release Date

Some adventures just can’t end quickly. This happened with a recently presented horror project, fans of which are already asking when season 2 of the series about a killer doll nicknamed Chucky will be released. We have a story to tell on this score, so join us, otherwise skip all the fun.

But first, we will try to find out the release date of season 2 of the series “Chucky“, which has not yet been named, but we assume that the premiere of the new series should be expected in the fall of 2022 ! 

He will keep on killing

Chucky” is a serial version of the popular story of a killer doll, which has been presented to the public several times in the form of feature films. But this time, the fans of the creepy toy had a lot to find out who Chucky is and why he began to kill, having possessed a doll.

The events in the series begin banally – the main character, a young schoolboy Jake Wheeler, buys a strange doll at a garage sale. At home, he discovers that the doll can talk, and without batteries. 

But Chucky’s talkativeness is far from the only difficulty. More dangerous is his urge to kill even for the smallest offenses . From now on, here he decides who will live and who will die.

After a couple of episodes, the boy loses his father and classmate. But this is just the beginning – Chucky intends to kill, and at the same time tell how it happened that he became a dangerous, ruthless and sophisticated criminal.

There is still a lot to tell in this story, so the bosses decided to renew the Chucky TV series for a second season. The release date for the new series has not yet been announced, but we assume that it will take place in the fall of 2022. 

The decision did not come as a surprise – the show has good ratings and was able to attract both fans of the original film series and new viewers. 

The latter became possible thanks to the plot, which, although it refers us to past projects, is self-sufficient and will be understandable even to the viewer who simply “passed by”.

The news that the release date of the continuation will be, the creators reported with the involvement of the main character. Chucky asked fans to be on guard and look around, because already in 2022 he will return to the screens, and who knows who the doll will choose as a victim this time.


Probably, there is no need to remind you that the release dates of the new season 2 episodes about the bloodthirsty “Chucky” can be found at the end of the article, but it will not be superfluous to recall the names of the key performers and creators.

Chucky season 2
Chucky season 2

The key roles in the first part were played by Zachary Arthur, Björgvin Arnarson, Alivia Aline Lind. 4 actors are honored to incarnate Chucky – they portray him in different periods of the narrative. 

As a child, he looks like David Colesmith, as a teenager, like Tyler Barish, and in the tumultuous 80s, like Fiona Dourif. The main actor embodying the character is Brad Dourif . They will probably all return to their roles in new episodes.

We will find out the exact information as we approach the premiere, but for now we are waiting for Chucky to announce the release date of season 2 and enjoy the episodes that have already been released. And be carefulhe is very cunning and resourceful .

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries namePremiere dates
2 × 0112 October 2022 the year
2 × 02October 19 , 2022
2 × 03October 26 , 2022
2 × 04November 2 , 2022
2 × 05November 9 , 2022
2 × 06November 16 , 2022
2 × 07November 23 , 2022
2 × 08November 30 , 2022


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