How To Clean Carpet Area? Home Lifestyle Common Misunderstandings


How To Clean Carpet Area?

Using carpet at home is really beneficial! It can not only decorate the environment and convey personal style, but also has multiple functions such as noise reduction, warmth, anti-skid, and dust reduction, which can greatly increase the comfort of home in winter.

  • There are many tips for cleaning carpets. In fact, many of these techniques will make the situation worse.

Although the carpets is easy to use, because there are quite a lot of fluff on the surface, it is easy to hide dirt.

Therefore, it is very important to clean the carpets regularly , and there are many tips for cleaning the carpets.

In fact, many of these techniques cannot achieve the cleaning effect, but will make the situation worse. We have compiled 8 Ge clean carpets, must avoid the wrong way, the next time you clean the carpet, be sure to avoid Oh!

Mistake no.1 : Frequent vacuuming will wear down the carpet

Vacuuming regularly can prevent the dirt from being trampled on repeatedly, deep into the fluff and become stubborn dirt.

Many people think that frequent vacuuming will wear down the carpets, but this is actually incorrect. In fact, regular vacuuming can remove the dust and dirt sticking to the carpet, and can prevent these dirt from being stepped on repeatedly and deep into the fluff to become stubborn dirt. If you are very busy, it is recommended that you smoke the carpets at least once a week. If there are guests visiting, you can increase the number of cleanings. For those who have free time, we recommend that you smoke carpets every day.(carpet area)

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Mistake no.2 : White wine can remove red wine stains

Mistake no.2 : White wine can remove red wine stains

White wine can remove red wine stains” is a long-lived saying. There are also Youtubers on the Internet shooting videos to test the actual effect, but the result is a “pink” carpet!

In fact, to remove red wine stains, you don’t need expensive white wine. First use kitchen paper towels to thoroughly soak up the red wine sprinkled on the carpets, then pour a little baking soda or carbonated water onto the wine stains, and then use paper towels to soak dry, repeat several times.

But pay special attention, do not wipe back and forth when using a paper towel to soak dry, so as not to deform the fiber of the carpets.

Wait until the red wine stains look blurry, then clean it with carpets cleaner. You can clean the carpets by referring to the instructions on the manual, but remember not to wipe it hard to avoid damage to the carpet.

Mistake no.3 : The dirt on the carpet can be removed with water

We are accustomed to holding a rag to wipe the soiled areas, but this habit is not suitable for carpets at all, because water can easily spread the stains even more, and even let the stains penetrate deep into the carpet.

If you spill liquid on the carpets, remember to use a kitchen paper towel to dry it before using carpets cleaner. For people with children or pets, remember to stock a special carpets cleaner at home, because you may use it often.

Mistake no.4 : Using steam cleaning will damage the carpet

Because steam mops use high temperature cleaning, many people worry that cleaning carpets with steam will damage the carpet fibers.

In fact, as long as the temperature is well controlled, steam cleaning is a very good practice. Professional carpets cleaning companies often use steam cleaning.

Mistake no.5 : You can use bleach on the carpet

Not all carpets can be bleached with bleach. Bleaching wool carpets with bleach may cause light spots on the carpets, which is not worth the loss!

If you are unable to determine the material of the carpets in your home, it is recommended that you do a test before using the bleach.

You can use an old toothbrush with a little bleach on a small corner of the carpets, brush it on the carpet, and observe whether the carpet has faded.

Mistake 6 : The new carpet does not need to be cleaned

Before you take your new carpets home, it has been in the factory, warehouse, and shop for a long time!

On the surface, the carpet may not look particularly dirty, but in fact, even a newly purchased carpet will be stained with a lot of dust.

It is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet after you take it home.

Mistake no.7 : Hairspray can remove ink marks

Ink marks on the carpet are the most annoying, but don’t try to use hair spray to solve the annoying ink marks, because doing so may make the carpets situation worse!

We are not sure how this rumor came about, but spraying hairspray on the carpets is absolutely wrong. It will not only damage the carpet fibers, but also stick more dust.

Mistake no.8 : Carpet cleaners can make carpet moldy

This misunderstanding occurs because many people feel that as long as the carpets becomes damp, it may become moldy.

But in fact, as long as you follow the instructions for using the carpet cleaner, and after cleaning, allow enough time for the carpets to dry, and don’t arbitrarily place furniture on the carpet, then there will be no problems.(home lifestyle)


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