Complete Children’s Health: Make Your Child Healthy Mentally & Physically

The epidemic has been repeated and the school has been closed for many months. The children think that the new school year in September will be back on track and return to school.(Complete Children’s Health) Now they can only “start school online“. A full return to normal life seems to be indefinitely. Faced with this situation, The child may feel impatient. 

The International Children’s Training Club has always attached importance to the growth and health of children, sharing with parents to help children adjust their mental, physical and spiritual aspects during the epidemic, and live through this different life safely.

How to take care of children’s mental health during the epidemic ?(Complete Children’s Health)

Complete Children's Health

1. Exercise regularly to maintain good health

During the anti-epidemic period, staying at home for a long time reduced physical activity and unconsciously ate too much. Therefore, parents can help their children plan their schedules, and divide a specific time every day to do some stretching or chiropractic, which will help keep the body healthy, relieve stress positively, and keep the mind flexible, which is also helpful for regaining learning.

2. Learn to relax and keep your mood calm

Faced with fluctuating epidemic changes and various unknowns, it is inevitable that the mood will be affected. Parents can help children learn to regulate their own moods and encourage children to express their feelings and thoughts in words or pictures when encountering various negative emotions. 

Parents can also invite their children to perform relaxation exercises together to maintain a calm mood and optimistic thinking, and let the children understand that there are always challenges in life, and when they overcome challenges, they will grow up.

3. Maintain good interpersonal relationships through technology

When classes are closed, many schools use online platforms for classes, and students will be very excited when they meet on the screen. Although they could not meet face to face, they still cherish the opportunity to meet each other through technology. 

Therefore, in addition to learning through science and technology or playing games, parents can also arrange online networking opportunities for their children, so that children can maintain a certain level of communication with their peers and maintain friendship.

4. Use art to enrich the mind

Complete Children's Health

Art activities are popular among young children and school-age children. They not only promote brain development, but also help express emotions. During the suspension of the epidemic, children can express their experiences and ideas at home through painting or handicrafts, and express emotions that are difficult to declare through creation. Parents can also play melodious music as a background to create a comfortable environment and add a sense of relaxation.

During the epidemic, both parents and children must wash their hands frequently, wear masks when going in and out, remember to touch the surrounding environment, and maintain a regular life in order to strengthen the parent-child relationship through physical and mental health.(Complete Children’s Health)

3 Things for choose Healthy food for your children’s

Things for choose Healthy food for your children's

If you are worried about your child’s growth, buy calcium tablets + vitamin D, if you are afraid that your child will have poor eyesight when reading, buy lutein, if you want to avoid nutritional imbalance, buy a multivitamin, or if you want to improve your child’s gastrointestinal function and buy probiotics , is this situation? looks familiar?

Do you often buy health food to chase your children to eat? What should I pay attention to before supplementing health foods for children?

Tonic for more health?(Complete Children’s Health) 3 major considerations for supplementary health products

Tonic for more health?(Complete Children's Health) 3 major considerations for supplementary health products

1. Are the ingredient sources and manufacturing of health care products safe?

The annual market size of health foods is hundreds of billions, but the quality is uneven. Please keep your eyes open before choosing. If there are health foods reviewed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare or the SNQ national quality label, it is more guaranteed. However, there are currently no applications for children’s health foods. many.

In addition to choosing a big brand, you should also pay attention to the manufacturer, and give priority to products manufactured by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical factories, so that the manufacturing process of the product is an extra layer of control.

2. Is the dose easily too high?

Tonic for more health?(Complete Children's Health) 3 major considerations for supplementary health products

All nutrients are not the more the better! If the child usually eats a balanced diet and eats too high a dose of health products, or supplements with health foods containing the same nutrients at the same time, or like many health foods for children nowadays, they will be made into chewing tablets or gums that look like candies.

It’s easy to make up for one bite after another. If long-term supplementation exceeds the “upper limit”, not only will there be no way to benefit your health, it may also cause irreversible side effects and increase the body’s burden.

The upper limit of intake of common nutrients (see reference materials for details):

  • Calcium: 2500 mg
  • Vitamin D: 50 micrograms
  • Vitamin C: 2000 mg (over 19 years old)

3. Do you add too many additives?

Especially in the “children” health and nutrition market, many manufacturers attract children with good taste or color and shape, hoping to increase children’s acceptance, but it is important to pay special attention to not only look at the side ingredients that the manufacturers will emphasize before choosing.

Instead, read the food “ingredients” behind them in detail. Some add artificial flavors (such as vanilla flavors) and colorings .food additives are not needed for children to grow up. Too much may cause a burden.

Are health foods tonic or really helpful?

Before placing an order, please think twice. Does your child really lack certain nutrients in their diet? Is it because they often eat out, eat too many snacks and can’t eat a regular meal, or are they often inattentive or picky?

If it is the problem of meal patterns, you should start with correcting your diet first, rather than rushing to supplement health foods. In addition, many health products say that consumers have “efficacy” that consumers need, such as improving gastrointestinal function or regulating immunity, but each person has different causes of symptoms.

Whether the nutrient is lacking or not, it is still necessary to follow the recommendations of professional medical personnel after evaluation Supplement, not make up by yourself!

Parents Should take care of their children’s oral hygiene

Parents Should take care of their children's oral hygiene

Children have undergone quite a lot of physical and psychological changes from childhood to adulthood, especially the teeth in the mouth. Since the first baby tooth grows at six months of age, it continues to bring us the joy of growth, and the child also feels it every day. The Creator brought him this series of complex changes.

Prenatal consultation

It is best to establish a child’s oral prevention plan before the child is born, because the earlier you understand the importance of deciduous teeth and the methods of care, the better it will help your child to have healthy and neat teeth.(Complete Children’s Health)

Childhood (0~1 years old)

baby care

Six months ago, the deciduous teeth have not yet grown, but after the baby has finished drinking the milk, he can wipe and massage the gums with wet gauze. On the one hand, it can prevent the milk left in the mouth from growing bacteria, and on the other hand, it can promote the eruption of teeth. 

After the deciduous teeth grow out, drink milk to clean with wet gauze or finger cot brush, but no toothpaste is required. The American Children’s Dental Association recommends that a baby can see a dentist when his first baby tooth is born, or when he is one year old. 

Parents can discuss with the dentist how to clean the mouth and check whether the baby has bottle caries. This first visit to the dentist will not only familiarize the baby with the dentist’s emergency clinic, but also lay a good foundation for future visits.

Early childhood (1~3 years old)

baby care
Most of the deciduous teeth have grown by the age of 2, if the child can rinse his mouth, he can start to use toothbrush and toothpaste. However, in order to prevent the child from swallowing the toothpaste, parents can only squeeze the toothpaste the size of peanuts each time, because at this time the child His muscles are not yet able to complete complex movements. 
In addition to letting the children brush their teeth, parents must brush again and floss every day. The position adopted is that the parents are sitting, the child is lying on the parents’ lap, and the child is brushing his teeth from the back. Most young children will resist, so they must be controlled when necessary, and praise the child more, and let him know that such a step is necessary.

Preschool children (3~6 years old)

baby care

Children in this period have learned to brush their teeth, but parents still have to help their children brush again, because this is the responsibility of parents. In addition to using fluoride toothpaste, and using dental floss, the posture adopted is that the parent stands behind the child and fixes the head with the left hand to facilitate the parents to brush their teeth. 

If the child has bottle caries and severe tooth decay, you can use fluoride mouthwash or fluoride gel under the advice of your dentist. Take care to take a small amount when using it and check it regularly every six months.

School-age children (6-12 years old)

school age children

Elementary school children can already take care of themselves by themselves, but it does not mean that the responsibilities of parents have been removed. Instead, pay more attention to the children’s diet. Avoid snacks between meals, remind you to brush your teeth regularly, and at the same time help your child clean the hard-to-brush areas, and use dental floss.

It is necessary to consume dental plaque display fluid to check. In the use of fluoride products, in addition to using fluoride toothpaste in the morning and evening, children who are prone to tooth decay can use fluoride gel or fluoride mouthwash.

Adolescence (12-19 years old)


During adolescence, the most worrying thing is that bad eating habits and hormonal changes can easily cause tooth decay and gum inflammation. Therefore, parents and dentists must help guide them through this stage. Encourage them to be their own masters and make them take care of their oral hygiene more seriously.

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Parents Can help mothers to take care of their children

Parents Can help mothers to take care of their children

Becoming a father is not an easy task. You must have felt it before reading our article, right? There will not be a course called “How to be a great father“, what matters is your skills and how to handle situations.(Complete Children’s Health)

How many bottles should you breastfeed?

It is important to remember that children’s stomachs are small, so they drink very little water and milk, and they change every day. On day 1, the baby’s stomach is only 5 milliliters (about 1 teaspoon) in size. But by the third day, the baby’s stomach can be about the size of a ping-pong ball (about 1 tablespoon and 2 teaspoons). 

By the 10th day, the newborn’s stomach has grown into a large egg of about 60 ml (about 4 tablespoons). All these numbers correspond to how much milk you should feed the baby at the exact age of the baby.

How many diapers should dad change every day?

Each newborn will use at least one diaper on the first day, which will increase to 5-6 diapers by the end of the first week. The number of diapers will vary depending on whether you are breastfeeding or infant formula feeding.

The stool on the diaper will also tell you what milk your baby is feeding. A breastfed baby may have 1 to 12 bowel movements a day. If the baby changes from breastfeeding to formula feeding, the color of the stool will gradually change from dark green to yellow.

Do you know how to wrap a towel to help your baby warm up and fall asleep? If you have a baby to compare, you can let your mother, midwife, or anyone else with a baby know how to wrap the baby in a towel. Surround the baby with a soft towel so that the baby feels like he is still in the mother’s womb and sleeping well.

Tell dad how to warm the baby bottle

You need to learn how to warm your baby’s milk to avoid getting sick, and even hospitalization if the milk temperature is not enough. You can use a baby bottle to heat the milk, soak the baby bottle in hot water, and then use the baby bottle heater, but you need to make sure that the temperature of the baby bottle is around 37 degrees Celsius. You should use a thermometer to adjust the temperature of the baby bottle.

Luggage ready to travel with children

Luggage ready to travel with children

Diapers, tissues and clothes are essential for the baby’s own pocket. One thing fathers should remember when using diapers for children is to wrap them in plastic wrap and then take them home or throw them in the trash. In addition, when the baby has been drinking formula milk, the father needs to bring a bottle of milk, formula milk and water to ensure safety and hygiene. If your baby has a habit of using a pacifier, you should also prepare an extra pacifier for your baby.

Fathers need to pay more attention to practice solving the situation, such as feeding the baby, changing diapers, handling dirty things, and being patient with the baby. In addition, you also need to take care of your sleep and health, because when you feel healthy and excited, you will take better care of your children and help your wife.

Childrens Mental Health(Complete Children’s Health)

Childrens Mental Health(Complete Children's Health)

The so-called “mental health” refers to a person having a good mental state and psychological quality. This is very important to the baby’s growth and should not be ignored. So, what is the mental health of children? What are the signs of children’s mental health? What are the manifestations of mental health? What are the reasons for children’s psychological problems?

What is children’s mental health

Mental health refers to a person’s mental state and high psychological quality. Mental health is mostly genetically related. If a person is mentally healthy, then he can get along with other people happily in his future studies, life, and work. This is essential for the formation of a good character and healthy growth of children.

Signs of children’s mental health(Complete Children’s Health)

1. Compassionate

Simply put, it is willing to help and care for others.Such practices are often referred to the or as “altruistic” or “pro-social” behaviors.

2. Good interpersonal relationship

Interpersonal relationships are harmonious and able to get along with other students. Adapt to act under certain constraints and rules, and actively participate in collective activities.

3. Peace of mind

The mentality is calm and optimistic, calm in the face of things, not melancholy, not impatient, and able to analyze and resolve rationally.

4. Strong thirst for knowledge

Interested in things around, actively seek answers, dare to try new things, love to use their brains.

5. Strong willpower

Have strong willpower, are not afraid of setbacks, have a certain degree of anti-interference ability, can concentrate on doing something, and will not often be distracted by external interference.

6. Lively personality

He has an easy-going personality, candid and direct when dealing with others, is willing to listen to different opinions, and can adjust himself even if he encounters difficulties or setbacks.

Children’s mental health status

What is children's mental health

Children’s mental health is not only related to the individual, it can even affect family happiness and social development. But nowadays, more and more teenagers and children have various psychological problems.

It is reported that the prevalence of mental behavior and developmental disorders among children and adolescents in the world is about 20%. In the United States, the prevalence of mental behavior and developmental disorders in children and adolescents is 17% to 22%, and half of them suffer from serious illnesses. Of these adolescents with mental disorders, only 15% are properly cared for.(Complete Children’s Health)

1. Factors affecting mental health

Parents should understand the factors that affect their mental health, provide a safe and stable environment for their children to grow up, and learn to observe their children’s abnormal performance, so that they can guide their children to bravely express, enjoy the moment, and have a sense of happiness.

In this era, there are many problems and pressures that are different from the past. Although moderate pressure is the driving force for progress, excessive pressure can have a negative impact on the body and mind. Over time, it may form psychological diseases and destroy the quality of life. 

In the face of a changing society, modern parents need to face up to the pressure, give themselves and their children a high-quality leisure life, cultivate a healthy personality, establish good interpersonal relationships, and be a “mentally healthy” person with their parents.

Mental health is a positive concept of happiness

Mental health is a positive concept of personal and community happiness. It refers to being able to fully enjoy life, cope with stress and grief, achieve goals and potential, and maintain with others good relationship.

The term “mental health” is often misunderstood as a mentally ill person who needs to talk or review, mainly because most of the current mental health-related services still focus on the treatment of mental illness, rather than enhancing mental health and well-being. In fact, the World Health Organization has long emphasized the importance of “mental health promotion“. It emphasizes not only mental health, but also happier!

The factors affecting mental health are complex,but according to data released by the World Health Organization, more than 450 million people worldwide have poor mental health. This number is shocking.

What are the factors that make a person’s mental state unstable? Mental health is affected by factors such as individuals, family, and social culture; if subdivided, personal factors involve genes, temperament, age, etc., family factors involve environment, lifestyle, family relationships, etc., and social and cultural factors involve economy, Social support networks, culture and values, gender discrimination, etc. are quite complicated.

Young children’s trauma comes from internal and external factors

Since there are so many factors affecting mental health, which factors are the most critical for children?

There are two main types of factors that cause psychological trauma to young children. Intrinsic factors: include the child’s own physical fitness, nutrition, disease state, or personality, frustration tolerance, etc.; external factors: include neglect in care, abuse, accidents, or Family changes, family structure problems (such as holiday parents, inter-generational parenting, parental divorce); on the other hand, many children now go to school at a very young age, and there is often bullying among peers. These factors may also make children There is a shadow in my heart, and I need help early.

Little children most need a safe and stable environment.

Complete Children's Health

Since young children cannot fully express themselves, how can parents realize that their children need assistance?

When a child’s behavior or physiology is different from usual, parents will be alert . When children are under psychological pressure, their mood fluctuates, they may not eat well, sleep well, get frightened or cry easily, some will have aggressive and negative behaviors, and some will shrink back and be particularly quiet.
At this time, dad is most in need Mom’s comfort and support, and parents’ provision of a safe and stable environment for their children, are the cornerstones of moving toward mental health.In addition, it has also been clinically discovered that some older children or children who mature earlier may behave abnormally in order not to make parents worry or sad, and hope to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the home. With well-behaved behavior, these children also need their parents to provide a safe enough environment to allow them to bravely express their emotions and relieve stress.


2 Mental health starts from the fetus

Parents who have the right concept and are mentally healthy will easily give birth to a healthy next generation. Whether it’s pregnancy or novice parents, you can seize the opportunity to lay a good foundation for your child’s mental health.
The classic dialogue in the series of “Star Wars” movies, except for the blessing that every Jedi likes to say: “May the force be with you.”

Another deep seal The human dialogue comes from the words of wisdom of Master Yoda: “Fear is the path to the Dark Side.The Fear leads to anger, anger leads to the hatred, and hatred leads to misery. (Fear is the path to the Dark Side.The Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering.)” In this real world, everyone also needs positive force to drive away the fear, anger or hatred inside!(Complete Children’s Health)


Parents are mentally healthy, and babies are relatively healthy.

Parents are mentally healthy, and babies are relatively healthy.


Positive and healthy psychology will be promoted from the fetus. Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy, it is necessary to use the opportunity of the birth check to pay attention to the mental health of the pregnant woman and provide necessary consultation and assistance to ensure the health of the fetus.

The health of the father and family members should also be given equal attention; after the baby is born, at the stage of novice parents, more It is necessary to focus on the baby’s emotional satisfaction, attachment relationship or care methods, enhance parental ability and provide support in times of crisis, so that every child can have a safe and stable growth environment.

Mental health is not a single person’s business, it needs to be considered from the overall resources and assistance. Clinical observations have found that parents during pregnancy are often worried that they are not doing well enough, so more and more people will make more psychological preparations; when parents are ready, they will protect the fetus more carefully, so that the baby can be protected. Health was born in anticipation.

Since the birth of a baby will affect the balance operation of the entire family, parents must learn to find support, and the country and society must also provide relative policies and service mechanisms in response to people’s needs.

The “1000 Days Campaign” that the WHO has vigorously promoted emphasizes that from the beginning of pregnancy, nutrition, parental emotions, and dialogue will affect the fetus; environmental pollution and noise will also affect the growth of the fetus, infants and young children, all of which need to be addressed together.

4 parenting concepts, let you be a role model for your children The following are some important concepts to encourage parents to face their children with an appropriate attitude:

1. Accept the differences in children

Every child is unique. When parent-child interaction, learn to accept and appreciate the child’s difference. Even if the child’s ability is weak, as long as the child’s ability to respond positively is cultivated, the child can grow up smoothly.

2. Don’t over-protect children.

Parents’ over-care and protection of children will make children lose themselves, unable to learn to face and solve problems, and it is difficult to stand up by themselves when encountering difficulties or setbacks. In this ever-changing era, children need to have the resilience to reverse their difficulties in order to meet the future.

3. Appropriately entrust the child to the family The

mother is affected by hormones after giving birth. When the family wants to help, sometimes it makes the mother feel more nervous, mistakenly thinking that she is incompetent or afraid that the child will be taken away. In fact, parents must learn to give themselves breathing space, and appropriately entrust their children to other people to help take care of them.

Babies also need to practice getting along with other people instead of just following their mothers. When the mother is in a better mood, the baby will be more stable and can achieve a win-win situation of “Hello, he is also good“. The mother is in a happy mood, and the child will learn to live a good life with a positive and positive attitude.

4. Make good use of evaluation without labeling

Modern parents are more willing to try psychological interviews, tests or assessments, but more and more parents are overly cautious. The value of children’s physical and mental development is still within the norm, but parents are often overly worried. In fact, parents do not need to label their children negatively, as long as they interact with them appropriately, even if they experience trauma or negative behavior, they still have the opportunity to change.

5. Exercise. diet. Pets develop a good mood

There are small children in the family. As long as parents start with simple and correct exercise and diet every day, they can make the children and themselves in a good mood; parents who like to keep pets can also make good use of fur children to heal the family!

The mental health problems of children and adolescents in our country are equally prominent. There are 420 million young people in my country, accounting for one fifth of the total number of young people in the world. However, factors such as the large number of only children in my country, the increasing number of single-parent families, wrong parenting methods, and fierce social competition have seriously affected the mental health of children and adolescents.

Looking up the 1994 data, it is found that among the children and adolescents in my country, 14.89% suffer from mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders. It is inferred that there are at least 40 million mentally disabled children in my country. Among these children, only 5.8% of the affected children have received treatment.

From this point of view, the field of child and adolescent psychiatry in my country is facing severe challenges. Therefore, we must pay attention to and improve the mental health of children and adolescents.

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Mental unhealthy manifestations in children

1. Hyperactivity

Children’s mental behavior will be reflected in their actions. For example, some children are hyperactive or even suffer from “hyperactivity disorder“, which is a manifestation of mental unhealthy. The so-called hyperactivity is that children like to run, climb up and down, frequent small movements, rarely quiet, and have large mood swings, poor self-control ability, and difficulty concentrating. These behaviors have a great impact on children’s study, life and future work.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety refers to sudden irritability without any physical reasons. This is mostly caused by fear of something or something. Generally speaking, children who are prone to anxiety often lack self-confidence, are too sensitive to the outside world, worry about how others think of themselves, and are afraid of being laughed at.

3. Horror and insomnia

Horror refers to children’s fear of avoiding certain things, such as thunder. Sometimes children will feel terrible about something that is not dangerous, feel extremely insecure, and try to withdraw and hide themselves. Insomnia refers to children’s difficulty in falling asleep, poor sleep quality, prone to awakening in dreams, loud crying, and sleepwalking. This often leads to children’s lack of energy and listlessness during the day.

4. Show offensive

Children often show obvious aggressiveness, such as smashing objects, being hostile to others, sarcasm and even assaulting others.

5. Poor interpersonal relationships

There are barriers to communication, do not like to cooperate with others, will not share, indifferent to others, lack of compassion. The relationship with parents and teachers is also very bad, lack of necessary communication and communication, or do not want to communicate, and is incompatible with the surrounding environment.

Causes of psychological problems in children

As a member of society, children also have their own psychological activities and subjective ideas. According to the survey, family factors are the primary factor causing children’s psychological problems.

1. Family education

(1) By adopting democratic discipline, children are easy to form independent and bold personalities, and are good at cooperating with others and thinking.

(2) Parents’ education is too strict and they often beat and scold their children. Children who grow up in such an environment are usually stubborn, cold, and lack self-confidence;

(3) If parents dote on their children too much, the children will lack independence, become habitually dependent on others, and become willful and selfish.

(4) Parents are too protective of their children and help them to complete everything regardless of size. If things go on like this, their children will be passive and not good at socializing.

(5) Parents educate their children to have the same caliber, and not to say one by one, otherwise it is easy for the children to form a strong vigilance, so that they will please both sides, learn to lie, and opportunistic.

2. Family atmosphere

Family harmony is conducive to the development of a child’s positive character. On the contrary, if the two parents often quarrel, jealously, or even break down the relationship, the child’s crime rate is higher in this case.

3. Family structure

The survey found that the child is suitable for living in a two-generation family structure, that is, living with mom and dad. Children who grow up under this family structure are more curious, love to work, and have a better mentality. Because if you live with your grandparents and grandparents for a long time, you can easily be spoiled.

4. Family status

Affected by China’s actual national conditions, only children account for a relatively large proportion. The only child is easy to be selfish and willful, so parents should consciously train and educate their children in this aspect from an early age.

It is very easy for adults to overlook the mental health of children, especially for some children who seem to be obedient and have good academic performance. In fact, whether they are mentally healthy should not be confused by superficial phenomena. For these children, parents should look for solutions to their psychological unhealthy factors and prevent them from continuing to deteriorate.

Methods of cultivating children’s mental health

1. Don’t overdoing

Care for the child should be moderate, don’t care too much. Excessive care will make children accustomed to self-centeredness and often become arrogant.

2. Don’t bribe children

Parents should let their children understand the relationship between rights and obligations from an early age, and only through hard work can they get what they want, and only if they pay, can they gain.

3. Don’t get too close to your children

Children should have their own room for growth, and they should not be deprived of opportunities to get along with their peers by being too close to them. Only getting along with children of the same age can exercise children’s social skills and improve their interpersonal skills.

4. Don’t force children to challenge impossible tasks

It is very important for children to generate a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence through small daily tasks, so parents should arrange for their children to do things within their capacity, and be careful not to hand over difficult tasks to their children, which can easily undermine their self-confidence.

5. Don’t be too harsh on children

It is normal for children to do wrong things. Don’t beat or scold them at every turn. Otherwise, they will become inferior, timid, or even fierce resistance, struggle, cruelty, running away from home, etc.

6. Don’t deceive and intimidate children

Parents should not deceive or even intimidate their children. This will affect the parents’ status in the children’s hearts and is not conducive to future education.

7. Don’t criticize children in public

Children also have self-esteem, so don’t criticize them in public, otherwise it will cause great harm to their psychology.

8. Don’t praise your children too much

Parents should reward and punish their children, and avoid excessive praise or excessive punishment. Of course, a child can be praised for achieving good grades, but it should be done in moderation to prevent the child from being complacent, arrogant and complacent.

9. Don’t be moody with children

Children are very sensitive. Parents should not be temperamental towards their children, and should not put the anger in life on their children’s heads. In the long run, children are prone to timid, suspicious, and even autistic.

10. Help the child analyze the dilemma

When a child faces a difficult situation and cannot solve it, parents can help the child analyze together, find a solution, and then let the child try to solve it by himself.

Do You Want Children to Eat Health Food?

Do You Want Children to Eat Health Food?

On parent-child community websites, nutrition and health foods are often hotly discussed topics by parents: children who are allergic to eat probiotics can improve allergic symptoms, eat fish oil to become smarter, calcium supplements and teeth grow better, lactoferrin helps Prevent enterovirus… but are these really effective?

On parent-child community websites, nutrition and health foods are often hotly discussed topics by parents: children who are allergic to eat probiotics can improve allergic symptoms, eat fish oil to become smarter, calcium supplements and teeth grow well, and lactoferrin helps. Prevent enterovirus… but are these really effective?

When children eat poorly, their height and weight are not as expected, or to improve their children’s allergies, many parents will think of “nutritional health foods” in the market and spend a lot of money on expensive probiotics, hydrolyzed protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Hope It can make up for the lack of diet and make children healthy and strong.

Nutritional Health Food May Not Be Effective

The Children’s Welfare Alliance Cultural and Educational Foundation released the “2013 Children’s Allergy Medical Habits and Attitudes Survey Report“. The study pointed out that 25% of parents cannot determine whether their children’s symptoms are allergies or not. % Of parents believe that probiotics can effectively prevent allergies and will try to let their children eat; 22% of parents believe that their children can prevent allergies by drinking more hydrolyzed protein milk powder; 11% of parents agree to allow their children to eat a lot of healthy food Can improve immunity.

But in fact, there is currently no research to prove that nutritious health food has the effect of preventing or treating allergies, and hydrolyzed protein cannot solve all allergies. Parents do not have to rush.

Prioritize Natural Nutrition.

far as the growth stage is concerned, children before 4-6 months use breast milk or infant formula as their main source of nutrition, and do not need to supplement nutritional health foods; after 4-6 months of age, children When adding non-staple foods, it is recommended that parents choose more iron-fortified cereals and gradually add natural foods, which are enough to provide the nutrients needed for growth.

For children over 1 year old, the acceptable food types are almost the same as those for adults. As long as the child’s eating habits are normal and there is no serious partial eclipse problem or disease, choosing “natural and fresh food” is definitely better than “nutrition and health food.”

If parents are worried about their children’s insufficient intake of fruits, vegetables and calcium, eating too many high-sugar and high-fat foods, but do not improve their eating habits and environment, they will only give their children “nutritional health foods”. Although they can make up for some nutrients, they still Can not replace the effect of balanced natural food to maintain health.

Ask The Doctor To Assess Physical Needs

Ask The Doctor To Assess Physical Needs

There are so many kinds of nutritious and health foods on the market, with all kinds of added ingredients and advertised curative effects, which makes parents very excited and hesitant! In order to avoid affecting their children’s health, parents are have to advised to seek the assistance of pediatricians and nutritionists before deciding whether to allow their children to eat “nutritious health foods.”

The nutritionist emphasized that for children with immature organs, if they really want to supplement nutritious health foods, they must follow the declared consumption amount and correspond to the ratio of daily nutritional standard intake. For different ages and genders, various nutrients have different nutrients. Intake standards.

If parents do not understand the nutrient components and dosages contained in nutritious health foods and rush their children to eat, they will not only fail to improve growth and development, but will increase the burden on body organs, or interact with the drugs in use, causing adverse reactions, such as : Symptoms such as skeletal abnormalities, vomiting, headache, drowsiness, etc., cause the burden on the liver, kidneys and other organs, and damage the child’s development.

Eating Too Much is Not Necessarily Healthy.

supplementing nutritional health foods, it is necessary to manage the “total amount” of nutrients with the daily diet. For example, a child needs about 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If you eat high-protein foods, your total daily intake will be higher than the upper limit, which will easily burden the liver and kidneys. Also, excessive supplementation of cod liver oil may cause children’s vitamin A and D poisoning risks.

In addition, some pharmaceutical manufacturers combine the various ingredients of nutraceuticals into the product type or taste that the industry wants to sell, such as tablets or capsules, sweetness or aroma. Therefore, additives are unavoidable in the manufacturing process. Such as: artificially synthesized pigments, coatings, and flavoring agents, which can be harmful to health if consumed for a long time.

Healthy children can get enough nutrients from natural foods. If they have taken in enough nutrients, eating “nutritional health foods” will not produce better protection. Parents, please think twice before buying.

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Probiotics Can’t Be Eaten Casually.

Probiotics are a combination of certain lactic acid bacteria or Bifidella bacteria, which can increase the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, but its effect is also affected by different strains and sources, and it is still bacteria. Avoid any If you take probiotics by yourself, you should ask your doctor to evaluate your child’s condition before taking it, so as not to harm your health.(health rising)

In addition, probiotics are living things and will reduce the number of viable bacteria over time or poor storage. Some manufacturers use double-layer embedding technology to store probiotics at room temperature, but avoid sunlight, high temperature and humidity. ; If it is not a “double-layer embedded” product, it should be stored in the freezer to prevent the probiotics from spoiling and spoiling.

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