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Corona Virus News : The United States,the United Kingdom, Germany,Russia, China, and India have had to prepare for the vaccine as soon as possible in four to five months” he said.

But time cannot be shortened because research is biology. Corona Virus Pandemic.

 coronavirus 2021 updates

Sadly, 2020 has passed.  It was a tragic and unfortunate year.  Eight million people worldwide are infected with Covid-19, and 106 million people have pass away. Many people in the world have lost their livelihoods.  On the other hand, advanced research by scientists has made the Covid-19 vaccine (Vaccine) available. 


The vaccine produces Antibodies in the body within two weeks.  This is the IDG.  The antidepressant protects against disease for six to eight months.


During this time,the virus enters the lungs, binds to the protein in the thorns of the virus, and demolish the virus.Hope and faith will save the lives of the world from infectious diseases.


The first indigenous corona vaccine ‘Covaxin’ has recently been developed in a joint effort of the Council of Medicinal Research of India (ICMR) to combat coronary heart disease in India and the General Director of India (DCGI) for emergency use. On behalf of Approved.



corona virus news


  • In addition,the DCGI has also approved the Covishield vaccine,Oxford-Asthenica, manufactured by the vaccine Institute in India, for emergency use.It takes 4-5 years to make a vase.Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, China, and India were forced to vaccinate sooner rather than later.


The work had to be completed in 4-5 months.But time cannot be shortened because research is biology.


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  • The vaccine is Designed to Demolish the virus that enters the body from the outside.For this reason,weak or inactive viruses are given to humans in the form of injections.Antibodies are made in two weeks.



  • When the virus enters the body in the future,the immune system is awakened and wipeout.For Covid-19 The prepared MRNA vaccine to the new generation method.Made with.Less  Only time will tell how safe the vaccine is.



  • Complete in this vaccine.Instead of viruses, the protein in its thorns is used as an antigen.Once it enters the cell, the ‘Ribosome’ cyclo (cont) in it  Makes protein.



  • Now In the UK, Italy and Australia, the second wave of the SARS-Covid-2 virus is highly contagious.RNA of the virus.The evolution of A.has occurred.


Corona Virus News

Genetic Coor.  Changed.  So the current vaccine evolution virus.  How successful can he be in slaying?  In India, the vaccine made by Bharat Biotech is inactive.



corona virus news
  • Vaccination preparations need to be determine to determine the success of the vaccine as it is being developed.  Be careful and undoubted. Should.

Earlier in 2002, he said, “Many people have died of SARS.In 2012, the coronavirus, known as the Moro’s-Covid virus, infected 3,000 people and erase itself.”SARS Covid – 2” appeared on December 19 under the name Covid-19.Thorns were found.  Four months  Of these, 16 pharmaceutical companies are successful  Claims to have vaccinated.  



  • Security is free from intrusion  And their prepared vaccine  To make available in the market.    Anxious  World Health Organization and various  The country’s antidote regulatory agency  breach strict rules.



  • A standard cochlear vaccine should have 3 times as much.That is, to prevent viral infections, to prevent infections, and to prevent the spread of disease.Adults have not been vaccinated in India before.



There has been a lot of speculation about vaccine safety.The public does not know the exact details.It is impossible to transport the vaccine to the countryside at minus 70 degrees Celsius.  Conservation is a big problem at the bottom.


That’s why the powder vaccine company is continuing its powder vaccine efforts.  Vaccine can be store for 10 to 15 day in dry ice.  It is made of carbon dioxide.  So it’s not safe.


The second vaccine will be given 4 weeks after the first vaccination.  Its management is not easy.  Covid-19 vaccine May be a human shield in the new year. 

Corona Virus News



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