12 Sites To Create a Website For Free: Website Builder

What you need to create a website for free? how to create a website for free? in this article we learn how to create a website for free and 12 website builder sites that helps you to build your website for free.If you have the time, you may want to go into this web world on your own. Nowadays, it is indeed possible to create a website yourself for free or at low cost using various online tools.

There are even some companies that offer creating a web page completely for free ! You only need to see the different options and make an assessment of your time and financial resources.

Many people ask “how to make a free website”? Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tools you can use to create a website for free yourself, in the comfort of your living room. No, you don’t need to be a programmer or an IT pro – these tools can be used by anyone!

We could list about twenty website building tools for you, but then it could be quite difficult for you to make a choice. So, we present to you three that are highly recommended by experts in the field.

We will briefly describe these three tools to guide you by addressing aspects essential to your choice, namely the number of users, the support offered by the company, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Why do you need a website?

Your website is important because it is the hub of your online presence. But, just having a website doesn’t really work anymore. A few years ago having any sort of web presence made you a pioneer, this is no longer the case.

These days, almost every business has (or should have) a website and it is like a storefront in a commercial area.to start your online business or grow, a website is most important.it helps you to reach all over the country.many industries or companies have their own website and they earn billions of $dollar in a year,so why you not?

Some reasons why your website is important

There are a number of reasons why a website is important to your business, and here are some of them:

  • When someone quotes your business name (in conversation or direct reference) to someone they know, a search for your business name on Google should result in a search result at or near the top of the list. search results.
  • When you provide your business card, brochure, or other marketing tool to your prospects, your website becomes a way for them to find your business on the Internet. Your domain name is enough for them to find you. This applies if you are introduced to someone by a friend, hand out your business cards or promotional material at a local event, or send out a mass mailing or newsletters, etc.
  • When a potential customer comes into the vicinity of your business (Geo-location) or sees your name on a product, an online search of your name should result in a search result at or near the top of the search results.
  • When your website address is displayed on a banner, product, product packaging, etc. it’s easier for consumers to learn more about you and your business.(how to make a free website?)

12 websites to create a website for free

1Wixfree website builder
2SiteW free website builder
3Weebly free website builder
4Site123 free website builder
5Zyro free website builder
6Strikingly free website builder
7Ucraft free website builder
8Lander free website builder
9Jimdo free website builder
10Carrd free website builder
11Zoho Sites free website builder
12Google My Business free website builder

Best free website builders right now

How to Create a website for free

create a website for free

Best Overall : Wix . The easiest tool to build a stunning site in the fastest way possible, as well as a fast loading, search engine optimized site, but free ads on plans are shown.

Runner-Up : Site123 . Build a stunning and professional site that doesn’t require any web design or coding skills, but it doesn’t have drag and drop functionality.

Best Value : Google My Business . Basic web design and limited options, but it’s 100% free and great for small businesses that don’t need a lot of content on their site.

Best Paid Option : Squarespace . The best and easiest to use undeniably drag and drop visual website builder. However Squarespace does not offer free plans (but you can save 10% on your first subscription using coupon code.


  • Company website : www.wix.com
  • Free plan : Yes
  • Paid plan : Yes from $ 5 per month
  • E-commerce ready : Yes (only on the paid plan)
  • Mobile-friendly web design : Yes
  • Drag and drop : Yes

Create a website for free on wix.com: More than 110 million sites have been created with Wix and this number is still growing. If you are one of these users, you can benefit from the support by phone, email and forum.

The main advantages are the large number of templates available to you depending on your industry, an easy-to-use interface, as well as the presence of tutorials to help you build your free website.

On the other hand, if you use the free version, you will see a lot of ads! In addition, you cannot change the template along the way. If this is the case, you will have to start your design all over again.

Experts’ Choice: Wix

Wix’s themes and templates make it a great tool for building eye-catching free websites that will capture the attention of your potential customers. The interface is easy to use and several packages are available to customers. 

In addition, the current number of paying customers (2.87 million) can be a sign of confidence in the company and its services. However, you can try all three tools for free for 14 days and see which one works best for you!


  • Company website : www.site123.com
  • Free plan : Yes
  • Paid plan : Yes starting at $ 9.80 per month
  • E-commerce ready : Yes (only on the paid plan)
  • Mobile friendly design : Yes
  • Drag and drop : No

Create a website for free on site123.com 🙂

Google my business

  • Company website : www.google.com/business/how-it-works/website/
  • Free plan : Yes
  • Paid plan : No
  • E-commerce ready : No
  • Mobile friendly design : Yes
  • Drag and drop : Yes

Create a website for free on google my business: How can I create my own website for free on Google? Google My Business is the solution.

Google Mu Business is a free website builder that lets you build a simple website for free in minutes. Google’s website builder is completely free, and the site you create is easy to create and edit from your desktop and mobile phone.

You don’t need to have a physical storefront to build your site with Google My Business, if you operate a service industry based business or a home based business with or without an address, you can provide your contact details so that they appear on Google.


Make a website on squarespace.com: Squarespace is a private company. They have therefore not officially declared the number of users of their platform. You will be able to benefit from their support by chat , email and on the forum . Advantages? A large number of optimized templates for mobile with a modern design and up to date.

However, it has been noted by several users that there are disparities between what you see on your screen and what appears on a screen of another dimension. This is because the optimization process for mobile happens automatically and this can cause some errors along the way.

Additionally, the Style Editor may be more complicated for someone with no design experience to use.

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