CryptoTab Browser Free Download, Uses and Earning

CryptoTab browser is the most commonly used mining plugin for cryptocurrency traders. It is an application that runs on your computer system or mobile phone and mines bitcoins.

This browser helps users earn mining cryptocurrency as a reward in the network for mining and referring friends.

“After going through all the negatives of the browser mining industry, CryptoTab is making its own positive impact among users at this time” CryptoTab browser Chrome plugin built using Chromium modules.

it is a free internet browser that can mine bitcoins with normal CPU functionality.

You must be skeptical about this method of making money, how does one CPU mine Bitcoin? In practice, mining browsers mine very small amounts of Bitcoin in Satoshi. 

It’s also a lightweight browser that won’t drain power or hurt your computer’s phone’s performance.

Worth mentioning: CryptoTab Browser PRO for Android app was announced on Twitter on February 4, 2020. So far, you can install CryptoTab on your Windows computer, Mac computer, Android phone, or iOS phone to earn cryptocurrency.

How to start using CryptoTab browser?

Cryptotab browser free download: The CryptoTab browser can be downloaded from the website

cryptotab browser

Cryptotab browser installation – Step by Step

  • Download the installation file .
  • If prompted, click Run or Save.
  • If “Save” is selected, double-click the download and start the installation.
  • Launch CryptoTab browser.
  • Sign in with your Google account and you can also import all settings such as bookmarks, favorites, history and saved passwords.
  • To start mining, turn on the mining button. Below the “CryptoTab” logo in the upper right corner, click “MAX” or “ON” as indicated by the red arrow in the image below.
  • You can view earnings by clicking the icon of the upper left button. – Your earnings statistics will be updated every 10 minutes.

It works similarly to Google Chrome. The CryptoTab browser can be used to perform the same operations as the Chrome browser. The only difference is that mining cryptocurrency will take place in the background.

CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk Free Download

NameCryptotab Browser Pro Apk
Size 50 MB
Latest VersionCryptoTab Browser Pro Apk v4.1.82
Price100% Free

CryptoTab browser features

The site advertises the following features: Extensions: The platform supports Chrome extensions, which allow you to add all extensions such as ad blockers, security tools, performance tools, themes, and more.

Mining Bitcoin: The site claims to continuously mine cryptocurrencies through the browser, which means that as long as the browser option “MAX” is turned on, you will be automatically mining. However, the mining speed is higher when the browser window is active.

Multi-browser support: CryptoTab is a free standalone download, but it allows importing data from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.

Invite a friend: CryptoTab offers referral bonuses. Refer friends to earn more money. Also, it has a 10-level recommendation network.

Payments: Although the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00001 BTC, you can withdraw your earnings directly to your BTC wallet at any time.

CryptoTab Browser Safe or Scam?

Naturally, transactions involving cryptocurrencies will always cast doubt on their intentions when attitudes towards cryptocurrencies are not so friendly in many parts of the world. CryptoTab has also been asked by many, “Is this a scam?”

Since CryptoTab does not charge any registration fee. It’s 100% free. As long as your browser is working properly, it will generate some income for you. So, making money with Crypto Tab Browser is not a scam, but a passive income stream that usually takes more time to set up. On the other hand, earning money by referring friends is a better option.

CryptoTab Browser Question and Answer’s

How to withdraw money?

Bitcoin will be credited to your CryptoTab browser account. You need to transfer your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet. Just click the “Withdrawn BTC” button in the top right corner of the home page and enter your Bitcoin wallet address. 

Income will be transferred over a period of time. If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet, you can  sign up with Binance  or  Coinbase  and get a bitcoin wallet address.

How to increase mining speed without inviting friends?

You can adjust the Bitcoin mining speed from the toggle menu button. You can set the CPU usage mode for mining from “Normal” to “Max”. Here, you can set the CPU speed and mining speed.

What if I accidentally delete Crypto Tab or my computer stops working?

Before you can start mining with cryptotab, you need to log in with your Google account. If by any chance you delete the Cryptotab browser, just reinstall it and log in again with the same Google account. All account information will be restored.

What if the plugin does not start mining after downloading?

Even after a successful login, if your browser does not start mining, it means that your security system is blocking the mining script money.js. You need to add CryptoTab or money.js to the list of security systems.

What happens if I change my device?

Your data remains undisturbed and secure. CryptoTab uses your Google, Fb or Twitter account to connect, then log into another device again to get account records. Even if you use different devices, you can use the same account to earn bitcoins at the same time. 


For cryptocurrency enthusiasts and followers, the CryptoTab browser can prove to be a great source of income. The real potential of encrypted browsers lies in those who can recruit other people. The more friends you have on your social network, the better your chances of earning. 

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