20 Most Popular Cute Anime Girls List [Cute Anime Pictures]

List of 20 Cute Anime Picures (Beautiful Cute Anime Girls)

In childhood, everyone likes to watch anime very much. Me and you have been watching anime since childhood. But everyone has their own favorite anime. So let us once again refresh our childhood memories today.

In this article, we will talk about the cutest anime girls character in all anime today. You must also tell your favorite anime girl by commenting below. And whatever your cute anime girl’s name is not mentioned here, you can also tell us through the comment.

We will definitely add more about your favorite anime girl to this list. So don’t forget to tell us by commenting.

NOTE: We have not done any sort of comparison or serialization here. Here’s just a list of only 20 cute anime girls.If you have any favorite cute anime girl who is not here in our list, then comment quickly. We would definitely like to include your favorite in our list, with mention your name.

2o Most Popular Cute Anime Girls List


cute anime girl name- shizuka ,shizuka is our 1st list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

First on the list of cute anime girls is Shizuka. Shizuka is a character featured in the Doraemon anime. From childhood till today, Doraemon has settled in everyone’s heart. It is still a very popular anime today as it was yesterday.

Shizuka here is very calm and kind hearted. She keeps on helping everyone. And this is what everyone likes. That’s why Shizuka is mentioned here as a very cute anime girl.

2.Toph Beifong

cute anime girl name- Toph Beifong,Toph Beifong is our 2nd list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Toph Beifong is our 2nd cute anime girl.Toph Beifong is a girl character that we see in Avatar The Last Airbender. Avatar The Last Airbender is a popular anime with Aang as its leader. Aang has the power of 4 elements, in which there is power of fire, air, earth and water, which he can control.

But in the beginning he could control only air properly and used to take training for the other 3 powers. And out of these, the Toph Beifong is the character who has the power of the earth. She can control the earth and fights her enemy with this power. The surprising thing here is that the Toph Beifong cannot see, because she is completely blind.

She can easily tell someone’s address just by feeling the vibration of the earth. We see Toph Beifong some times joking with his friends, which is quite the funniest jokes. And for all these things, Toph Beifong has been added to the list of cute anime girls.


cute anime girl name- Megumin,Megumin is our 3rd list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Megumin is our 3rd cute anime girl.Megumin is an Archmage , she wears a witch outfit, and an eye patch, which she wears just for style, although she claims it seals her immense power, and takes it off in very difficult situations. difficult where it needs a great deal of power. 

It is the first to join the group of Kazuma and Aqua . She is thin and when she introduces herself to Kazuma and Aqua , she falls to the ground, starving. Before joining them, she was kicked out of several groups due to the use of her magic. She was beginning to despair of finding one.

She is nicknamed La Taréeby the inhabitants of the village, because of its tendency to use only Explosive Magic , one of the strongest magic attacks. She can only use this magic once a day as she always falls from fatigue and cannot move a single muscle afterwards. This is also why she needs someone to carry her after launching her attack. 

cute anime girl
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

She will ask Kazuma for help and then Aqua to bring her back after her daily workouts. Even though it is a problem for her, she only wants to use the Explosive Magic that she worships, and no other.

Megumin is calm, intelligent, and cheerful most of the time. She doesn’t like that, nor that she is considered a child, but if there is one thing that annoys her the most it is when a person underestimates the strength of her Explosive Magic . She claims to have to launch it at least once a day, at the risk of dying.

Megumin tries to teach others his Explosive Magic and is going to be very happy when Kazuma agrees to learn it. She can be very courageous and often helps Aqua .

4.Ochako Uraraka

cute anime girl name Ochako Uraraka.she is our 4th list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Ochako Uraraka is our 4th cute anime girl.Ochako Uraraka from “my hero academia” is a class 1-A student at the prestigious Yûei superhero academy . Living in the countryside, she wishes to become a heroine and thus be able to provide a comfortable life for her parents thanks to her salary, although they would rather she live her own life than take care of them.

Always optimistic and cheerful by nature, she enjoys the good humor of the students in her class and does not panic when the boys quarrel.

Her Quirk , named Zero Gravity , allows her to take the weight off anything she touches using the pads on each of her fingers, be it an object or even an individual. But when she uses her power too much, she feels nauseous and often ends up throwing up.

5.Kagome Higurashi

cute anime girl name Kagome Higurashi.she is our 5th list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Kagome Higurashi is our 5th cute anime girl.Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha anime is a 15-year-old girl living in an old temple in Tokyo with her mother, grandfather, little brother Sota and her cat Buyo. She can travel between our time and the Sengoku period via the old well of the temple.

Kagome is, according to Kaede, the reincarnation of the miko Kikyo. She feels the presence of the pieces of the Shikon No Tama and can shoot cleansing arrows. She is courageous and naturally kind but does not easily manage to combine the search for fragments with her studies.

Over the course of the episodes, Kagome realizes the feelings she has for Inuyasha, but the latter cannot decide between her or Kikyo.

6.Patricia Thompson

cute anime girl name Patricia Thompson.she is our 6th list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Patricia Thompson is our 6th cute anime girl.Patricia Thompson from soul eater anime: The second sister of Death the Kid’s demon revolver duo . Unlike her big sister Liz , Patty is naturally playful, if not too much. She does not think about the situation very often and greatly overestimates the courage of her elder sister.

She is the first to push Kid in during his bouts of morbid depression, bursting into laughter or adding other elements of depression.

Patty is however also very close to him and (an interesting paradox), it is she who takes the most care not to offend the mono-maniac ardor of her friend. But her thoughtlessness catches up with her constantly. She loves to scare her big sister when they are alone.

7.Inori Yuzuriha

cute anime girl name Inori Yuzuriha.she is our 7th list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Inori Yuzuriha is our 7th cute anime girl.Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown anime: Inori Yuzuriha is a young girl of the age of Shû , seemingly frail and quite candid. In fact, she is an agent of the anti-government organization ” Croques-Morts “.

When she meets Shû , she is injured after stealing a vial containing a very special gene. After her activation, she binds with Shû who can now use her Void . The Void of Inori has the shape of a sword; like all other Voids , it represents his fears and doubts.

Shû wonders why Inori’sis shaped like a sword so she never doubts the battlefield, endlessly risking her life.She is very close to Gai . She absolutely does not want to disappoint him and will do anything for him.

8.Soryu Asuka Langley

cute anime girl name Soryu Asuka Langley.she is our 8th list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Soryu Asuka Langley is our 8th cute anime girl.Soryu Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion anime: Asuka is the ” Second Child ” destined to pilot one of the EVAs . She flies the EVA-02 , and refuses anyone to take control.

The 14-year-old is of German, American and Japanese descent. He is a real genius who already received his university degree during his studies in Germany . In Japan , however, her grades leave a bit to be desired as she is unfamiliar with reading kanji .

Very proud and sure of herself, Asuka immediately wins in front of Shinji Ikari . She goes so far as to take it down by announcing that she finds it hard to believe thatThird Child “.
This is her character: proud, dignified and haughty, she wants to be the best in everything, she likes to impose herself in front of others and attract the attention of others, and hates being ridiculous.

Asuka is besides the complete opposite of Shinji : while the young boy is introverted and struggles to socialize, the young girl befriends her classmates as soon as she arrives at school, who only says a few words during a discussion She monopolizes it,
and most importantly, while Shinji hates flying the EVA , this is Asuka’s reason for living.

Where Shinji is often attacked by Angels ,Asuka is the first to act in a confrontation, to the point of often underestimating them (which is not the case with Shinji ).

She is also a very strong competitor, one more element opposing her to Shinji : for her, Shinji and Rei are competitors. She has to win, on any level, whether it’s the sync rate or the speed at which an Angel is downed.

Asuka also seems to take great pleasure in teasing Shinji about his kinky impulses, which does nothing to instill any kind of harmony between them.
Still, the hardships they’ve been through together will help them get along a little better, even if it often ends in an argument.

9.Mikuru Asahina

cute anime girl name Mikuru Asahina.she is our 9th list of cute anime girls

Mikuru Asahina is our 9th cute anime girl. Mikuru Asahina from Haruhi Suzumiya anime: Mikuru Asahina is a student in the second year of high school, former member of the Calligraphy Club : Haruhi forcibly enlisted her in the SOS Brigade of which she quickly became the mascot because of her ” loli ” airs and her big breasts.

Naive and excessively shy, she still has a very childish character despite her age.

10.Suzumiya Haruhi

cute anime girl name Suzumiya Haruhi.she is our 10th list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Suzumiya Haruhi is our 10th cute anime girl. Suzumiya Haruhi from Haruhi Suzumiya anime: Haruhi Suzumiya is a beautiful, talented, and explosive first year high school student. She has a non-existent social life, considering humans as uninteresting beings, she seeks at all costs to come into contact with aliens , time travelers as well as with people endowed with supernatural powers, which has earned her a reputation as a “crazy”.

Heart wise, she has never refused to go out with a boy, it only takes 5 minutes to get rid of her companion.

To her, boys are less than nothing and she doesn’t really care as evidenced by her obsession with changing for sports when the classroom is still full of them.

Wishing at all costs to witness strange events, she founded the SOS Brigade : this club aims to make the world more fun or exciting. With the help of her club members, she will even shoot a movie and take part in a concert as a singer and guitarist.

11.Kyon no Imouto

cute anime girl name Kyon no Imouto.she is our 11th list of cute anime girls
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Kyon no Imouto is our 11th cute anime girl. Kyon no Imouto from Haruhi Suzumiya anime: She is Kyon’s sister . And like this one, we don’t know his real first name.She is an 11-year-old girl, cheerful and full of life.

She appears regularly when Kyon is at home, but she occasionally participates in Brigade activities and gets along very well with all of the members, most notably with Haruhi Suzumiya and Tsuruya .

She really enjoys taking care of the house cat, Shamisen .

12.Ryoko Asakura

cute anime girl name Ryoko Asakura.she is our 12th list of cute anime girls

Ryoko Asakura is our 12th cute anime girl.Ryoko Asakura from Haruhi Suzumiya anime: Ryoko Asakura is a classmate of Haruhi . Friendly and concerned, she comes across as a good friend.

13.Tsumugi Kotobuki

Tsumugi Kotobuki
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Tsumugi Kotobuki is our 13th cute anime girl. Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-ON Anime: Tsumugi is a 15-year-old girl. Her friends call her Mugi-chan .She has been playing the piano since she was little. She decides to join the music club to be able to play her instrument, although she would initially prefer the choir.

14.Yui Hirasawa

Yui Hirasawa
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Yui Hirasawa is our 14th cute anime girl. yui Hirasawa from K-ON Anime: Yui is one of the heroines of the K-ON anime . Although she only knows how to play castanets, she decides to join the music club where she will play the guitar. She is quite shy and clumsy.

She gets along very quickly with Ritsu on drums, Mio on bass and Tsumugi on keyboard, the other members of the club.

15.Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Mio Akiyama is our 15th cute anime girl. Mio Akiyama from K-ON Anime: Mio is also 15 years old and is also a hero of the series. She is a childhood friend of Ritsu ; Originally she was interested in the literature club but Ritsu was convincing and forced her to join the music club.

She is therefore a bassist.She is the most mature of the group, studious and serious, she wants to train seriously.

16.Azusa Nakano

Azusa Nakano
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Azusa Nakano is our 16th cute anime girl. Azusa Nakano from K-ON Anime: Azusa is a new student who joins the group, posing as a novice guitarist.In fact, she has been playing for about five years and is far more skilled than Yui .

She grew up in music since her parents played in a jazz band.She quickly becomes attached to the four other members of the club.


Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Aya is our 17th cute anime girl. Aya from K-ON Anime: Aya is the bassist for Love Crisis .Aya has already attended one of HTT’s performances at one of the festivals!

She also offers a CD of her band to Yui , which will give Yui to make a logo for the band. Aya will remember Yui as “the one who was late for the concert”.

18.Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Rei Ayanami is our 18th cute anime girl. Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion: Rei Ayanami (also called ” First Children “), is the exclusive pilot of the EVA-00. Rei is a girl who very little is known about. She hardly ever gives up.

The only reactions emanating from her are towards Gendo Ikari , Shinji’s father . He loves her very much because of her resemblance to Yui , his late wife. 

Rei’s Japanese name is actually Lei, and in Japanese Lei means 0. Hence his assignment to pilot the EVA-00.

19.Louise de la Valliere

Louise de la Valliere
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Rei Ayanami is our 19th cute anime girl. Louise de la Valliere from The Familiar Of Zero anime: Louise de la Valliere  is a noble student in her second year at the Academy of Magic of Tristein . Her particular gift: to blow everything up when she tries to perform a spell, which has the consequence of provoking the hilarity of her classmates and earning her the nickname of Louise the Zero .

As the Familiars ceremony approaches (a ceremony in which the second-year student must summon a creature that will accompany him throughout his life), Louise , responding to Kirche Zilperstone’s provocation , declares that she will summon the most impressive Familiar ever seen in the school.

As the ceremony goes off without a hitch, Louise , who comes last, tries something out of the ordinary. Instead of summoning a dragon or a salamander, she succeeds in summoning … a Japanese man named Saito Hiraga !

20.Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi
Image/Gif source: Giphy.com

Hinami Fueguchi is our 20th cute anime girl. Hinami Fueguchi from Tokyo Ghoul anime: Hinami Fueguchi is a ghoul child who often comes with his mother to Anteiku for food. Indeed, the two are unable to hunt and Yoshimura therefore provides them with human meat so that they can survive.

She is a shy young girl who is very close to her mother. As for his father, he was killed by inspectors and he misses him terribly. She also has a very good relationship with Tôka , whom she considers her big sister, then Ken later. 

The latter regularly teaches her the meaning of kanji in the books she reads. Indeed, being a ghoul, her parents did not take the risk of educating her and she therefore studies alone.(20 cute anime girls list)

NOTE: Again We have not done any sort of comparison or serialization here. Here’s just a list of only 20 cute anime girls . If you have any favorite cute anime girl who is not here in our list, then comment quickly. We would definitely like to include your favorite in our list, with mention your name.

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