Date A Live Season 4 Exact Release Date and Official Trailer

In September, the creators stunned fans with the news that they could not bring any clarity to the project – the coronavirus did not spare them either. Of course, everyone began to wonder when the 4th season of the anime “Date a Live” will be released. 

Finally, the situation has cleared up, and we are ready to tell you the latest details of the production of the tape.

And although they are in no hurry to name the exact release date of season 4 “Date a Live”, there is already an announcement and news that the premiere of the new episodes has been postponed from October to early 2022 ! 

Seducer of enemies

But first, let’s refresh our memory of the plot of “Date a Live“. 30 years ago, a phenomenon of unknown origin killed 150 million people. But the cataclysms did not end there – from time to time in Japan such phenomena of various strengths still occur. 

Along with unexplained events, even stranger phenomena occur – for example, some Spirits come to the Earth.

The main character is Shido Itsuka. He is 16, but at such a young age he is forced to be responsible, because his parents died. He lives with his sister in Tokyo. One day a guy witnesses an unusual phenomenon , during which he meets a girl. 

Later, he learns that his new acquaintance is one of the Spirits. She and others like her are guilty of the death of people. Shido understands that in order to stop their dirty deeds, you need to fall in love with the enemy.

The film is based on a series of light novels written by Koshi Tachibana. The release date of the first season of the animation project took place in 2019.

It is easy to guess that with the frequency of new episodes, the creators had obvious difficulties – the second chapter was shown in 2014, and the third – in 2018.From that moment, the fans were waiting for a sequel, but the organizers were in no hurry to please with details. 

Some publications even suggested that the picture was closed , but only recently it became known about the extension of the anime “Date a Live” for season 4, the release date of which is already scheduled for 2022. 

In September 2021, the creators announced that they were planning to continue the story, but the premiere was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. As compensation, the public was provided with a short teaser of the upcoming adventure – clearly better than nothing.

date a live season 4

What else is known about season 4

Fans noted that during this four-year hiatus, the bosses seem to have worked on the picture – the quality of the anime in the trailer is much better than in previous parts. 

Although, of course, not everyone was pleased with such changes – someone prefers the classic drawing. Well, what can I say – progress does not stand still and a lot has changed since 2018.

At the moment – this is all the information about the upcoming premiere, but for now we are waiting for a rendezvous with life and the release date of season 4. Hopefully nothing changes and the bosses will be able to please fans with a fresh portion of Sido’s adventures.

Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries namerelease date
4 × 0111 February 2022 the year
4 × 0218 February 2022
4 × 03February 25 , 2022
4 × 04March 4 , 2022
4 × 0511 March 2022
4 × 0618 March 2022
4 × 07March 25 , 2022
4 × 08April 1 , 2022
4 × 09April 8 , 2022
4 × 10April 15 , 2022
4 × 11April 22 , 2022
4 × 12April 29 , 2022

Official Trailer

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