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We haven’t been attacked by zombies for a long time. The premiere of the series “Day of the Dead“, which was recently announced by the creators, intends to rectify the situation. What is the novelty about, who will be filmed, and what events will form the basis – we will tell further.

In the meantime, let's find out the exact release date for episode 1 of "Day of the Dead", which is already scheduled for October 15, 2021 , do not miss it!

In the footsteps of George Romero

Day of the Dead is an American-made television series based on the 1985 film directed by George Romero. Then in the center of events was a group of scientists who were hiding from the invasion of zombies in a bunker.

A similar situation will develop in the modern version – six heroes will find themselves in severe danger, when any wrong step can result in death. Viewers will see how they are trying to survive in the first day after the zombie invasion . 

The creators admit that they made the film not just for show, but with deep meaning. They want to remind you that in even the most horrific conditions people are capable of unification and that it is cohesion that will help them overcome trials.

day of the dead

For the first time they started talking about the picture at the beginning of 2020. Then the Syfy channel announced its intentions, and also announced which of the organizers was involved in the creation. The first trailer for the film was released in July 2021.

After watching the teaser, the audience hastened to share their expectations and impressions of the upcoming tape. Surprisingly, most do not wait for a release date, citing the mediocrity of the main characters and weak drama , at least based on the shown video. 

Given that trailers usually include the highlights of the project, chances are that the overall picture will turn out to be even less spectacular.

But, of course, to draw such conclusions on the video in 1.5 minutes is rash, so we will wait for the premiere – for fans of zombie horror films, Syfy will release the TV series “Day of the Dead“, the release date of which is scheduled for October.

day of the dead

Actors and creators

As long as there is time before the start of the show, let’s get acquainted with those who had a hand in the premiere. Showrunners’ chair was shared by Jed Elinoff and Scott Alan Thomas. Both are not yet very prominent figures in the film world, but who knows – maybe the release date of the new series “Day of the Dead” will fix it.

Interestingly, little-known performers were also chosen . Almost everyone has a fairly extensive filmography – several dozen projects, but with small roles. Keenan Tracy, Natalie Bailey, Daniel Doheny, Christy Dawn Dinsmore and others took the places of the key heroes.

We will soon find out how the creators and actors did the job. What are you looking forward to more Day of the Dead or the release date of the new series from Syfy? In any case, both events will happen at the same time, so stock up on popcorn,or better – look for a bunker where you can hide and calmly look at the novelty

Release schedule for all episodes

SeriesNamePremiere dates
01The thing in the hold15 October 2021 the year
02ChumOctober 22 , 2021
03The gray mileOctober 29 , 2021
04November 5 , 2021
05November 16 , 2021
06 November 23 , 2021
07November 30 , 2021
08December 7 , 2021
09December 14 , 2021
tenDecember 21 , 2021


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