Detox cleanse: Is it possible to cleanse my body at home?

Detox cleanse process

What is a detox?

Detox cleanse: Detoxification is a natural mechanism that the body performs beautifully, provided us to be healthy.

All the metabolisms of our body, but also everything that surrounds it such as our environment, our food, pollution, our state of stress, oxygen… produce waste and toxins . Some of our organs are responsible for eliminating, or even reducing, the dangerousness of these toxins.

Among them, we find our lungs, which secrete CO2; our skin, which secretes acids, especially through sweat; our kidneys, by filtering the blood and finally, undoubtedly the most interesting for sellers of detox programs, our liver .

It is within the latter that many enzymes will be synthesized in order to metabolize many harmful substances if they were to accumulate in our body.

Do you need a detox?

Detox does not have to be systematic for everyone. It is true that many of us feel “full” after the end of the year holidays. People who stick to a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals for the long haul should not need to detoxify . 

On the other hand, it is a plus for those who regularly overindulge, who regularly consume processed foods and too few fruits and vegetables , or who embark on a slimming diet . Cleaning the body well before losing weight is a very effective option. Either way, a healthy body is supposed to detoxify itself.

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Attention in case of health problems

This is when all detox programs lose their meaning and utility. If you are sick or in poor health,  you don’t need a detox, but to be treated.

However, there remains one truth. Being in poor health reduces the body’s natural detoxifying abilities  and some toxins can build up, especially in fat. And in this case again,  the best detox is the one you do all year round! 

It is the  diet  and lifestyle that you have chosen to adopt that will push you, day after day, to be healthier and thus naturally eliminate waste from your body.

I will teach you how to spend a fasting day so that they are beneficial.

How to not purify your body

In one of the previous sources, we have already discovered that you do not have toxins, which means that you should not cleanse your body of them. At the same time, a long holiday awaits. 

After that, it is recommended that you always “lower your body” to feel light and see your usual appearance on the scale. 

Evidence-based medicine doctors do not place such “shakes” in our hormonal system, take care of nervous things, and do not throw left or right from a high-calorie diet to over-restricted (or even starvation). I advise you.

In fact, there is no completely correct understanding of why you should use unloading options such as Lymph Drainage Day, Green Vegetable Day, and Supperless Day. Unfortunately, if you want to try these techniques to compensate for the strong binge eating of the previous day, this can lead to a virtuous circle and then a fairly serious and underestimated problem: eating disorders.

Therefore, we learn to interact with our body and mind for our common goal of health and harmony.

How many days can you fast

A day of lymphatic drainage, with alternating carbohydrates and proteins, can help reduce edema and remove excess water from the body.

A day of green vegetables is a good choice for inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Skipping dinner causes betrayal of lightness, increased appetite in the morning, and most importantly, recovery at the cellular level (studies show).

Rules for implementing fasting days

It is enough to organize once a week while observing the balanced diet and daily life of the previous day.

Skipping lymphatic drainage days or supper is not recommended for people with worsening gastrointestinal tract disease, insulin resistance, or gout.

Remember to keep your water balance and sleep while exercising.

Be honest and get along with your food without any rewards or punishments.

How to eat so that the body does not need “cleansing”

Reduce tea and coffee consumption

Drink a few cups a day during working hours and in the office. Now we are at home, and this exhilarating effect is not so necessary. Of course, it’s okay if everything is limited to morning coffee, but often a variety of sweets and pastries are added to these drinks. 

So a cup of coffee or tea is the reason to eat delicious food again. With these snacks, you can collect authentic meals with a lot of calories.

Customize your meal plan

There is breakfast, lunch, supper and everything else-you shouldn’t do this at the kitchen table. This helps protect you from eating food on your computer and watching movies and TV series.

Refuse frequent meals

It’s so easy to eat so many foods during the day that it’s the same as another day in terms of calories.

Home cooking is prioritized

Cooked homemade foods are less harmful than fast foods and convenience foods from stores. In addition, we choose the products we cook ourselves.

Do not serve sweets on the kitchen table

This is a custom that many have survived since the Soviet era. As a rule, these are candies, cookies, nuts, dried fruits, or just fruits. Such foods will attract attention and you will want to make another snack or eat something impulsively. 

Since you consume something every 30 minutes, your meals throughout the day are integrated into one. When there is no free gap without food, we overload the digestive glands and interfere with the secretion of digestive hormones. 

If your mouth is always busy with food, you will have metabolic disorders that are detrimental to your health.

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detox cleanse

A balanced diet is the best detox cleanse

Detox cleanse: The best way to purge your body and rid it of its toxins is to adopt a healthy diet, if possible organic, and which provides all the nutrients and micro-nutrients essential for health, as part of a lifestyle. healthy and in an environment conducive to health. Under these conditions, and at regular intervals (especially at changes of season), a few days of detox will prove to be extremely effective.

We saw above that  toxins tend to accumulate in our fats . Weight loss is therefore one of the first steps to take to lead to a better general state of health and ultimately a detoxified body!

Also note that the best detox is often the one that arises deep within you, such as when, one morning when you wake up, you do not want breakfast but to drink a lemon juice or just a glass of tea. ‘water. Your body is smart enough to send you messages. It is in your best interest to listen to them.

Interesting physical activity, quality nutritional intake, fulfilling social life, good morale, less stress, better sleep, less fat… All of these tips are good for being in good health.(Detox cleanse)

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