Difficult Teens Season 4 Cast, Release Date and More

The life of the guys in the correctional center is getting harder and harder. It is quite logical that the public is trying to figure out when the 4 seasons of the television series “Difficult Teens” will be released – the heroes still have a lot of problems to solve. Well, let’s try to predict the decisions of the creators – join us.

On a happy note, season 3 ended, the final is lost, Kovalev remains in the center, which means that there will be a release date for season 4 of “Difficult Teens”! And we are not expecting the premiere of new episodes until autumn 2022 !

Kovalev is now a teacher

Difficult Teens is a Russian drama about children who study at a social center. Once a new football coach comes to the educational institution – former professional player Artem Kovalev. 

No, it was not part of his plans to go to work with children, but after a row in a cafe and his imprisonment in prison, he simply had no other options.

The release date of Chapter 3 took place in October 2021 and gave the public a new portion of thrills – the guys had new trials, including Lena’s pregnancy, Phil’s uncertainty and an unexpected turn in the relationship between Gena and Zhenya . 

Even the lone wolf Plato at the end of the season found himself a girlfriend. Something the heroes were able to solve during the episodes shown, but something remained unresolved. 

At least – the internal contradictions of the guys, which do not allow them to lead a normal life without constant adventures – from innocent to deadly.

Difficult Teens Season 4

And although the denouement of the third part has already been shown, many are waiting for the big barefoot on more tv to announce the extension of the TV series “Difficult Teens” for a 4 season, and every fan of this story is looking for a release date for the new series. 

First of all, the public wants a real happy ending , which has not happened yet – after all, it is not easy to turn from a problem teenager into a simple child, even if it has already matured.

In fact, there is little doubt that the show will be extended. Primarily because the show has excellent ratings above average. In addition, the public notes the topicality of the story, its relevance, and not so much for a teenage audience, but for adults who want to find an approach to their children. 

If everything goes according to plan and the movie bosses continue to adhere to traditions, then we will be able to see the new episodes of our favorite project in the fall of 2022 .

Difficult Teens Season 4


The plot of the continuation of the tape is still a mystery, but you can already predict the cast of the 4th season. Vitaly Andreev and Anastasia Krylov remain unambiguously in their roles. 

Fans are so imbued with the story of their characters that they now dream of a reunion of performers in real life. Timofey Yeletsky, Alena Shvidenkova, Mila Ershova will return. And, of course, Nikita Volkov is the main guide in the life of troubled children .

Passions are running high, and not only are difficult teens waiting for the release date of season 4 on more tv, but thousands of their fans as well. We are waiting for an official statement andgetting ready for a fresh batch of trouble

Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
4 × 01Autumn 2022 the year
4 × 02autumn 2022
4 × 03autumn 2022
4 × 04autumn 2022
4 × 052022
4 × 062022
4 × 072022
4 × 082022


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