What is Mental illness: Anguish Definition and Physical Stress Disease

What is mental illness?

Prolonged sitting in an anxious mind can lead to Mental and Physical stress, which can lead to High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease,shortness of breath, indigestion, headaches, insomnia, and body cramps.

Humans have been living in the embrace of nature since the creation of the Earth, with some of the changing climates of the year changing, as well as changing the way humans eat food.  In the same way, there is a disease that does not affect the body.  

From all the birds to the great beasts of the field, from the beasts of the field to the wild beasts of the earth;  Think of me as your father, keep yourself away, always try to fill your mind with happiness, taste, taste, me and my mind.

When the fruit of a fool’s eye is filled with hope, happiness, happiness, and the need for three things, the human mind begins to become an exception. Suffering,grief, misery, pain, staff, and many thoughts are out of my mind.  It gradually worsens, causing anxiety.

 Human beings are suffering from congenital diseases.  Failure to get close results, failures in home-affairs, failures in love-affairs, failures in love life, business, higher education, kakiri, failing to get a position can overwhelm the mind and make the day go by. 

This concern after a long sign, the mind blinks, and some of the creams show off their mental and physical appearance. 

According to Ayurveda Shastu, ‘Dharmarsha Kama Ramakshani Kapunkajalib’s house is the home of the human race, religion, money, work, mind, so long as it is old-fashioned.

According to Ayurveda Shastu, ‘Dharmarsha Kama Ramakshani Kapunkajalib’s house is the home of most human beings, religion, money, work, mind, so long asit is old, let it be fulfilled.

In the aftermath of modernity, our drinking people, unity, culture and fatherhood,social rituals, daily food and drink habits, realistic thoughts with religion, nay, Kachatard, sometimes with the idea of ​​evil, are working day and night.

There is a high risk of developing a mental illness with various mental illnesses in the body, with anxiety aroused in the Human mind and transformed into birth anxiety.

prolonged confinement in a troubled mind can lead to stress, diabetes, heart disease, shortness of breath, indigestion, headaches, insomnia, and so on.  Mom is worried about the accident, she is in the throes of something serious. 

It has a negative effect on the mental state of the mind and has a detrimental effect on the body.

If we hear any tragic news, such as a threat to life, a loss of dignity, an insult to the dignity of Gina, Gina is very angry at the incident.

As the speed increases, so do the symptoms of feeling good in the province, sweating from the body, etc. When a person’s mind is upset, there is also a change in the nature.

Appreciating all these evils in daily life can have a detrimental effect on the mind and can lead to a variety of diseases, both mental and physical.

Anguish definition

If you are worried for a long time, you will get a juice called Adrenalin in the body.The secretion of this juice in the body causes high blood pressure and high Blood sugar.

Makes In the distorted mind of man, anger arises because the desires of the mind are not fulfilled according to the feces.  “It simply came to our notice then.  

As we become more and more angry, the body’s most valuable and most important ingredient, the ‘ol’ energy, becomes widely used.  ‘Ola’ in the human body  It is the best metal, according to Ayurveda scriptures, it is the immune system in our body.

The intellect loses its power and harms others as well as its own.  atrocity is the result of human anger and pride. 

We see the sorrows of others, the softening of the heart, or the hardening in the face of sorrow, but it is a natural sign in true and real circumstances. 
However, this trait of the accipitral man is ruined and as a result he hurts himself by hurting others.  By looking at all these things, we can know that by living a positive life with truth, religion, justice and positive thoughts. 
we can find peace of mind in life as well as various Mental and physical Ailments.  We can live a long life away from the body.
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