What is a Domain Name? Domain VS Subdomain

What is a Domain Name? The domain name is the equivalent of your postal address on the internet. A subdomain is another domain under the name of a domains.

The domain name or internet address is the equivalent of your postal address on the internet. suppose you have a website for blog or any business propose. how customers will find your website on the web? for example: Each web server is characterized by a unique numeric code.

This is the IP address, which enables a web browser to specifically identify and address hosts and corresponding web content.

These sets of numbers are usually not disclosed to web users, and for good reason: IP addresses like, for example, are difficult to remember and prone to typos. An alphanumeric addressing technique is thus established when loading a website.

domain name

A domain refers to the unique and precise name that characterizes a limited section of the Internet, such as a website for example. For internet users, a domain often looks like this: www.example.com.

Domain Name System (DNS)

As an essential part of a URL ( Uniform Resource Locators), a domain tells us where a resource is located in the structured hierarchy of the Domain Name System (DNS) . The translation of a domain into IP addresses is carried out using this system.

These are specialized web servers responsible for resolving names and IP addresses.

This service works in the same way as telephone information: the user types the domain name www.example.com in the search bar of his web browser and the latter will send a request to the appropriate server name.

This is where the entry www.example.com will be loaded into the database and will transmit the registered IP address to the browser.

Domain Name Examples

  • Example.com
  • Example.in
  • Example.net
  • Example.org


What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is another domain under the name of a domain on the Internet. Domain names are managed in a hierarchical structure separated by “.” ( Dot , period ), and any number of domain names can be placed below any domain name in any hierarchy.

At this time, the lower domain name set under a certain domain name is called a subdomain.

For Example: https://example.com

The URL contains two parts:

  • The protocol (https:) is a set of criteria for the browser to send the request to the server.
  • Domain, example.com or the URL of the main website. The domain consists of two parts:
    • The TLD (Top Level Domain), which is part of .com (or other domain extension ), and
    • SLD (second level domain), themes, namely, from your registrar domain name .

The subdomain contains the second name before the SLD. For example, if the example blog is hosted on https://blog.example.com or you create a website on blogger.com with your domain name for example “helopanda” then your domain comes with “blogspot”.( Helopanda.com = Helopanda.blogspot.com) the blog/blogspot will be a subdomain.

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