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In May 2021, we got acquainted with a new project with a hint of historicity, and now we are discussing its future. We got the information about when to wait for season 2 of the drama called “Domina” and collected all the data in one place. Join and find out when new episodes will be released and what the bosses have plans for the picture.

The main news is that there will be a continuation and the release date of Domina season 2 will take place in the first half of 2023 , the exact day of the premiere is still being specified!

From naivety to dominance

Domina is a collaboration between British and Italian film bosses. Initially, the tape was announced as a mini-series, so the continuation of the “Lady” is the second name of the tape, no one was particularly expecting. It turned out in vain.

The events of Domina began to develop in 42 BC. The main character is Livia Drusilla. While still a very young fifteen-year-old girl, she marries Tiberius Claudius Nero. 

Already after the conclusion of the marriage, it becomes clear that it is stupid to expect serious decisions from the husband , because he turned out to be a very unpleasant and weak person. 

After the marriage, the girl wants to keep Antigone, a black assistant, with her. Livia’s father gives freedom to a dark-skinned slave, and she sets off for her mistress.

domina season 2

At the same time, a fierce war is going on in the vicinity, which takes many lives. A young and inexperienced woman will have to endure the pain of loss, part with friends and try not to go crazy in this world full of cruelty and human stupidity. She will be able to overcome trials and become a real mistress, but this path will not be easy.

Domina Season 2 Release date

Few knew about the tape “Domina“, so the premiere was quiet – only lovers of historical dramas paid attention to the novelty. Nevertheless, the audience liked the story of a strong and powerful mistress, so Epix decided to renew the Domina series for season 2, the release date of which will take place in the first half of 2023.

The bosses have not yet revealed the details, but they have hinted that in the upcoming issues we will have to observe the Roman Empire from an unusual point of view. The mistress now became a woman, which was unusual for people of that time. 

It is known that the heroine will have to put one of her sons on the throne, fight for the life of her brother and find those who can be trusted . But the Lady should be on the alert – in this turbulent time, even a close friend can turn out to be a traitor.

Cast members

An exact release date hasn’t been set yet, but that doesn’t stop us from discussing Domina’s cast, which is likely to remain unchanged in Chapter 2. So, the role of the lady is played by Kasia Smutnyak

She was played by Nadia Parks at a young age. Antigone, the slave girl rescued by her mistress, is embodied by Colette Dalal Chancho. Also in the film “Domina” play Liam Cunningham, Isabella Rossellini, Enzo Cilenti and others.

We will find out what other difficulties Domina will face after the release date of season 2, but for now you have time to watch the first episodes and get to know the performers better – there are a lot of worthy works in their filmography .

Season 2 episode schedule

Series numberSeries nameRelease date
2×01early 2023 _

Domina official trailer

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