Doom Patrol (Season 4) Release Date and Trailer

No sooner had the third chapter of the tape ended, as users had already inundated the creators with questions about the further fate of the show. Of course, leading the list of requests is the desire to know when Season 4 of Doom Patrol will be released. 

We are ready to open the curtain and share the latest news regarding the sequel.

And although no one names the exact day when the release date of season 4 of “Doom Patrol” will take place, we assume that the premiere of the new episodes should not be expected earlier – October 6, 2022 ! 

“Not like that” superheroes

Doom Patrol is an American TV series based on DC comics. The first chapter was shown to the public in 2019 and 3 parts of the show have been released since then. 

Several key characters are at the center of events – a mad scientist, a former racer, a pilot exposed to radiation, a girl with a mental disorder, an actress who has lost her beauty and a cyborg guy. 

Together, they are non-standard superheroes who, although different from the usual superhuman, still managed to find an application for their powers.

Recently, the DC Fandom fan event took place, where the creators did not torment the audience and have already renewed the Doom Patrol series for the 4th season, and the release date for the new series is expected next fall. 

This is not to say that it was unexpected news – throughout all the chapters, the project keeps stable ratings above average and avoids criticism from viewers. The plot develops systematically, logically, although sometimes unexpectedly. 

The audience is interested in watching unusual characters, so the release date was only a matter of time.

Of course, it is premature to talk about the plot – the extension took place even before the denouement of the third part, which will largely affect the further development of events. 

But, we are sure that the details of the continuation will also appear soon – since the creators made it a rule not to torment, then in terms of information, they will also probably adhere to it.

But there is no doubt about it, so it is in the cast. Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Joyvan Wade Matt Bomer and Brendan Fraser will return to their roles. 

Although, of course, bosses can surprise and remove some of the key heroes –this is not often in the film world, but it happens.

Doom Patrol season 4

Curious facts

Well, since information about the upcoming sequel is now tight, we propose to brighten up the waiting with a portion of entertaining facts about your favorite tape – admit it, were all of them familiar to you?

  • The famous American actress Alexandra Daddario really wanted to play in the project and even auditioned, but her candidacy was rejected without finding a suitable character;
  • Patrol first appeared on the pages of the comic in 1963. Interestingly, around the same time, the X-Men from Marvel came out, where the team was also led by a man in a wheelchair. Coincidence?
  • In the original, that is, in the comic version, all the characters on the patrol were killed. Rumor has it that DC could not compete with the X-Men and decided to kill their characters in the literal sense of the word.

They provoked all the fans a little and now not only the Doom Patrol is waiting for the release date of season 4, but also millions of viewers around the planet. We hope the premiere will not take too long .

Season 4 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries namerelease date
4 × 016 October 2022 the year
4 × 02October 6 , 2022
4 × 03October 13 , 2022
4 × 04October 20 , 2022
4 × 05October 27 , 2022
4 × 06November 3 , 2022
4 × 07November 10 , 2022
4 × 08November 17 , 2022
4 × 09November 24 , 2022
4 × 10December 1 , 2022


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