How to Download MP3 from YouTube | 100% Copyright Free MP3

Download mp3 from YouTube is an easy process, if you want to download mp3 on any smartphone or computer or you want to use copyright free music in your YouTube channel or any video then you are at right place.

We are here today to know How to download mp3 from YouTube on your smartphone or computer with simple and easy method.

Download MP3 from YouTube

If you suddenly did not know, then YouTube is considered one of the leading search engines in the world.

Naturally, it is far from the “classic” Google search engine, but YouTube is head and shoulders ahead of other, less popular search engines. The main reason for this is that YouTube stores a lot of content, including music.

Therefore, now users most often use YouTube to listen to MP3 or download mp3. MP3 is the easiest to find on YouTube. Only there is a problem – if we do not consider YouTube Premium then you cannot download music from YouTube without additional tools – this is the company’s policy.

 YouTube Premium

YouTube videos and music are protected by copyright, you can’t use directly or download. The content has rightful owners, which are essentially piracy. We also do not recommend breaking the rules.

If you want to download mp3 copyright free from YouTube for your videos or anything else you can use YouTube own YouTube studio for copyright free MP3.

How to Download MP3 from YouTube?

YouTube studio is a YouTube tool where you can easily manage your YouTube account. To go to YouTube studio, you can also download its APP on your smartphone or you can type on any browser, both on your smartphone or computer. Then Go to Audio Library where you can download mp3 free.

 YouTube audio library to download mp3

100% Copyright Free MP3

YouTube has its own mp3 library, where there are millions of such music that you can download directly from YouTube to your phone or computer.

All mp3 is free to use, here you will not get any paid mp3 nor if you use mp3 in any video then copyright will come. So you can download mp3 without any worries.

How To Download MP3 From 3rd Parties Software

There are many software available in the internet right now from which you can download youtube video, youtube mp3. Some of which are named vidmate, 9Convert and y2mate.



Vidmate is a software in which you can download video (144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD, 360p HD) and mp3 (128k, 48k,256k) Free.


9Convert mp3 downloader

In 9Convert you can download mp3 from YouTube easily. Copy the YouTube video URL and paste in the search-bar of 9Converto. The service analyzes the video for some time after which it prompts us to select the MP3 quality Then it will Convert YouTube video to MP3 files for free.


y2mate mp3 downloader

This service is very similar to the previous one. A special video to mp3 converter is located at this address: We enter the URL of the page with music in the line. the service immediately finds this music and offers us to choose the quality. You can choose both mp3 quality and mp4 quality.

Disclaimer: YouTube videos and music are protected by copyright, you can’t use directly or download. The content has rightful owners, which are essentially piracy. We also do not recommend to break the rules.

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