Elite Season 6 (Netflix) New Episodes Release Date

Elite Season 6 (Netflix): Some shows are so popular that fans’ questions outpace the movie bosses. So, for example, the audience began to wonder when the 6th season of Elite will be released on Netflix even before the premiere of the fifth chapter. 

Well, for all the impatient ones, we learned about the plans of the creators and are ready to share them.

Elite season 6 release date

Many have heard about the extension of the Elite series for season 6, but no one knows the exact release date yet, but we assume that the premiere should not be expected until spring 2023 !

Dregs and golden youth

Elite season is a youth series about students of a prestigious school. By chance, three guys from poor families get into the walls of a prestigious educational institution and instantly fall into a funnel of intrigue, bias and other delights. 

Relations between the poor and the golden youth are tense, but everything changes when both the elite and the newly minted classmates find themselves embroiled in a horrific crime story . Now they are in the same boat, and to rock it is to set themselves up.

Several seasons have passed since the moment described above. Many actors left the Elite, disappointing fans, but others immediately took their place. 

A large-scale castling of the cast took place in the fourth chapter, when the main acting characters left the school, the city and, of course, the screens. Critics predicted that this would kill interest in the project, but they were wrong – Elite continued to interest the public and soon received a release date for Part 5. 

But the most curious thing is that the bosses decided not to stop there , and again, Netflix, without waiting for the premiere of new episodes, extended the Elite television series for season 6, the release date of which should be expected next summer.

elite season 6

In fact, the decision was logical – during the existence of the show, it keeps quite high ratings, which only slightly sank after the premiere of Chapter 4 with an updated cast. 

Of course, there were those who criticized the Elite, which has changed a lot with the advent of new characters, butmost of the audience supported the decision, calling what happened a great way to freshen up the project.

As for the 6th season of Elite, nothing is clear with it yet. The fact is that the filmmakers announced the extension in advance, even before the 5th part was released. Of course, talking about the plot, cast and other details is premature. 

The situation will change when the final episodes already filmed come out and we get closer to the day of the premiere of the sequel. The only thing we know is that in the new series, Carmen Arrufat will join the cast, but who she will play is not reported.


The development of Elite began in 2017. Then the authors received an order to create a teenage show, but not typical for modern television, but with a new look. Soon the sketches were ready and submitted to Netflix . The streaming service highly appreciated the idea, so they agreed to implement it.

That’s all. Now everyone is holding their breath and even the Elite continues to wait for the release date of season 6 of the crime drama from Netflix. Plot details, names of actors and other details will be clarified closer to the premiere .

Schedule of all episodes of Elite season 6

Series numberSeries nameRelease date
6×01spring- summer 2023
6×02spring-summer 2023
6×03spring-summer 2023


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