Elon Musk Success Story: Elon Musk’s Philosophy of Success

The creator, the game changer, the person who reads from the library books and learns to make rockets into the sky-Elon Musk-the person who created Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla.

For Musk, “another day in the office” means that he can launch the Tesla sports car into orbit in one more day, or complete one of his SpaceX rocket launches.

Whether we want to be an innovative entrepreneur or an innovative employee, many of us can learn from this real life the success philosophy of “Iron Man“. Here is an example of how Musk chased his dream, so you can do it too.

1.Reading Orientation

School courses will end, but self-education will never end. “Do you know: What you don’t know and everything you know are in it.” Musk said, he read “Encyclopedia Britannica” when he was a child.

When you and I were reading graphic novels and watching TV, Musk absorbed an encyclopedia. The knowledge of making rockets is derived from Musk’s self-reading from library books. Are your reading habits the same?

Social media posts and articles are very attractive, but your knowledge is limited. Reading can expand your horizons and provide you with new insights and ideas. It’s no surprise that the best readers are the greatest income earners in society.

2.Don’t spend all your money on advertising

Musk will not waste resources on advertising. Instead, he asked himself: “Will this activity lead to better products or services? If not, I will stop these efforts.” As a businessman, it is difficult for me to understand.

But I understand Musk’s point of view. High-quality products will bring many good reputations. Focus on this first, and success will follow.

3.Like work

Elon Musk is a famous workaholic. He often works up to 100 hours a week between multiple companies. No one says you have to do this, but next time you remember when you are tired, remember Elon.

When you are underpowered, remember Elon. He is setting the pace to advance himself. If you don’t do this, you may be burying your potential.

4.Take risks before living in ease

The best time to become an entrepreneur is when you are young. “As you get older, your responsibilities will increase,” Musk said. “Therefore, I encourage you to take risks now and do some bold things.

You will not regret it.” As you grow older, adventures also affect your family and children. Needless to say, the partner’s time will be much less. On the contrary, when you have no other responsibilities or time commitments, take a risk immediately.

5.Love your shareholders like family

The best leaders treat customers, colleagues, or shareholders like family members. For example, Musk regularly expresses gratitude to customers via Twitter. It looks like a small gesture, but people will notice it.

Many senior executives have learned something from Musk’s example, such as Maulik Parekh, President and CEO of SPi CRM. He explained: “Our most valuable asset is our employees.” “If we take care of them, then they will take care of the business.

What we do for employees is for your customers. Like Musk, take the time to get out Your office establishes the foundation for your business through the relationship between employees and customers, which will win the victory for our employees.

6.Create rather than complain

Most people complain about traffic problems. But Musk did not complain about this problem, but looked for a solution. This led to The Boring Company, which tried to reduce road congestion by creating a tunnel system. Building the future for yourself is the best way to achieve the desired result.

This is a lesson for Wolfie’s Mike Kogan to help his company grow. He said: “Complaints are a signal of a problem to be resolved.” “Focusing on complaints is a great way to find innovative ideas that people actually need.”

7.The plan is successful but the preparation fails

There is no successful crystal ball. Even Elon Musk can’t predict the outcome of Tesla Motors. But as he explained: “If something is important enough, even if the possible result is failure, you should try.” If you care about something, you should make every effort to realize your dream.

At the same time, be prepared just in case. If you already have a backup plan, it will be easier to recover from failures.

8.Don’t follow the trend, create the trend

elon musk
Elon Musk

“Don’t follow the trend,” Elon Musk said. The most successful companies focus on innovation. They will not try to chase the game. “Focus on what makes yourself different, not following others.”

9.Establish a feedback loop

There is always room for improvement. As Musk said: “It is very important to establish a feedback loop. You need to keep thinking about what you are doing and how to do better.

I think that is the best advice: keep thinking about how to do better and question yourself. “Healthy Living Network founder Jason Bliss said that he lives on Musk’s advice. He said: “Don’t be afraid of negative criticism.” “It usually reveals key insights that you can’t find yourself.”

10.Find benefits in doing things

You don’t have to completely change the world in order to “do good.” However, you should always try to provide real value.

As Musk said: “If you create something that is of high value to people… Frankly speaking, even for something, it’s like a little game, or an improvement in photo sharing, Or something that I think is good for many people.

Things don’t need to change the world just to be better.” Look for positive reasons in the work you do. No matter how small, it will help you be more motivated.

No matter what your goal is in life, adopting Elon Musk’s habits and mentality will help you achieve your goals.The extra effort you make today will have a significant impact tomorrow.

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