Equality Between Animals and Humans

Equality Between Animals and Humans

Believe it or not, the community that has created a normal vat in Puri has never been a Hindu or a whole family.  Without it, the creature of the rotor is surrounded by green creatures. (Animals and Humans)


This has been proven by many studies over the past 50 years that science is also accepting our current trend of belief; in the acceptance of human beings as evidence.


Both the left and right passages of the Human Brain perform different functions.“It simply came to our notice then. Kudagamstis divides its mental process into two parts.

So that its right hemorrhage (Left Hemisphere) detects unexpected reactions and categorizes various reactions based on the experience of Right atrial atrophy of the Left hemisphere. Iksya Vishnu on the spot of Chahan Hamiyar’s past; but the work of the Hemiyar’s paddy sows the paddy.
Such work has been researched by the University of New England. These two actions of the chicken were examined as if to locate a fox as the falling grain sown behind a round stone fell on its head.
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were singing a song that was ringing in your head?




But Dolphin can do.Five dolphins in an aquatic park in Planet Sauvigne; France, are said to have sounded like whales late at night.Martin Hilfiger, an ecologist at the University of Rhine-Westphalia, found out that.


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Remember the incident of your mother screaming after leaving the lob?
 According to Kaluna K.Canel Oljun, a researcher on goats,goats are also teething(published in the company in 2013).
Separating her mother from the tree, she sneezes (Very Loudly).Hengy’s smart development also develops; as the development of various human-sounding styles of shilanti to inform the gums when it is time for them to eat.It depends on where you live and where you live.
According to a 2012 study by commentators Bipper and McKee-Ligat, the voices or backs of goats grazing in Gupta or Gupta are often more similar.
Yogurt in different guppies distinguishes the voices of children; while their voices are similar.One week and five weeks later; Cheney’s voice was similar.
A couple of snowflakes said a lot of problems in the goats’ voices.Their voices were mutually exclusive;It also happens in the case of trees.
A study has been conducted after UK dairy farmers learned of the differences between some cattle breeders.  On a regional basis, human grains are similar to cows.

 animals and humans

If we look at the relationship, the story of how the unborn child hears the story of the unborn child in Makar is told in the Mahabharata.  Abhimanyu chuckles at the thought of being pregnant when the two men are told about the cyclone.  


The issue’s end has the recaptured Doomsday in the control of the rest of the world.  Pregnant mothers are often seen talking to their unborn child in a tutu or chudi.  


It also happens in the field of animals, The mother talks to the baby before the baby swells.He cooks this when the eggs are heat or when they are place around the stomach.  The Eggshells remain in their brains today.  


As a result; the mother of the other mother pass away after the baby is born.  How do they react to mother-in-law’s assurance that they will be release in the final stages of hatching and that they are safe? 


It has also been shown that; base on the perception and qualification of the twins;the mother-in-law learns to teach them less than the quintessential child, so the mother slows down her education.  

Just as our two chariots ate and drank badly, so did our mother-in-law’s chickens to eat healthy and delicious food, according to a recent study.

Equality between animals and humansAnimals and Humans


It trained chickens to identify the color of their favorite food and the color of the inappropriate food.Later; in a separate room, the chickens were given less food to their chicks.
 While they were eating; Mother Habukuda was release to protect her.”The rescue squad wasn’t call for him,”she told the Associated Press.First and foremost,he always goes.
In the case of Humans; that is the basis of the animal’s bridge.
Prashil thinks, burns and behaves like us, which can be denied by a narcissist.  What can we do to Saman by torturing the Hanians?  “It simply came to our notice then.
The male bird swells its throat and begins to sing its throat in an attractive way. This is because the birds do not weigh Less than 10 kg.  Do they know why they sing like this?
The wind-the fountain and the fountains of other animals also pass by.The companion did not hear any more words, only to return to his graduation.(Animals and Humans)

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