Evil Season 3 Release on June 12, 2022

Evil Season 3 is going to release on June 12, 2022. Is there really a place for mysticism in the modern world? Or is everything that happens easy to explain? 

The answers to these questions will be given by the premiere of season 3 of the television series “Evil”, which has already been appointed by the creators. Well, what the continuation will tell about – you will find out further.

Evil Season 3 Release date June 12, 2022

Paramount+’s supernatural/horror drama this Wednesday cryptically teased and then ultimately revealed. But first, let’s find out the exact release date for Evil season 3, Release Date of Evil Season 3 which is already scheduled for June 12, 2022 , don’t miss it!

Evil Season 3 Insights 

“Evil” is a drama with thriller elements that was released in the fall of 2019. Kristen Bouchan is a criminal psychologist. She helps the New York City Attorney’s Office to convict the perpetrators of crimes and prove their sanity, even if the defendants claim that they have been possessed by the devil.

The heroine’s career is going well – she easily debunks all the arguments about the mystical influence on a person .

Everything changes when David Acosta appears in her entourage. A new acquaintance is sure that not everything in this life can be rationally explained – sometimes evil really has mystical roots.

Through a series of accidents and fateful decisions, future priest David and stubborn psychologist Kristen begin to work together. Soon the woman realizes that her rational approach does not always work . One day, real evil breaks into her life, and no logic will help here.

The continuation of this fascinating story, saturated with mysticism and evil, was announced last summer – after the film moved from CBS. The new owner of Paramount+ not only renewed Evil for a third season, but also announced the release date for new episodes, which will begin airing on June 12, 2022.

By the way, moving a picture to a new location can mean not only its extension, but also greater dynamics in the plot. CBS quite severely restricts projects, not giving creators freedom. The new platform is much more loyal – perhaps in the upcoming chapter, evil will run rampant in earnest.

Evil Season 3 Cast

  • Dalya Knapp plays Laura Bouchard
  • Christine Lahti plays Sheryl Luria
  • Michael Emerson plays Dr. Leland Townsend
  • Ashley Edner portrays Abbey
  • Renee Elise Goldsberry plays Renee Harris
  • Sister Andrea is played by Andrea Martin
  • Patrick Brammall plays Andy Bouchard
  • Boris McGiver plays Monseigneur Matthew Korecki
  • Peter Scolari plays Bishop Thomas Marx
  • Katja Herbers plays Dr. Kristen Bouchard
  • Mike Colter plays David Acosta
  • Danny Burstein plays D.A. Lewis Cormier
  • Noah Robbins plays Sebastian Lewin
  • Darren Pettie plays Orson LeRoux
  • Karen Pittman plays Caroline Hopkins
  • Li Jun Li plays Grace Ling
  • Sohina Sidhu plays Karima Shakir
  • Aasif Mandvi plays Ben Shakir
  • Kurt Fuller plays Dr. Kurt Boggs
  • Marti Matulis plays George
  • Kristen Connolly plays Mira Byrd
  • Clark Johnson plays Father Amara
  • Brooklyn Shuck plays Lynn Bouchard
  • Lila Bouchard plays Skylar Gray
  • Maddy Crocco plays Lexis Bouchard

Evil Season 3 Announcement

Along with the release date information, the bosses have also released a short synopsis. Thanks to the announcement, it became clear that the events of the latest series of “Evil” will develop immediately after the denouement of the previous chapter. Recall that the long-awaited kiss took place in the finale . 

This event changes the reality of the main characters – they will have to get used to the new state of affairs. Further complicating the situation is David’s connection to spies. Title roles continue to be played by Katya Herbers and Mike Colter.

Many tests have been prepared for the characters and soon they will fall on them, because the picture “Evil” has already received a release date for season 3. 

The spooky, tense and intriguing adventure continues as new investigations lie ahead that give goosebumps and heart attacks to the public. Get your sedative ready!

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Evil Season 3 episode schedule

Series numberSeries nameRelease dates
3×01June 12 , 2022
3×02June 19 , 2022
3×03June 26 , 2022
3×04July 3 , 2022
3×05July 10 , 2022
3×06July 17 , 2022
3×07July 24 , 2022
3×08July 31 , 2022
3×09August 7 , 2022
3×10August 14 , 2022


Evil Season 3 Trailer
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