Facebook,WhatsApp and Instagram Server Down: How to Fix?

Are you facing the same problem? Does your Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram not work either? Read this article to know how to fix this problem.(server down problem)

Are you also switching the phone from switch off to on again and again? Did you feel for some time that your internet is not working? Were you also trying to put your phone on airplane mode again and again? You will get the answer of these questions in this article.

On October 4, around 8 pm, when I tried to run Instagram from my phone, the page was not loading at all. Then I tried a lot again thought that the internet data must have ended. But I was wrong.

Then I went to WhatsApp, there was a similar situation there. And those who may be running Facebook also know that the page was not loading. Then I tried a lot like you in the network affair. From unlocking the sim of the phone, reaching out to friends and customer care service.

Because in today’s time Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are all that part of people’s life which people do not want to lose and cannot stay away even for a moment. An example of this is October 4, 2021. I know you must have felt the same way I felt, but don’t worry.

Just wait for some time all the services will be restored and will start working automatically.

Why are WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Not Working?

Some time ago WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook stopped working. But the question in your mind will be that how all three stopped together?

Let me tell you that Facebook actually has both WhatsApp and Instagram companies. So as soon as there was a disturbance in the services of Facebook, It also affected the rest of those social platforms Instagram and WhatsApp and all three stopped working together.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram not working, server down

When Facebook’s server went down, the rest of the WhatsApp and Instagram servers went down. That’s why you and I had to face some problems. Let’s know what statement Facebook gave about this issue.

What statement has been given by Facebook, regarding WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram?

There is a statement from Facebook that: All over the world, the servers of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have been down (server down), we are sorry for this inconvenience. We are working to get things back to normal and users will get updates as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Facebook: We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Mike Schroepfer: *Sincere* apologies to everyone impacted by outages of Facebook powered services right now. We are experiencing networking issues and teams are working as fast as possible to debug and restore as fast as possible

Maybe when you are reading this article, then this problem must have been solved. If still not then don’t worry after sometime it will be normal again and will start working again. 🙂

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