Faith Game and Judge Faith


Faith : It  may not be the same thing to have a certificate of proficiency in a lot of knowledge and intellect, and to become a perfect believer and a true sage. 


To be enlightened by the colorful Vedas, to be enriched by many, and to be embodied in the hearts of others by attaining the excellence of a True personality, these two must be different.It is difficult to say that a devotee who can worship the deity daily and bless the gods inside the temple daily for thousands of devotees. 


Because faith is far removed, some do not believe in their own lives. Too often, we seem to be living life to the fullest. Because we don’t have faith in our own lives and we don’t have faith in game and judge faithThere is nothing as a good life. To love now means to love. Spatula-Being sympathetic. That is my life, the life of someone else.


I am so happy to be released. I don’t know what’s going on.I don’t want to, but that’s not the only problem. We are always busy to focusing on ourselves. 


In our opinion, the road to our happiness must be a wide highway.Kalcam, if another kangaroo flesh has fallen and is it filled with the hell of someone’s life for our salvation.It only caught our Attention at that time.I rarely think about it.



Faith Over Fear

A person who has obtained a number of certificates as a master of many sciences, in fact, has to pretend that he is a master of more knowledge than he is a Master of knowledge


He knows exactly how good the temple priest is, how much faith he has in Rushner, and how close he is to God. But keep that secret, he has to pretend that he is close to God. 



That’s why he tries to create the impression in his mind, in his attire, in his robes, in his cheetah consciousness, and in his mantras, that he is very aware of his own people-worshipers.



Many of whom may be among the thousands of ordinary autumnal devotees who come to him. Because of their honesty, because of their arrogance and honesty, because of their activities.


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faith game and judge faith


Realizing that his or her dress is True, that his or her actions are true, that he or she does not believe in Superstitions , Costumes , or Sensuality



True knowledge is not in any certificate Once upon a time, several pastors, including Manish Leo Tolstoy, realized that she was a herein, even though they tried to give her a lot of information about God, but she was not able to remove her heroism. 



When they examined it, they found that he was not ready to accept the facts. Tolstoy’s zeal was to find out who owned those lands in the context of discussions about any nearby land on the occasion of the farewell to the pastors. That one word proved it.



The pastors realized how narrow their faith was, and how strong their faith in this atheist they thought they were! Is it our government school?



Whether it’s our government school or the hospital, and above all the broken walls on the walls of different departments and the uniforms of Doctors, Nurses, Teachers , and staff from different offices. 



The society’s beliefs and hopes were mixed up with that war, and perhaps those coffins were not able to keep the faith and water in the water. Long before independence, independence.


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Long before independence, they have sacrificed their lives in many parts of the country for independence. 


When they sacrificed their lives; they must have placed a lot of faith and hope in the future citizens of the country that; if they were to be liberated, the next generation would take their toll. 


Then they no longer have to worry about freedom. 


They will only think of moving the country forward. He will soon be one of the top five and lead his country in a leading role. But why? 


Are we keeping their faith and hope alive for generations to come? Didn’t we scatter all that in the stream of selfishness? 


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