Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Release Date and Trailer

Nothing can stop zombies from another invasion, and people from a new skirmish. Fans are also ready for the carnage and are already waiting for the release of season 8 of the television series “Fear the Walking Dead“. Well, we will tell you when to expect a sequel and what events can expect the characters of the exciting drama.

I know it’s too early to talk about the release date for season 8 of “Fear the Walking Dead”, but if it takes place in October 2022 , why not talk about it.

The dead still walk

Recall that the tape is a spin-off of the original show “The Walking Dead”. Events are developing in Los Angeles, and simultaneously with the original. 

It all starts with the family of a single mother, counselor Madison, and teacher Travis Manava. All of them are trying to preserve life in a new world, where there is no longer a place for cowardice and fear.

Information that the bosses decided to give the show a sequel came even before the final of the second half of the seventh part. The second half of season 7 takes us into the near future. 

Several months have passed since the violent explosion. And while the Strand was completely safe in the tower, the others knew the beauty of what had happened . Now they are full of rage and anger, which lead to drastic measures.

Fear the Walking Dead

Since at the time of the extension, the viewers have not yet seen the final episodes of the last chapter, there is no information about the plot of the fresh episodes. 

The day of the release has also become a mystery – as you understand, the big bosses from AMC have already extended the picture “Fear the Walking Dead” for season 8, but they have not yet named the exact release date. 

Most likely, the premiere will have to wait at least until the second half of 2022 – this trend can be traced from the moment the picture was broadcast. 

But here it must be borne in mind that the current situation can spoil plans – the pandemic still keeps the world in suspense and at any moment can strike another blow with a series of lockdowns and restrictions.

But there is news that has been confirmed about chapter 8 right now. The creators decided to return to the project Kim Dickins… Viewers will see her in the final episodes of the seventh part, and in 8 she will play an important role in the events.

Manufacturing process

Now we can say with confidence one thing – do not be afraid, the walking dead will return in season 8, and the release date of the new series will take place next fall. And to brighten up the anticipation, let’s remember how the show appeared on the screens in general.

It all started in 2013 when AMC announced the development of a spin-off for the main zombie series. Then it became known that this would be the story of new characters. 

They began filming in 2015 and released the premiere episodes the same year. Initially, the project was warmly received, but with each new chapter, the performance got worse. Now the rating is kept at a level slightly above average .

And although interest is waning, soon we will continue to fear the walking dead because the release date of season 8 is only a matter of time. Well, what will be the events of the new chapter– the premiere will show it .

Season 8 episode release schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
8 × 01October 2022 the year
8 × 02October 2022
8 × 03October 2022
8 × 042022
8 × 052022
8 × 062022
8 × 072022
8 × 082022
8 × 09spring 2023
8 × 102023
8 × 112023
8 × 122023
8 × 132023
8 × 142023
8 × 152023
8 × 162023


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