Forehead Acne-13 Tips To Prevent Acne

Forehead Acne


In the teenage , 60% of the people in the teenage get a little pimples or a lot more pimples.mild to moderate pimples or

forehead acne are cured only by keeping the face clean.

In the age group of 15 to 30 years ,due to increase in the amount of hormones in our body.our skin starts producing

more oil in the oil gland.

Forehead Acne-13 Tips To Prevent Acne

These oils and dead skin cells collect and close the pores of our face and body.which appear on the skin as white heads and black heads of flowers.

When bacteria in oil go inside the glands and infect them then pimples are formed there.

Steroid medication and birth control medication pressures disease like PCOS or PCOD cause hormones imbalance in

our body and pimples start forming at any age.

What Foods Cause Forehead Acne?

Forehead Acne-13 Tips To Prevent Acne

Milk and milk product like sweet,milk chocolate,refinds are included

in food item.oily cakes,pastries,pizzas etc also promote pimples.


How To Get Rid Of Forehead Acne

Now when we start the treatment of pimples , it has some aims. that is..

(1) Reduction in the quantity of oil being produced in the skin

(2) Removal of dead skin cells from the skin finally

(3) protecting the skin from bacterial infections or inflammation and swealing

For this,we use 2 types of cream and gel. first is

(1) Retinoids for treating acne


♦Adapalene Gel

♦Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

You will get all these medicines from your nearest clinic or counter.

This Gel helps to reduce oil production of helps making elastic tissue and cleans the dead cells from the

skin.another is Antibiotic gels that correct skin infection such as ” clindamycin” and “Erythromycin” gels.

What Is The Best Acne Treatment?

Forehead Acne : 13 Tips To Prevent Acne

Now if you have only black heads on your face and body then you apply “ Adapalene 0.1% gel” or ” Benzoyl peroxide

2.5% gel” daily at night with warm water and gentle cleanser like-wash with “Cetaphil“gentle cleanser or “pure soap”

should be taken.

adapalene gel pimple creams

Adapalene 0.1% gel

acne benzoyl peroxide pimples cream

Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel

This gel should be applied daily at night until the black heads and white heads are absolutely clean.but more people

have face pimples,Black heads and white heads all they apply such gel or cream which has “oil control

cleaning and antibiotic along with it.

Best Acne Cream

Some such good creams names are

(1)Glenmarm-Deriva CMS gel

(2)Encore-clinred A gel

(3)Mankind Pharma-Acnestar gel

Anyone of these gel that suits you,you can apply by asking your doctor.

Those who do not suit any of the above mentioned creams,then they can use “Azelaic acid cream Aziderm 20%“.

night acne cream

All these medicines,which you have red till now,affect the skin with sunlight.that is

why it is good to apply these creams at night.

After getting up,wash your face with gently and apply oil-free mosturizer and

before getting out of the house,make sure to apply a good sunscreen.

You should do this treatment until your skin is completely clear.

If your pimple is not cured with just applying medicines,then you should consult your doctor and start antibiotic


For pimples doctor often give “Tetracycline” and “Doxycyclin” which should be treated non-stop for 3 months.

Even after doing all this ,your pimples do not come in controls or if there are very large pimples,which we call “cystic

acne “. so you should start the treatment of “Isotretinoin” pill with the advice of doctor.

It is very well pressed for severe pimples and “cystic acne” but it dries out the suppressed also affects the


Women who are feeding the baby should not be taken at all.

Due to these reasons,these constrictors should be taken with the advice of a doctor.How much dose to take for how

long,if your doctor makes the decision,it is good.

How To Get Rid Of Acne 13 tips


acne pimple face wash

Always try to keep your face clean,whether you have pimples or must

wash your face 2 times a day.this will help you to keep away from the stickiness

of your face and away from dirt.


If your face is very oily then you should wash with Glycolic,Salicylic acid .this will help in reducing the block pores that

you have.


pimple treatment

There is a habit of scrubbing repeatedly on the faces of a lot of people.because of

this,your skin may be irritating and may become more pimples.if you want to keep

your skin good then do not use any rough cloth.


blemishes face

If you have black heads,white heads,blemishes you can apply creams containing ”

Benthol peroxide,Glycolic acid,Salicylic acid“.all these creams you can buy in

the counter without prescription.this creams will help in clearing your blemishes

and opening the block pores.sometimes these creams can cause some dryness

on the skin.


That is why you can apply this creams as a short content for a short time. if there is more irritation,you can wash it after 15 to 30 minutes.


beauty product acne

If your skin is oily and pimple prone then you should choose your entire skin care

product very carefully.even it is your makeup,foundation,sunscreen,


water paste or oil free should be written on whatever product will remain,choose

those product only.


face pimple care

Many people say that by eating more sweat,chocolate,milk and similar products

come with pimple.the Glycemic index is very high in all these foods..because of

which your pimples can increase.


Do not forget to wash your face before sleeping at night .if you have any makeup on your face before sleeping,then it is

very important to clean it.staying makeup overnight blocks your pores and you can get pimples.


Avoid apply too much oil,gel or on forces.if oiliness and greasiness forces on your face then pimple can be increased.


A lot of people have a habit of putting their hands on their face again and again.this can be irritating to your skin due

to this unknowing friction.


Never break your pimples by hand . because of this infection can increase the pimples of the pooh up to the label inside

the skin. because of this there are also very chances of scar.


sun screen for acne

To protect your skin from sunlight,you must apply “Broad spectrum

sunscreen“.this sunscreen can protect your skin from the “photo damaging”


It is necessary to apply 10 to 15 minutes or 20 minutes. to this sunscreen face and expose part of the body before

going into the sun.mean out of the house.


Everyone has stress.if you have stress then your stress can increase you learn to manage stress.there is a

remedy with meditation or a lot you can do it.

i have told all the things about stress can read them.

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To keep your skin healthy ,glowing and hydrated,it is important to keep exercising and balance diet everyday and drink

plenty of water.

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These simple tips will always help to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Forehead Acne

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