Which nutrition is fresh milk or long-lasting milk ? 2 major differences

Every time I see that long-lasting milk does not use ice, do I have a question in my heart: “Why long-lasting milk does not use ice? Is it added preservatives!?

no no! Long-lasting milk does not need to add preservatives, so why not use ice for long-lasting milk? Is there any difference in nutrition between fresh milk and long-lasting milk ? Take you to break the myth.

All milk is fresh milk , milk has a shelf-stable 2 difference

The source of fresh milk and long-lasting milk is the same! They are all 100% raw milk, the difference lies in the packaging and sterilization , so there is a difference in shelf life.

Long-lasting milk

Using the technology of ultra-high temperature sterilization + aseptic packaging , the bacteria in the raw milk are almost killed, and then aseptic filling and packaging are used!

It can be stored at room temperature for up to six months without adding preservatives and refrigeration.

Fresh milk

Most of them use high temperature for short time or ultra-high temperature for short time. In addition, there is no aseptic packaging and can not be completely aseptic. Therefore, the fresh milk has a short shelf life and must be refrigerated.

Does long lasting milk add preservatives without ice ?

            Fresh milk and long-lasting milk are made of 100% raw milk, and the shelf life varies due to different packaging and sterilization.

Fresh milk or long-lasting milk, which is more nutritious?

In fact, the nutrition of the two kinds of milk is the same! You can look at the calories, protein, lactose, calcium and other values ​​from the Taiwan Food Database.

In the future, please don’t misunderstand the long-lasting milk. Sometimes it is not convenient to bring fresh milk when you go out. It is simple and convenient to take a bottle of long-lasting milk. And I really like the special frankincense of long-lasting milk! That is the taste of the Mena reaction produced by the sterilization process.

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Come to a cup of dairy products in the morning and evening for calcium supplement

Remind everyone that adults need 1000mg of calcium per day. It is recommended to drink a cup of dairy products in the morning and evening. The remaining 50% can be supplemented from yogurt, cheese, tofu, black sesame seeds, dried small fish, spinach, amaranth, etc., so that the bones will not be loose!

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